Park Slope

Different, but the same

Fearless Living: Our parenting columnist muses on the differences and similarities of communities while she visits her sister and brother-in-law on their RV compound in rural Arizona. Comments (2)

Kinky robber makes off with woman’s sex toys

Crime: Plus all the other crime from Park Slope’s 78th Precinct blotter. Comment

Jerk punches 60-year-old on Vanderbilt Avenue

Crime: Plus the other crime in Prospect Heights’ 77th Precinct. Comment
A beloved Jamaican patty purveyor will stay in his Prospect Heights pastry shop despite a landlord–tenant flare-up that almost resulted in another real estate turnover near the soon-to-open Barclays Center. Comments (6)

Graffiti ‘quack’ down: Vandal’s waterfowl-influenced tag in Prospect Park

Brooklyn’s obsession with Prospect Park’s waterfowl has gone so far that even inspired graffiti taggers are paying homage to the borough’s feathered creatures. Comments (2)
Mean Streets: City transportation officials removed dozens orange traffic barrels intended to slow cyclists on a crash-prone hill in Prospect Park — and now they want your advice on what to do next. Comments (47)

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