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Slime fighters: Spiffed-up Gowanus is closer to reality

Carroll Gardens: The area around the filthy Gowanus Canal would be reborn with a restaurant atop the grimy Smith and Ninth street subway station, a public market under the viaduct near Lowe’s, “green” industries, new homes and, of course, a clean-flowing waterway under a plan released by an area community group this week. Comment

Toxins? What toxins?

Carroll Gardens: Gowanus: Toxic soil along the Gowanus Canal cannot be cleaned — but don’t worry, the increasingly hot properties nearby will still be safe for some people to live on, state engineers said this week. Comment

Sad day for Carnival

Carlos Lezama, who turned Labor Day from a languid holiday into a full-fledged Carnival of steel drums, Caribbean delicacies, and dancers in skimpy costumes, died on Monday. He was 83. Comment

Who is Park Slope?

PS … I Love You: Our columnist goes to the “I am Park Slope” discussion and discovers that “diversity” is like pornography: No one knows what it is, but they know it when they see it. Comment

Powerplay still having an outage

Powerplay gym is still closed — but this time, it’s through no fault of the building’s owner. Comment

Back from the dead: Katina’s will be the new ‘New Purity’

Seventh Avenue’s Katina’s Diner will finally reopen after months of “renovations” — but as a sister restaurant to the Purity Diner five blocks away at Seventh Street. Comment
Residents are begging city officials to help get rid of the 18-wheelers that roar down their supposed-to-be-quiet streets — but electeds aren’t listening. Comments (6)

Un-Christian words

Development: Opponents of a local church’s plan to sell its garden are now calling for a boycott of the local real-estate broker involved in the sale. Comment

Third Avenue freeze out

Traffic along busy Third Avenue will be crawling for 18 months, as a key bridge over the Gowanus Canal is rebuilt. The $2.5-million job began on Jan. 17. Comment

Sound the alarm! 11th St getting another firetruck

Park Slope: Residents of 11th Street are seeing red over a Fire Department plan to temporarily relocate another engine company alongside the two fire units on the block. The move is a result of renovations to Engine 239’s Fourth Avenue digs. Comment

No excuses! Gym rats are robbed

Crime: Two people working out at the gym got hit where it hurts — and not by their boxing partners. Comment

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