Park Slope
Dining: We were already fans of Bravo’s “Top Chef Season 4” and “All-Stars” contestant Dale Talde going in — a fact we tried hard not to convey when interviewing him about Talde, his new Asian-fusion eatery on Seventh Avenue and 11th Street in Park Slope. Comments (1)
There’s take penny, leave a penny — and now there’s take an Aladdin DVD, leave some Band-Aids. Comments (11)
Meadows of Shame: A shadowy bird expert poached from the same federal agency that slaughtered hundreds of geese in Prospect Park is scheduled to start a new job with the city next month. Comments (31)
Meadows of Shame: The city axed more than half a dozen tree houses in Prospect Park in an attempt to save a delicate lakeside ecosystem — but then tossed the lumber into the water, creating a whole new environmental no-no, environmentalists allege. Comments (35)

Southpaw to close; tutoring center will move in

For Park Slopers, it’s the day the music died. Comments (62)

A sign of the times: Coffee the Train Man helps commuters catch the subway

For a free cup of Joe, Coffee will make sure you get to work on time. Comments (11)

Cops: Party planner scammed by landlord

Crime: Plus all the other crime from Park Slope’s 78th Precinct blotter. Comment

The ‘Importance’ of love!

Theater: In a musical rendition of “A Man of No Importance,” The Gallery Players explore themes of love, acceptance and equality. Comment

Thief snatches purse from Vanderbilt Avenue wine shop

Crime: Plus the other crime in Prospect Heights’ 77th Precinct. Comment
Mean Streets: Park Slope residents who want the speed limit reduced think “twenty is plenty” — but Greenwood Heights neighbors say not so fast. Comments (50)

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