Park Slope

Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Shaya Report

Development: Slopers react to the latest developments by Shaya Boymelgreen. Comments (1)

Nica and Hitch go with ‘God’

PS … I Love You: Our columnist — an author! — is on a panel with literary bad boy Christopher Hitchens. Comment

Cops: Apparel theft was inside job

Crime: A popular women’s clothing store on Flatbush Avenue was robbed after a knife-wielding thief knocked on the back door and stormed inside on June 3 — but cops say that one of the employees was in on the job. Plus all the other crime from the 78th Precinct. Comments (1)

Not such a Stoop-id idea

Park Slopers will celebrate the longest day of the year by sitting on their stoops and blowing kazoos — part of the first annual STOOPendous party to celebrate Brownstone Brooklyn’s trademark feature. Comment

Hero cop back: Shot officer returns to 78

Officer Andrew Suarez made a triumphant — though not quite complete — return to duty at the 78th Precinct this week, nearly four months after he was shot while on patrol. Comment

Washout! Heights apts flooded

Residents of a Prospect Heights tenement are dripping mad after this week’s severe storm flooded their apartments — including one rented by a couple celebrating its first wedding anniversary. Comment

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