Despite it’s name, Harway Holiday party a success

Happy New Year to all, we’ve just been through a decade of change that has shocked the world. Who would have thought, at the beginning of the decade, that blood thirsty maniacs would crash and destroy the Twin Towers in the name of religion? Who would have thought that the Catholic Church would ever close schools and churches? Who would have thought that a billionaire mayor would buy elections, abandoning the will of the people? Apparently anything is possible and the only hope we have for the future are our children. Comment

A Visit from the Cleaning Mom

Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house, Comment

It’s tough to be heard in Bloomberg’s New York

Bay News: One winter Sunday my fellow columnist Carmine Santa Maria phoned and left a message for me to meet him three blocks away from my house, but it was too late, because we had already left home with theater tickets. Comment

Stan rehashes — and explains — the quotes of the year

• “Happiness is meeting Alan Grayson on the unemployment line.”Are election losers permitted to collect unemployment? Comment

Merry Christmas from our mom columnist

Fearless Living: And she’s fed up with the holiday food police! Comments (2)

It’s a shameless money grab

You’ll have to forgive me if I don’t celebrate the “retirement” of our scandal-scarred Democratic Party Boss, Assemblyman Vito Lopez. I thought about getting him a gold watch, but, unfortunately, Lopez’s short-lived retirement as an Assemblyman from Bushwick will last only one day. Comments (17)

Vito speaks — sort of!

We offered Assemblyman Vito Lopez repeated opportunities to explain his decision to collect his retirement pension while also taking his normal salary as a legislator. He declined. But we did get him on the phone for this awesome interview. Comments (19)

Oh, how I miss the busy signal

Boy, have times changed. Comment

‘Tis the season of evil will

Some crimes are so cowardly and compassionless that they defy humanity and shatter the Richter scale for depravity — even in the dog-eat-dog world that is New York City. Comment

Merry Christmas from the real Santa

I have been Santa Claus throughout the past quarter century to well over 100,000 as well as 25,000 adults, parents and party goers. So when the Board of Education decreed public schools were to use generic holiday season themes instead of a Christmas theme, I refused to go to those schools whose principals were stupid enough to obey the Board’s ridiculous order. Boy, how dumb could they get? Comment

W’s book reviews are in, and I don’t believe them

More fun than reading W’s new book may be reading the reviews on Amazon. Five minutes before it went on sale, the book seller was receiving reader reviews. Comment

Carey is OK, but Battery is essential

The state’s plan to rename the Battery Tunnel in honor of Hugh Carey, and the city’s plan to rename the Queensboro Bridge in honor of Ed Koch are not going to “Koch” on too quickly. Does anyone call the West Side Highway the Joe DiMaggio Highway? Comments (1)

Renaming tunnel a fitting tribute

Last week, I was proud to vote for a bill that would rename the Brooklyn–Battery Tunnel for Hugh Carey, who was our governor from 1974 to 1986. Before that, he represented Brooklyn in the House of Representatives for 14 years. Comment

This senior is pissed off about our toilet coverage

Letters: Seniors want to live full and respected lives in their own homes, and within the community that they know and are comfortable with (“What do seniors want? A new survey seeks to find out,” online, Nov. 30). Comment

Our first-ever singalong editorial!

Editorial: Why should Marty Markowitz have all the fun? Come on, click above and sing this year’s headlines! Comments (3)

His daughter finds her way in the world

The Dad: Our dad columnist deals with a headstrong 15-year-old — who’s often right! Comment

Bury the bodies, its business as usual

Censure, smensure — who cares. We should all have to go through such horrors as Charlie Rangel has when we mere mortals commit felonies. Comment

Garbage time: Fighting the city to this day

Mayor Ed Koch stood at the site where more new housing was offered for Coney Island families ready to move in. Subsidized private housing: a novel idea for Coney Island, already loaded with too many tall public housing projects. He pointed to the rows of new private homes when a question arose about the big Sanitation garage across W 21st Street. Comment

Let’s remember Christmas this Holiday Season

Wow! Who would dare say that Santa is politically incorrect? Well, with today’s influx of morons and atheists thinking that Christmas is a dirty word that should be phased out, this Santa is gonna throw his own choice words towards them, and guess what? They are not going to be Merry Christmas. Comment

Merry Chris— Happy Holi— ah … whatever

The manager of a popular retail store complained to me last January that even though he bought only half the amount of Christmas gift wrap than he did the year before, he was still stuck with almost 90 percent of his inventory. Comment

It’s nice to give a gift

I have heard people talk about the commercialization of the Christmas holidays and how they perceive the public’s downtrodden attitude. Comment

Gift a real gift — respect

Christmas came very early this year. The advertising started in late September. This is understandable, because the economy needs a lot of help. Most businesses are suffering financially, and many people have lost their jobs. And for many others, clouds of doubt and fear hang over their prospects in the coming year. Comments (1)
Brooklyn Angle: The federal massacre of 300 geese and baby geese this summer in Prospect Park has provoked outrage, protests, and endless coverage by our staff. Now, it’s even become the subject of an iconic piece of art. Comments (33)

‘Whitham’ sampler — learning not to yell

Fearless Living: Our columnist takes you inside a session on “No Yell Parenting.” Good luck with that. Comments (1)

Atheism is more than non-belief

In the 1970s, American Atheists, led by our founder Madalyn Murray O’Hair, launched what we believe was America’s first atheist billboard. It read: “Atheism: It’s not what you believe.” Today, American Atheists continues our tradition of truth with our newest billboard, “You Know It’s a Myth. This Season, Celebrate Reason.” Comments (9)

Billboard is classic hate-mongering

It must be dehumanizing to belong to an organization that has no identity of its own, one that is defined by what it is not. To makes matters worse, it is a sad commentary for any organization to be founded on hate. But that’s exactly what American Atheists is — an organization that is known for what it doesn’t believe in, and for its unabiding hatred of religion. Comments (25)

Stan takes out the tra--, er, junk

Here’s another jumble of thoughts. Comment

These two kitties have way too much fun at Christmas

How long does an artificial tree last?, maybe a small table topper tree is a better option, but then where would our cats get their yearly exercise? Comment

Nets are carpetbaggers

In order to convince Brooklynites to stay loyal to the New York Knicks, I could portray the New Jersey Nets as “carpetbaggers.” The Reconstruction-era term describes those that move to a new location to exploit the locals. I could mention that the Nets are unstable with regards to their location, having multiple homes during their short existence (Long Island Arena, Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Rutgers Athletic Center, and Izod Center). I could imply that Brooklyn will be their new home until their next new home, and like the Dodgers before them they could head for another city. I could mention the Nets miserable history, and as bad as the Knicks have been recently the Nets have been worse. Just last year, the Nets lost a franchise high 70 games. Comments (8)

Nets will become Brooklyn

Brooklyn is extract. It seeps out from every Brooklyn neighborhood and into every individual, every building and every entity that draws life from the borough’s streets. In turn, every individual, every building and every entity leaves their own mark on Brooklyn’s ever-evolving DNA. It was that way for the Dodgers, and it will be that way for the Nets. Comments (2)

What happens when your kids can’t stand your company anymore?

The Dad: Our dad columnist finds out this week. Comment

Baby, you’re a rich man!

Fearless Living: It’s easier to talk about sex than about money. Comments (5)

My college tour de farce

Recently my daughter’s Facebook status said, “Filling out college applications will be the death of me.” Comment

This column is coterminus with last week’s

“Dear Chairman Mark. Comment

Thank God for Christianity

The harrowing survivor stories, relayed in the Middle East Media Research Institute report “The Plight of the Iraqi Christians: An Update,” expose the cruelty of the murderers: A pregnant woman gunned down while her gravely wounded husband tries to protect her and their unborn child. A man ordered to convert to Islam before being shot in the head. A priest murdered in cold blood. Terrorists respond to a second priest’s query about why they slew a peaceful man of God with, “What do you expect us to do?” before killing him, too. Comment

The voters speak, and Stan cheers!

The president ran and was elected on change. The results of the Nov. 2 election are in, the shouting has quieted down and we learned that the American people disagreed with his brand of change. At first those of us that disagreed with the president were called racists — WRONG! Then we were called morons — WRONG AGAIN! Then, they said we were angry — RIGHT! Comment

What they’re giving thanks (or not giving thanks) for

At Thanksgiving, we invited very important Brooklynites to reflect on all the stuff that makes them happy — so naturally everything from DiFara Pizzeria to Atlantic Yards is on the list. Comments (5)

Accidents waiting to happen!

I had a few things to say at the Bensonhurst West End Community Council meeting in the Harway Terrace Community room on Oct. 28. Comment

The brief history of football in New York — and Brooklyn

Bay News: New York was once alive with sports — street corner jibes about which of the three baseball teams was your pride, your deep faith. In the American League, we had the always well-tended Yanks of high spending, multi-million dollar owners. In the national league, of course, our beloved Dodgers and, over in Manhattan, the Giants (named so because, in the early years of the game, the won so often). Comment

License to drive — me crazy!

This past month was a test of my endurance — my daughter is officially licensed to drive. Comment

Coney Island doesn’t have to be a Sitt-ing duck

Britain’s Stonehenge was just a grouping of rotting, prehistoric earthen works — and its City of Bath just a place where the Romans took a dunk and a dump — before some egghead figured out that if they were preserved people would actually flock to them for the chance to hobnob with history. Comment

Stab’s America — by the numbers

In 2002, in the wake of 9-11, there were 1,463 claims of discrimination against Muslims in U.S. workplaces. As things quieted down, that number dropped significantly until 2008, when it climbed to 1,304. Coincidently (?) that was the year Barack Hussein Obama ran and was elected president. With his popularity slowly sinking into the sunset, bias claims rose again to a new high of 1,490 last year. Another fluke? Maybe — maybe not. Comment

Crises are not just for middle age

The Dad: Our dad columnist runs the marathon and realizes that his daughters are looking for their own challenges. But boxing? We’ll see... Comments (1)

Accidents waiting to happen!

I had a few things to say at the Bensonhurst West End Community Council held a meeting in the Harway Terrace Community room on Oct. 28. Comment
Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper editorial board thinks that the new Fulton Mall Shake Shack is a harbinger of some good, but many bad, things to come. Comments (12)

Coney Island is only getting better

Development: Last February, the city took a major step toward the revitalization of Coney Island when they designated Central Amusement International to develop and operate a number of properties in the historic amusement district, with an eye toward transforming the neighborhood into a thriving, year-round seaside destination. The first phase of this transformation was realized in May with the opening of the new Luna Park on the vacant former site of Astroland. Comments (33)

Our columnist’s last drug deal

Campbell’s Soup: The days of my lunch break drug deal may now be over. Comments (2)

Where’s our thanks?

Development: The people that are calling the shots in Coney Island, they don’t have the right to call the shots. They know nothing about Coney Island. Comments (6)

Let’s hear it for the Tooth Fairy!

Fearless Living: Kids need myths — and so do parents. Comments (3)

This time around, the undead left me unscared

The zombies are here, but where’s the fear? Comment

Yemen is the anagram for ‘enemy’

Barack Obama should give himself an “F” for doing a lousy job of befriending our sworn enemies. Comment

Fulton Mall is not there yet

Downtown plan: Much has been made about the transformation of the Fulton Street Mall into a luxury retail corridor to meet the needs of a changing residential profile in the area. Clearly, with the advent of nearly 5,000 new market-rate and luxury residences coming on-line in the surrounding blocks, change for the better is an obvious and welcome outcome. Comments (4)

Fulton Mall is rising right

Downtown plan: I agree with several points that Faith Hope Consolo makes about Fulton Mall, and that good things are happening in Downtown Brooklyn — specifically that Fulton Mall is beginning to capitalize on its “sweet spot” by attracting dynamic retailers that accommodate a diverse range of consumers and price points. Comments (2)

Grimm must move to center

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper editorial board urges the newly elected far-right congressman to represent his district, not his ideology. Comments (12)

Needing the company of men

The Dad: Our columnist admits it: He needs to hang out with his pals sometimes! Comment

Here’s one you didn’t read about in the papers

Bay News: There it was, clear as day on the press release: “X-ray invisible knives??? Assemblyman Colton targets potential terrorist weapon: Introduces bill to ban undetectable knives.” Comment

Coney does need beachfront dining

Coney took a bad turn as overdoses of urban renewal set in on its streets. It was precipitated by the demolitions of slum areas in eastern Coney, across Ocean Parkway from Brighton Beach, then also suffering a downturn, with many emptied homes. Coney Island took on the brunt of the helpless, who were deemed homeless as their units were demolishedto make way for both Trump Village and Warbasse Houses. Comment

As I was saying about the Aquarium…

I was annoyed that I hadn’t been invited to the previous two, especially if they were as spectacular as this one. Comment

Stan’s trivia for the people

If you are of my vintage you remember who sang “Thanks For The Memory.” If you paid attention in history class you recall the battle cry, “Remember the Alamo.” Let’s see if you know who said, “The world will little note, nor long remember, what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here.” Comment

Cement overcoat and shoes anyone?

We have struggled with the worst economic downturn in U.S. history since the Great Depression. We New Yorkers are currently wrestling with an unbalanced budget, increasing sales tax, increasing real estate taxes, cigarette taxes, higher utility costs, foreclosures, job loss and politicians that are craftier than Gov. Rod Blagojevich from Illinois. Comment

Let broadcasters, cable handle it

The current impasse between Cablevision and Fox, and the earlier dispute between Time Warner and ABC, have led some consumer activists and members of Congress to call for government intervention into the retransmission consent process, under which broadcasters and pay TV distributors agree on the terms permitting carriage of TV stations on cable and satellite TV systems. While no one likes having their favorite TV shows and channels disrupted, it would be a mistake to interject the government into these private negotiations. Comment

Stop the cable madness

Hopefully, by the time you read this, Fox and Cablevision will have settled their dispute and returned control of channels 5 and 9 to the viewing audience. Until then, Cablevision subscribers will have to do without many of our favorite programs, not to mention Giants’ football and — perish the thought — the World Series. But even if the media giants manage to settle, the bill will be passed on to the little guy — the consumer. Comments (3)

Roofus: New ballots more confusing than old ballots

Cartoon: So, everyone thinks the new voting system is better? Well, not our cartoonist. Comments (2)

Can we all just stop judging?

Fearless Living: Our mom columnist is sick of all of us thinking we know her — or the “first-rate” family next door. Comments (24)

Edible Schoolyards take a bite out of childhood obseity

It takes just one person to sow the seeds for a better Brooklyn. Comment

A grand collapse, and the loss of NY football

Bay News: In a recent column, I waxed poetic about the days when football ruled our weekends, and what it meant to us to attend a game, be it at Ebbets Field, the Brooklyn College, or a local school yard. Comment

Carmines tips on keeping personal info safe

Bay News: Of course you’ll be hit with interest and fees that would make legitimate banks blush, that is if the bank doesn’t issue similar credit cards with abhorrent interest rates. Comment

FOX News conservative? Stan says ‘No way’

There’s a new scapegoat in town. Comment

Sodas are sugary garbage

The Health Department recently asked the federal Department of Agriculture for permission to exclude soda and other sugary soft drinks from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as the Food Stamp program. On the one hand, it’s no surprise that this request was immediately controversial. Many beneficiaries and advocacy groups focused on hunger see the program as supporting incomes rather than promoting nutrition. And in the economic downturn, more and more Americans have come to rely on SNAP — including 1.7 million city residents — and other government assistance programs. Comments (4)

Bloomberg’s ‘soda assault’ won’t work

Mayor Bloomberg has decided what New York’s biggest problem is. It’s not nearly 10 percent unemployment. It’s not some of the highest taxes in the nation. Comments (3)

Bike lane bluster

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper’s editorial board takes on the bike lane naysayers. Comments (18)

Reader blames tireless reporter for bike loss

Letters: Our mailbag is full, as always, though not everyone sympathizes with our reporter Stephen Brown, whose bike was stolen. Comment

Roofus: No cars in bike lanes

Cartoon: This week, Roofus weighs in on the “compromise” to allow church-goers to park in a Brooklyn Heights bike lane. Comments (3)

Readers love opossum, but hate Andy Campbell

Letters: Opossums are gentle, loving, tremendous parents and good for the environment (“City: Don’t blame US for opossum oppression,” Oct. 1). Comment

Fight for real mass transit

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper’s editorial board says “We told you so” about the city’s ‘dollar van” plan for failed MTA bus routes. Comments (3)

Paid sick leave is bad for business

Over the past few weeks, the debate over the City Council’s pending “paid sick leave” bill has heated up. Intro 97 seeks to mandate every business — regardless of size or nature — to provide paid sick leave to their employees. Businesses of 19 employees or less would be required to provide a minimum of five paid sick days for every part- and full-time employee while firms of 20 employees or more would be required to provide a minimum of nine days. Comments (2)

Sick day bill is about fairness

It’s something most people probably take for granted: when you are sick, or your child is sick, you can take a day off of work without getting docked, or fearing that you’ll lose your job. Comments (6)

Roofus: For God’s sake

Cartoon: This week, our cartoonist offers his take on hate: he hates it. And he hates coverage of it. Comment

Will Mommy divorce Daddy?

Fearless Living: Our mom columnist doesn’t like how her husband gets frustrated at the kids — but is that enough of a reason to get a divorce? Comments (286)

Joanna takes Rachel Ray’s challenge

After watching Rachael Ray’s new show, “Week in a Day,” I decided to take the challenge. The premise is to make five meals in one day. So I picked the weekend to compete. Comment

Haj doesn’t separate good from evil

Radicals and moderates alike will press flesh and embrace as brothers and sisters of one family when Muslims from around the world travel to Saudi Arabia next month to begin their annual pilgrimage of Haj. It is Islam’s most heralded custom at its holiest site without which a free pass to heaven — and a hobnob with those virgins — is not guaranteed. Comment

A Kaddish for Nathan Handwerker

Bay News: It wasn’t easy to get to know “Mr. Nathan,” the Hot Dog King with his unrelenting workaday regimen. Comment

Celebrating 60 years of wedding bliss, in style

Bay News: My oldest sister Susie, at 90, had to be kept in the dark about the party until that morning, because the family feared she would slip up. I call both sisters everyday and many times found myself biting my tongue to keep the secret. Imagine my poor brother-in-law’s dilemma: being on guard every moment every day for over a month? Well, the ruse went well — Jennie was surprised. Comment

Parking permits will help

Prospect Heights: I recently spoke out in support of residential parking permits for Downtown, specifically in the area surrounding the Atlantic Yards project and the upcoming Barclays Center. I have long been a supporter of these permits; even before this development, I felt that permits offered a viable solution to the “park-and-ride” issue at the Atlantic Center terminal. Comments (17)
Prospect Heights: To residential parking permit — or not? That is the latest taxing question to confound Prospect Heights and Fort Greene residents since City Councilwoman Letitia James’s recent announcement that she intends to reheat Bloomberg’s residential parking permit leftovers — an indigestible portion of the mayor’s failed 2008 Congestion Pricing Plan. Comments (10)

Roofus: Lopez gives voters no choice

Cartoon: Our cartoonist thinks Vito Lopez is just making it easy for the public. Comments (2)

Double Header at Siricco’s: Saint Finbar’s Lifetime Achievement Award Part1

Bay News: During a 10-day period, my wife Sharon and I attended two celebrations at Sirico’s Caterers, the last of the old Bensonhurst halls where everyone in Brooklyn got married, bar mitzvahed or celebrated their silver, golden, and diamond wedding anniversary. Comment

Stan finds gold in his desk

The official government name for it is the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. You and I know it as the $800 billion stimulus thing that was supposed to cure all that ails us. It was 1,100 pages long, nobody read it, and it produced very few results. Comment

Released from the cell: Four hours without a phone

Last Sunday was Jen and Adam’s wedding shower. I’ve known Adam since he first hiccuped. His mom, Donna, and I have been friends since 1983 BC (Before Cellphones). The place was a lovely little restaurant on Staten Island that was down a flight of stairs, with no windows, below street level, and with zero cellphone reception. There we were, 60 or so women with nary a cellphone bar in sight. It was like being in lock-down — no access to the outside world. Comment

Finest above the law?

Junk justice helps no one — least of all the people left behind to pick up the pieces of a senseless, preventable crime. Comment

Op-ed: Vito and his nonprofit are a modern political machine

Politics: In the wake of a series of investigations into a nonprofit founded and controlled by Assemblyman Vito Lopez, we asked a Baruch College professor who has researched the charity to explain how it all works. Comments (11)

Roofus: The real bogeyman in the mosque controversy

Cartoon: Our cartoonist sees the real problem (as usual!). Comments (3)

From the mailbag — another reason to ‘Veto Vito’

Letters: My husband and I were at the meeting of the Kings County Democratic County Committee, and we were appalled (“Vito: It’s my party! Boss adds more hand-picked lackeys to Dem leadership,” online, Sept. 23). Comment

What if the kids hate you?

Fearless Living: Our mom columnist deals with the ultimate insult. Comments (3)

Where is the ACLU on Koran burning?

Then, it should duly defend him — pro-bono — and with the same single-minded focus it reserves for the rights of terrorists and other monsters so that they can live another day to recruit, rile, maim and murder. It seems civil libertarians who would sooner die at their hands than oppose their demonic deeds. Comment

Change Election Day — and how we vote

Moving the Democratic Primary election from September to June is a needed reform. Comments (4)

Make voting as simple as possible

Low turnout is bad for our country. The success of our government depends on citizen participation. Comments (1)

Ensure ethical government

In the most recent election for state contests, the voter turnout among Democrats was a paltry 11 percent in both the state and city. For Republicans, it was a feeble 8-1/2 percent in the city and 16 percent statewide. Comment

Allow registration on Election Day

New York’s voter registration deadline, which falls 25 days before the election, is perhaps the greatest barrier to voter participation in our state. Comments (3)

Vito’s power plays cross the line

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper editorial board takes on Assemblyman Vito Lopez’s power base. Comments (2)

Roofus: Vito runs a dirty office

Cartoon: Our cartoonist has a real problem with Assemblyman and Democratic Party boss Vito Lopez. Comments (1)

Our columnist atones for using caffeine suppositories!

Brooklyn Angle: Why was this night different from all other nights? Comments (5)

Carmine’s big adventureland

Like most parents, I’ve gone to my share of amusement parks with my kids. But unlike most parents, I’ve had the unique opportunity to write columns on the places throughout the states I’ve been to, like Hershey Park and local joints like the new Luna Park on Coney Island and the Gene Romano’s old Nellie Bly on Shore Parkway. So I’m sort of an expert on amusement parks — from Disneyland (in California) to Disney World (in Florida) to Busch Gardens (in Virginia). Comment

Mosque imam blows his big moment

Demand a refund. Comment

More of America by the Numbers… plus an opinion.

While President Obama’s approval rating averaged less than 50 percent for the first half of 2010 it is interesting to note that, according to Gallup, his approval rating among Muslim-Americans was 78 percent. Hmmm. Wonder why? … Anybody … anybody? Comment

Kids must run a muck

Fearless Living: Yes, the headline is a pun — but it is true that kids need to get down and dirty, our columnist says. Comments (6)

Facebook versus the wooden spoon

Don’t stalk me, mom,” says the joy of my life. Comment

When football was played in New York

Bay News: Before football was kidnapped to Jersey in the ’70s, the slap of the pigskin on hand or on pavement resounded in all five boroughs: in our parks, in our streets, and on our school fields. Comment

Late-night surfing reveals hidde treasures

It’s 4 am, the house is really quiet. You are now wide awake and cannot fall back to sleep. What do you do to pass the time away? Many of us read a book with the hopes that it will make our eyes tired. Others slip out quietly to the kitchen for some ibbergerblibberness … leftovers to you. Me? I fire up the computer, answer my e-mail, and then examine out-of-town newspapers. I like to see what the stories of both the left wing and the few remaining right wing newspapers have to say and how they are translated into editorials. Last night I was glued to a story under the following long headline —“Obama Now Blames Poor Job Numbers on Congressional Inaction. Wait! His Party Runs Congress.” Comment

Roofus: Making monkeys out of mosque opponents

Cartoon: Our cartoonist doesn’t think much of opponents of a proposed mosque is Sheepshead Bay. Comments (8)
New York just patched a $15-billion deficit with a collections of tax increases and fiscal gimmicks. Every state in the nation is facing deficits as far as the eye can see. Comments (3)

Medical marijuana? You must be high!

Marijuana may provide relief to patients with serious diseases as well as chronic pain sufferers, but the plant contains THC, a psychoactive chemical substance. Comments (4)

Trashing our values

The Brooklyn Paper editorial board is repulsed by anti-Muslim bigotry in Sheepshead Bay. Comments (2)

Have no fear says our new parenting columnist

Fearless Living: Fortunately or unfortunately, no one can tell you what you need to do as a parent. There is no one-size-fits-all advice that one can disseminate exactly accurately like the number of hours of sleep or the amount of food one needs. As parents, we are each different in our own ways and those differences, combined with a confusing host of genetic chromosomes, means that each of our children is going to need something different. Comments (2)
Dyker Heights: So what if it harkens to an environmental catastrophe in American history — if Bay Ridge wants to permanently name a once-grass-free section of Leif Ericson Park “the Dust Bowl,” it will happen, according to organizers of a contest to rename the once-gritty area. Comments (21)

Letters: The mailbag is still full of the PPW bike lane

Letters: I think that the additional bike paths on the perimeter of Prospect Park were ill thought-out and dangerous (“Bike lane war! Prospect Park West a conflict zone,” June 25). Comments (4)

Roofus: Cops are to blame for ‘ghost’ bikes

Cartoon: Our cartoonist takes has a different take on the city’s “ghost bike” situation. Comments (9)

Editorial: A double take on ‘double dipping’

Politics: Two Assemblywomen. Two pensions. Two levels of outrage. Comments (13)

Double dipping is wrong

Carroll Gardens: The reason that elected officials should not be allowed to double dip (or collect two government paychecks at the same time) is simple: They make the laws that govern the state’s pension system. It is a conflict of interest in its most basic form and begs the question: What is to prevent them from passing laws and making rules that benefit themselves? Comments (5)

It’s legal and it’s my money

Carroll Gardens: The average voter should understand that it’s legal. I was advised by counsel [that] it’s my money, my pension, and I will also tell you that since it put me into the next income bracket, I pay an enormous amount of tax on it, so that the federal government should really be appreciative. Comments (2)

Farewell to Smartmom! Columnist leaves kid at college — and moves on

Smartmom: After nearly 250 columns, Smartmom ends her run. Comments (16)

The Legacy of Zorro all at 75th birthday bash

Bay News: Gus, one of the owners, came over and said, “Wow what a turn-out, I didn’t realize you knew so many people.” I replied, “If you had given me a better price I could have filled the room.” Comment

A-Rod, the Heat, and a bunch of other stuff

Ever since my youth in the middle of the last century I’ve been a fan of New York baseball teams. I have a lot of respect for a man who has the talent to hit a 90 mile an hour fastball into the […] Comment

A salute to the working stiffs

September 6 is Labor Day, and a time to honor those “who from rude nature have delved and carved all the grandeur we behold.” Comment

The Catskills then and now, Part II

In last’s week column, I mentioned my three-day weekend at Kutchers Country Club with my wife, Sharon, whom I met at the Concord 44 years ago, and her mother, who gave us the trip as my 75th birthday present. I forgot how long and tedious the ride to the Monticello area was and saw how much the town had changed. Comment

Thumbs down to the Ground Zero mosque.

It’s a sad day for America,” says Mayor Mike. Not so and not now, but it was on Sept. 11, 2001. Building the mosque at Ground Zero will not heal the scars, it will only open old ones and cause them to fester forever. This isn’t a matter of religious freedom: no one argues that we are entitled to our beliefs; this is just an act of exceptional insensitivity, stupidity and chutzpah. Comment

Arizona, immigrants, and the new domino effect

So you think that since the judge gave Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and her new law a thumbs down, she lost? No way. The intentions of S.B. 1070 were to reduce the number of illegals in the Grand Canyon state and, in turn, decrease the devastating operating expenses to the city, state and county governments — and their legal residents. Comment

Letters: Thanks for exposing park trash problem

Letters: The mailbag is full, as always. Comments (4)

‘Chain gang’ hurts local unemployed

It’s astonishing that Borough President Markowitz has gotten away with using prison labor for so long. The prisoners set up and take down the chairs for his Seaside Park and Wingate Field summer concerts and are used solely because they provide cheap labor. Minimum wage is currently $7.25 an hour, but incarcerated people are paid only a few cents per hour. Comments (3)

Prison labor is a good thing

As president and CEO of The Fortune Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the formerly incarcerated re-enter their communities, I support having prisoners do community service, including working at Asser Levy Park. Such service gives them the opportunity to be a part of a project and a team; giving them a chance to contribute to their community, which in turn leads them to re-enter the outside world with a positive outlook and a desire to start fresh. Comments (2)

Roofus: Marty’s his own ball and chain

Cartoon: Our cartoonist takes a second bite out of Marty’s chain gang. Comment

City’s new ghost-bike strategy trashes our grief

Mean Streets: The Department of Sanitation has just put forward sensible guidelines for declaring when its agents can remove abandoned bikes from city sidewalks. Comment

Teen Spirit heads to college — and Smartmom ain’t sleeping

Smartmom: The second in a three-part series about the end of a six-year run as Brooklyn’s official smart mom. Comments (11)

Stan by the numbers

• The prestigious Institute of Medicine tells us that 50,000 to 100,000 patients die each year in the United States due to negligence by doctors, nurses and other health-care professionals. It goes on to say that there may be up to 1,000,000 preventable patient injuries per year attributed to human error. With the door marked “Obamacare” now opening, the big question is — will that number increase or decrease? I can make a great case for both sides. Comment

I can’t stand Bloomy’s term limits flip-flop

When Mayor Bloomberg bent the rules and extended term limits before the last election, his explanation was that the city was in financial straits and that he — and he alone — could handle the tough task ahead. It didn’t matter that the citizens had voted to have term limits — twice, in fact — and that it was law. Emperor Mike just changed the rules and charged full-steam ahead. Comment

I do it to teach cyclists a lesson

Mean Streets: It’s plain and simple. Bikes are turning this once-beautiful neighborhood into a sewer and an eyesore. They’ve cluttered up the streets so bad, they’re becoming dangerous! Comments (46)

Blame Bloomy, not the ‘Crusader’

Mean Streets: As a biker, my first instinct was to side against this vigilante. After all, if this man puts Krazy Glue in people’s locks, wouldn’t his actions have the exact opposite effect, making it impossible to remove the deserted bicycles? Wouldn’t it be far better if the gentleman acted in a more socially acceptable manner, and took more conventional actions such as writing a letter to his councilman, or leaving a note, or perhaps clipping the lock on an obviously deserted bike and donating this used bike to charity? Comments (2)

Roofus: Marty’s ‘chain gang’ is labor pain!

Cartoon: Here’s what our cartoonist thinks about Borough President Markowitz’s “chain gang.” Comment
Meadows of Shame: And we’re not just talking about the garbage. Comments (10)

Smartmom moves on! Beloved columnist ends her run

Smartmom: The first in a three-part series about the end of a six-year run as Brooklyn’s official smart mom. Comments (31)

Itemizing a night in the hospital

During the last snowstorm of the season I was stupid enough to shovel out my driveway and front walk. When I came in I didn’t feel too well. I started having chest pains. I was scared enough to call 911. The EMT techs were great, they took a cardiogram, checked my pulse and calmed me down. It didn’t appear that I was having a heart attack, but better safe than sorry, so they brought me to the emergency room at the hospital. In the ER there were more tests, another EKG and more doctors who all concluded that I didn’t have a heart attack, but I should stay in the hospital overnight just to be safe. With two feet of snow on the ground and more expected, the hospital staff wasn’t taking any chances. Comment

Obama, Schumer and racism in America

Now that the U.S. has its first African-American in the White House, is this nation experiencing more racism? I don’t know if we have more, but I do know that we have more accusations. Say something negative about Obama and it is redirected and distracted with claims of intolerance. Comment

90 years on, my memories are strong

Bay News: There are so many memories of days gone past in my 90 years, like the time my old time “store boy,” Ira Bethea, then barely 7 years old, daringly shouted out to me, “Mister, I am on your side,” defying the chorus of boos that engulfed Lou Powsner, just back from City Hall where we had gone to seek more new housing and jobs for Coney Island. Comment

Can you believe it — now Hepcat wants Teen Spirit’s room

Smartmom: First OSFO, now Hepcat. This is getting out of control. Comments (2)

Now, Rep. King weighs in on Weiner’s eruption!

Politics: A week after Rep. Anthony Weiner (a.k.a. “the Park Slope Piranha”) wrote us an op-ed piece, the target of Weiner’s venom fires back. Comments (6)

Sheriff Jack rescues my Friday night

The summertime has always been the time for re-runs and TV slowdowns, but thanks to cable (and, probably in some way, YouTube) smaller stations have grabbed the reigns of summer and rode in with new programs and new episodes of established shows. Comment

WikiLeaks gets it wrong

A good scavenger hunt aims for the predator, not the prey. Comment

Vans are needed to fill gap

Transit: Mayor Bloomberg recently announced a plan to facilitate livery group-ride van services to help the many thousands of New Yorkers scrambling to replace lost commuting options. The idea is a simple one: Passengers will pay $2 per shared ride — about the same as the bus and subway — and the communities hardest hit by transit cuts will be the first to receive the service. Comments (2)

Reject ‘Wal-Martization’ of transit

Transit: For years, “dollar vans” have operated on the fringes of New York City’s transport system, picking up passengers primarily during rush hours when our buses were filled to capacity. In the 1980s and ’90s, scandals involving unlicensed and uninsured dollar van operators created a public backlash, resulting in the Taxi and Limousine Commission’s licensing crackdown. But even if licensed, “dollar vans” are not a solution to the city’s expanding need for more bus and subway service. Comments (8)

Still not a park! New city board has only two open space pros

Bridge ‘Park’: News analysis: The new board overseeing Brooklyn Bridge Park is filled with political hacks, real-estate flacks and the rest of the establishment pack. Comments (12)

Now OSFO has ‘bedroom’ eyes

Smartmom: The Oh So Feisty One is now giving Teen Spirit’s soon-to-be-vacated bedroom the once-over. Comment

Celebrating Lou Powsner

Bay News: It was a very bad week for me; my right knee wouldn’t bend, causing me excruciating pain when I tried to get into bed. The bad boo-boo necessitated my having to cancel going to Lou Powsner’s surprise 90th birthday party at the Mirage Diner on Kings Highway. I wasn’t going anywhere soon and, even if I could, how would I get there with my right leg extended? — I couldn’t get into any car. Comment

Bomb the group hug for terrorists

Next, the American Civil Liberties Union will tell the Islamic world that it’s a poster child for democracy while the Nobel Committee gives it a peace prize. Comment

Oils bad that ends bad

The oil from the breached well has reached the beaches of all five Gulf states. Whose fault is that? BP, of course. The company caused the leak and is responsible for the cleanup, BUT, and a big BUT it is, our president must share in the responsibility of the dirty beaches. Comment

Stan mad about Happy Meals

OK, mommies. What do you say when your son seals his lips and doesn’t want to eat? You play “Open the tunnel and here comes the choo-choo.” Right? Comment

Joanna 20 minutes in hell

I have faced child birth, root canal without novocaine, and my 16-year-old sitting behind the wheel of the car, but never have I experienced the bone-chilling, blood-curdling fear that I did this past Sunday. Comment
Coney Island is looking for its first-ever Mr. Cyclone — so as a public service, we’re going to turn over our newspaper’s most-precious real-estate, its Op-Ed page, to give six would-be coaster kings the space to show off their talents (as told to our eminently talented scribe, Jared Foretek). Take it away, boys. Comments (5)

What goes around comes around

A blood money deal is a blood money deal,” said Sen. Charles Schumer. Comment

Illegals should be dealt with the Arizona way

New York could do with another Jan Brewer. Comment

Crazy Lady and Smartmom have designs on Teen Spirit’s bedroom

Smartmom: The kid is off to college and the imaginations run wild. Comments (4)

Weather or not, it was a great party

Bay News: I coined the term “WeatherISTS” (weather terrorists) because it describes the terror you are bombarded with from meteorologists every single time you plan a function, event, trip, wedding, outing or block party. Comment

Find a more humane solution

Park Slope: The Humane Society of the United States calls on New York officials to immediately halt a program to kill resident Canada geese and instead devise a plan that will truly protect public safety by clearing geese from certain areas. Comments (16)

Committed to safeguarding nature and people

Park Slope: The recent culling of Canada geese in Prospect Park is disturbing to many people, including staff at the Park. That people care so passionately about the Park and its natural environment and speak out in its defense is truly wonderful and very welcomed. Comments (4)

Roofus: So much noise that you can’t hear the noise

Bridge ‘Park’: Our cartoonist offers his take on complaints in Brooklyn Heights that Brooklyn Bridge Park’s popular “Movies with a View” series is too loud. Comments (1)

Our Editorial: Feds are trying to goose us on this one

Meadows of Shame: A secret execution list? A middle-of-the-night incursion? The more we learn about the federal slaughter of Prospect Park’s geese, the less confidence we have that this gruesome operation was conducted with a full vetting of the objective facts about non-lethal methods that could have been employed. Comments (2)

Harsh words for the ‘evil doers’

Let me get this straight, they can hang a 7-year-old boy for allegedly spying and stone a woman to death for allegedly cheating on her husband, but an artist can’t launch an “Everybody Draw Muhammed Day” campaign because it is debased and blasphemous? Comment

Bike lanes give everyone a brake

About time. Comment

Disband the embarrassingly inefficient MTA and restore our service

Bay News: One of the first complaints I heard at State Sen. Marty Golden’s (R–Bay Ridge) town hall meeting at St. Finbar’s was from a very upset senior, a lady devastated and now totally lost without transportation since the loss of the B64 bus that she depended upon. Comment

Stan profiles his latest cruise

One day last week, on the way to the airport, we made a quick stop at the bank to cash a check. It was not only necessary to produce my ID, I had to provide a thumbprint as well. Later at the terminal, it was necessary for us to hand the man our driver’s licenses as we checked our luggage. Before being allowed to move through the security line, a woman in uniform asked for them again. After landing, my ID was requested once more at the Avis counter. Carol commented that we had to produce our government-generated photo IDs four times in one day and the day was only half over. Comment

Roofus: Feds are the real birdbrains

Cartoon: Our cartoonist weighs in on the horrific goose slaughter in Prospect Park. Comments (3)

Editorial: Fed geese slaughter was wrong

Meadows of Shame: The federal government’s slaughter of more than 250 geese in Prospect Park last week was a horrifying crime that not only calls into question our abilities as stewards of the earth, but also our core values as a species. Comments (22)

Cherry bombs and ash cans — the good old days!

Celebrating the Fourth of July in my part of the hood, Gravesend, in the 1960s and ’70s meant firecrackers, lots and lots of firecrackers. The streets would be filled with the empty paper casings of bandoliers, ash-cans and bottle rockets come the next morning, making the block look like the Canyon of Heroes after a New York Yankees parade. Comment

Even Shavana — a Brit! — loves the Fourth

Brooklyn used to rock on the Fourth of July. Comment

Not Déjà vu, but history repeating itself due to MTA stupidity and senility Pt. II

Bay News: Larry Hart wrote these beautiful lyrics to Richard Rogers’s “Where or When,” which sort of describes the feeling of Déjà vu: “It seems we stood and talked like this before. We looked at each other in the same way then, but I can’t remember where or when. The clothes you’re wearing are the clothes you wore. The smile you are smiling you were smiling then, but I can’t remember where or when. Some things that happened for the first time seem to be happening again.” Comment

Of guns, Hannity and … hair

I saw the best response to the recent Supreme Court decision about the right to bear arms on an old bumper sticker. “WHEN GUNS ARE OUTLAWED, ONLY OUTLAWS WILL HAVE GUNS” Comment

Why isn’t the OSFO doing anything this summer?

Smartmom: Is it Smartmom’s fault that her daughter is wasting the summer? Yeah, but a trip to Yogo Monster makes it all OK. Comments (5)

Marty’s plan is madness!

The proposed amphitheater has been on the minds, hearts and souls of tens of thousands of people who live in the surrounding area of the Asser Levy Park. Comments (7)
Fans of Coney Island are rejoicing at the city’s commitment to the bright future of “America’s Playground.” Comments (36)
Meadows of Shame: Summertime — and the livin’ is sleazy. Comments (16)

Roofus: Prospect Park a mess? Here’s who to blame

Cartoon: Our cartoonist cuts through the chatter. Comment

Another Fourth, another barbecue, another rush of memories for Smartmom

Smartmom: It’s amazing what will happen to you over a Weber kettle on Third Street. Comment

Cleopatra and Marc Antony knew, so did Penelope and Odysseus

“I’m bored.” “There’s nothing to do.” “It’s too hot.” “What’s to eat?” “Do I have to get up now?” Comment

Happy Birthday to grand Lady Liberty!

“When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…” Comment

With the MTA, there’s plenty of blame to go around

Transit: This week, rush-hour riders on the D and R trains — the section which runs through southern and Downtown Brooklyn — were packed in like sardines, while also having their wait times doubled. Comments (3)

The MTA is doing better

Transit: The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has had to make a series of difficult decisions to address our $800-million budget shortfall in 2010. Riders are feeling the pain of service cuts that went into effect this week, but it’s important to understand why these cuts are needed and what the MTA is doing to ensure we are operating as efficiently as possible. Comments (2)

Stinging rebuke of Courier-Life anti-bike editorial!

Mean Streets: Last week, we gave space to the editorial board of our sister publication. This week, we set the record straight! Comments (27)

Roofus: Mosque protesters aren’t only interested in traffic

Cartoon: This week, Roofus weighs in on protests over a mosque in Sheepshead Bay. Comments (7)

Smartmom opens up the bible — the high school bible, that is

Smartmom: It’s time to start thinking about a high school for the Oh So Feisty One. Comments (9)

New Yorkistan? Don’t rule it out!

There’s no denying the elephant in the room. Neither is there any rejoicing over the mosques proposed for Sheepshead Bay, Staten Island and Ground Zero because where there are mosques, there are Muslims, and where there are Muslims, there are problems. Comment

Stan sound’s off on Helen Thomas — and you can too!

Helen Thomas is gone her story is still with us. Comment

Works of mass destruction

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke Comment

Landmarking is a waste of time and money

Park Slope: Landmarking became part of the city’s life after the 1963 destruction of Penn Station and consists of two varieties: individual buildings and neighborhoods. I have no problem with landmarking historically or architecturally significant buildings, nor do I oppose the making of small historical districts as was done around Gramercy Park or the original district in Carroll Gardens. I do oppose landmarking broad swashes of our neighborhoods, as evidenced by the proposed extensions of Park Slope’s and Carroll Gardens’s historic districts. Comments (1)

Landmarking preserves neighborhood feel

Park Slope: In Brooklyn Heights, we regard landmarking as much more than the preservation of buildings. Yes, the Brooklyn Heights Historic District has some of the finest examples of 19th-century architecture in the city, but — corny as it may sound — it is the people living inside the beautiful brownstones who keep the community going. Comment

From the mailbag: More bike lane controversy — and other city slams

Letters: After witnessing yet another neighborhood car collision — this one at the corner of Sterling Place and Fifth Avenue — I opened up my recent issue of your newspaper, and came upon the latest in a series of letters I have read in these pages complaining about the new bike lanes on Prospect Park West (“Bozo bikers,” Letters, June 11). Comment

From our sister publication — disgust for Slope bikers!

Mean Streets: We don’t always agree with our friends and colleagues at Courier-Life, but everyone is talking about the Prospect Park West bike lane, so we thought we’d give the Courier editorial board a chance to weigh in, too. Comments (17)

Roofus: Double-D pool closure is a genuine tragedy

Cartoon: This week, Roofus goes earnest on us, taking a look at the city’s closure of the Double-D pool. Comments (2)

Echos of Smartmom’s life in ‘Toy Story’

Smartmom: You would have thought they’d be tired. Indeed, the humidity was incredibly high and the family had spent much of the day outside. Smartmom trudged up and down Seventh Avenue for the street fair, the Oh So Feisty One was out with her friends; Hepcat went to see the Red Bull air races in New Jersey. Comments (1)

Empire state of mindlessness

“Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person.” Comment

The New Domino: A benefit to Williamsburg

Williamsburg: We are particularly pleased that the City Planning Commission has unanimously approved our “New Domino” plans, which will now advance for final consideration by the New York City Council. Comments (11)

New Domino is just too big

Williamsburg: Last week, the City Planning Commission approved the redevelopment of the historic Domino Sugar factory by CPC Resources, the for-profit subsidiary of the Community Preservation Corporation, and the Katan Group, a luxury housing developer. Comments (12)

BP, Obama, Guantanamo, and our fair city

I’m glad to hear it. But what about you, Mr. President, not thinking through your consequences? Comment

I’m Lou Powsner, and I love gay musicals

Bay News: St. Luke’s Theater reposes sedately, right off its busy street corner, in bustling Manhattan, but its kiosk hails the Broadway show, that daring “My Big Gay Italian Wedding.” Comment

Of crossing guards and future Rockettes

Bay News: The union of service personnel — DC 37 — makes our schools run and keeps our children safe. Comment

Stan points the finger — again and again

The following is another smorgasbord of facts and opinions. Comment

BP stands for ‘Bloody Paltry’

Brand BP Bloody Pathetic for creating what could be the worst ecological disaster of the 21st century. Also, one which could, dramatically, impact the world’s chemistry for years to come. Comment

BP stands for “Bloody Paltry”

Brand BP Bloody Pathetic for creating what could be the worst ecological disaster of the 21st century. Also, one which could, dramatically, impact the world’s chemistry for years to come. Comment

The time has come: Park Slope should become a kibbutz

Smartmom: Smartmom outlines the pros (and a few cons) of commune life. Comments (5)

Notes from the back of my mind — and business cards

Every time I send my jackets off to the dry cleaners, I find more notes scribbled on the backs of business cards, envelopes and paper napkins. Here are some of those notes. Comment

Roofus: City’s Domino vote is sugar on a slug

Williamsburg–Greenpoint Waterfront: This week, Roofus weighs in on the City Planning Commission’s approval of the Domino Sugar project. Comments (3)

Biviano: Albany pols protect themselves, not you

Despite warnings over the last decade of the dangers of a dysfunctional and corrupt Albany, New Yorkers re-elected almost every incumbent running for office. Now we must live with not only a broken government, but, worse, the busted state economy caused by it. In this coming year, our children will sit in more overcrowded classrooms. Seventy-five senior centers will be cut, firehouses closed, and doctors cut from hospitals where any one of us could wind-up in an emergency. Thousands more jobs will be lost. Comments (1)

Squadron: Albany can fix the mess — with your help

There are a lot of reasons why New Yorkers are so frustrated with our government. The gubernatorial scandals and last year’s senate stalemate are certainly high among them. A tight job market and unsure economy add to the unhappiness. Comments (2)

With Smartmom, children are seen and heard

Smartmom: The noises of childhood trigger more memories for the increasingly empty nest Smartmom. Comments (7)

Potty pooper! Hate-spreading homophobe is barred from Borough Hall bathroom!

Politicrasher: The public bathrooms inside Borough Hall are no longer available for the people’s business — thanks to a homophobic street preacher’s vile screeds and a police officer who apparently believes that it’s her job to shred the First Amendment. Comments (13)

Off Broadway, Brooklyn’s ‘Housewives’ shines

Bay News: Trying to hail theater lovers amidst Park Avenue’s climbing towers, the very modern and sedate fronted 59 East 59th Street Theater proudly proclaims “59 E — America’s Off-Broadway 2010.” It is a subdued theatrical oasis amidst the tall towers of Madison and Park avenues’ business offices. Comment

Ground Zero mosque — a terror act in slow motion!

When a non-Muslim American can open and operate a strip joint in Mecca, a pork store in Islamabad or a gay bar in Tehran — with the full cooperation of Islamic authorities — then, perhaps, the thought of a mosque near Ground Zero might not be nauseating. Comment

Big screecher spits at MTA bigwigs

I felt like Paul Revere shouting “Channel 12 is coming! News12 is coming” the Wednesday before the rally as I scooted up and down Harway Avenue to mobilize the shopkeepers. Comment

Socialism: It’s all Greek to me

The cover of last month’s Frommer’s travel magazine shouted “DISCOVER THE SECRET HOTELS OF GREECE.” No doubt whoever wrote the article did so before the current uprising. Comment

Beans, beans, good for your wallet

I’m not sure why or how the old saying “it ain’t worth a hill of beans” came about, but I’m pretty confident it had something to do with beans being cheap. Comment
Brooklyn Heights: All we wanted to know was what color the Brooklyn Bridge will be. Comment

Smartmom thinks she’s too young to have a college kid

Smartmom: But guess what, she does. Ouch. Comments (11)

Never forget the American soldier’s supreme sacrifice

Monday is Memorial Day — once known as Decoration Day — and a time to honor the brave men and women “whose bodies now lie in almost every city, village, and hamlet churchyard in the land.” Comment

Hell, I’m Lost

“I’m dead, too?” Jack asks at the end of Lost. OMG, what tripe. From the pens of Damon Lindelof and J.J. Abrams this is the best they could come up with? After six seasons of black smoke monsters, others, a crazy French woman, bite your nails off cliffhangers and polar bears in the Pacific, all Lindelof and Abrams can come up with is “I’m dead, too?” Comment

Survey says! Stan tackles polls

Support for the repeal of the new National Healthcare Bill is still rising. The most recent Rasmussen Poll tells us that 54 percent of American voters want to see Obamacare repealed compared to 39 percent who do not. 22 percent of America believes the quality of healthcare in America will get better under the new plan. 52 percent say that it will get worse. Do you think these figures will affect the election this November? In the words of Sarah Palin, you betcha! Comment

Our Korea Airmen gathered in mobile re-unity and historic splendor

The boys of wicked war, so many decades ago, gathered again as we’ve done since 1946. This year we went to the deep south while all of the southern port lands were engulfed in America’s biggest bath in precious costly oils that soar at our every pump. Comment

It’s Smartmom minus one as Teen Spirit leaves the nest

Smartmom: We all saw it coming, but now that Teen Spirit is leaving for college, Smartmom is a weepy mess. But remember what Nietzsche said. She’ll be fine (as long as she doesn’t die). Comments (3)

A walk down terrorist lane

See what happens when you try to be friends? Comment

A birthday wish for my other family

The last thing on my agenda in 2006 was write a weekly column, but you know what they say: man plans, God laughs his butt off. Comment

Jane’s Carousel is good news for Brooklyn Bridge ‘Park’

Editorial: Kids of all ages got some good news this week when the developers of Brooklyn Bridge Park accepted Jane Walentas’s gift of her restored 1920s-era carousel for a spot in what is currently Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park. Comments (7)

Coney was always the place for excitement

Coney Island: I grew up in Sheepshead Bay. As a child, we came to Coney Island, to Steeplechase Park, which was an enclosed park then. You paid your admission and got a card, which was really a circle. I loved playing Skeeball and going on the Bobsled rollercoaster. Comment

Denson: I’m high on Coney

Coney Island: The head of the Coney Island History Project offers his take. Comments (1)

Roofus: Vito Lopez is a power-hungry octopus

Cartoon: Wow, that’s a powerful cartoon! Comments (11)

Luna Park will restore the fun

Coney Island: On May 29, when we open the gates of Luna Park to the world, we will begin a new chapter in Coney Island’s spectacular history. This is an incredible investment in America’s Playground — an iconic destination beloved by generations of New Yorkers and visitors alike. Comment

Municipal Art Society: Luna Park is a step forward

Coney Island: Today, as we celebrate the opening of the new Luna Park, the Municipal Art Society takes pride not only in our early efforts to make Coney an accessible destination, but also in our recent work creating a vision for Coney Island’s revitalization. Comment

Broken ankle teaches Smartmom a valuable lesson

Smartmom: Finally, she learns to slow down. Comments (6)

Legislative breakfast is bountiful, beautiful and productive

Bay News: The Community Education Council held its second annual legislative brunch at breathtaking Kingsborough Community College on Friday April 30. It was a glorious morning and I suspect the perfect weather plus the beach view from the cafeteria, where the brunch was held above it in U220, stimulated everyone’s appetite. Comment

Burqa not welcome any more

If human rights existed in Muslim societies, weak women would not be conned into covering up their beauty — and do so little about it. Comment

Running on dumb luck

What is really scary about this whole Times Square bomb incident is that the only reason we’re safe is that Faisal Shahzad didn’t know a hot wire from a jumper cable. Comment

Roofus: Maybe Trader Joe’s should start selling handbags

Cartoon: Our coverage of the ongoing robberies of shoppers at Trader Joe’s inspired Roofus in this week’s cartoon. Comment

Vito’s power grab

Politics: Sure, no one wants to read about district leaders or party bosses, but this editorial could change your life. Comments (13)

More fallout from ‘anti-Christian’ caption

Letters: When I saw your caption comparing the improvement needed in the health of Walter the pit bull to the “alleged” resurrection of Jesus Christ, I was offended, but chalked it up to the secular press trying to be provocative and was willing to ignore it (“Walter is one sick puppy,” April 23). Comments (3)

Supporter: The bike lane will make us all safer

There are few things that my 18-month-old daughter Anna loves more than Prospect Park. Even before she could walk, my wife Zoe and I brought her to crawl in the grass and romp around the playgrounds. Of course, there’s one barrier between our home on 11th Street and the park we visit every day: Prospect Park West. Comment

Has the city gone too far with the Prospect Park West bike lane?

The city is about to begin construction of a controversial two-way bike lane on Prospect Park West. Supporters say that the lane will finally give bikers a way to legally travel north in Park Slope, but also slow down car traffic on Prospect Park West because the bike path will require the elimination of one of the road’s three car lanes. Opponents, including many residents of the strip, say that squeezing Prospect Park West from three lanes to two will make traffic worse — here’s how two experts see it. Comment

Opponent: Why the bike lane is a bad idea

If Department of Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan got out of her ivory tower in Manhattan and observed the total scope of activity along Prospect Park West, it would be apparent that reducing Prospect Park West to two traffic lanes to accommodate a bicycle lane is a terrible idea. Comment

Smartmom is still working at being a working mom

Smartmom: But what of the children? Exactly. Comments (4)

Washington’s recovery and spin mode

The execs cry, “No fair!” CEO Lloyd Blankfein said customers who bought securities came looking for a risk and “that’s what they got. Comment

Paper to city: No to bike lane

Editorial: Even the cyclists on The Brooklyn Paper’s editorial board are not impressed by the city’s plan for a two-way bike lane on Prospect Park West. Comments (33)

Roofus: The federal fishing expedition on the Gowanus

Gowanus: Roofus read the coverage of the federal Gowanus Canal Superfund clean-up and had his usual cynical take. That’s why we pay him the big, er, the money. Comment

Letters: Christians are hot and bothered over our caption!

Letters: Our mailbag is bursting again — with two letters from people upset at a perceived slight at Jesus Christ. No offense was intended! Promise! Comments (3)

Has the city gone too far with the Prospect Park West bike lane?

Park Slope: The proposed two-way bike lane alongside Prospect Park West has divided a community — and given us great fodder for an editorial package. Look below to read opinion pieces by a supporter and an opponent of the controversial lane. Comments (8)

Supporter: The bike lane will make us all safer

Park Slope: It’s good for drivers, bikers and pedestrians. What could be so bad? Comments (5)

Opponent: Why the bike lane is a bad idea

Park Slope: If Department of Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan got out of her ivory tower in Manhattan and observed the total scope of activity along Prospect Park West, it would be apparent that reducing Prospect Park West to two traffic lanes to accommodate a bicycle lane is a terrible idea. Comments (8)

Are you an ‘edgy mom’?

Smartmom: Take Smartmom’s annual quiz. Comments (8)

Islamo-nuts threaten free speech again? Yawn!

The Muslim sense of humor is no joke. Comment

Salute the Navy!

Several days later the destroyer USS McFaul responded to a distress call from a merchant vessel. The deep-sea mini-battle was successful and our Navy captured 10 more pirates. Comment

Roofus: Other hazards for kids

Bridge ‘Park’: Our cartoonist read about the broiling hot metal domes in Brooklyn Bridge Park — and thought of other hazards that park planners might consider. Comment
Atlantic Yards: Forest City Ratner officials abandoned their diplomatic talk on Tuesday to explicitly portray Daniel Goldstein, who ended his long holdout in the Atlantic Yards footprint for $3 million last week, as an opportunist looking to make as much money as possible. Comments (28)

Daniel Goldstein, last Yards holdout, speaks!

Atlantic Yards: The last holdout in the Atlantic Yards footprint says it was never about him — but about stopping Atlantic Yards. Comments (9)

Why Daniel Goldstein is a scam artist

Atlantic Yards: One of Bruce Ratner’s main backers issues a scathing broadside. Comments (19)

Getting off too easy

One of the main concerns that I have about having the 9/11 trials held here, other than the fact that it makes us a bigger target then we already are, is that the terrorists, instead of getting the hangman’s noose, will get the same slap on the wrist from another limousine liberal judge that Ahmad Wais Afzali got — four days in jail (already served) and leave the country. Comment

Adams not waisting his time

Beware tawdry tush-titans, an ex-cop-turned-lawmaker is on your tail. Comment

For Teen Spirit, Gap Year University made him a man

Smartmom: Smartmom is relieved that Teen Spirit will not be attending Gap Year University next year. And it’s not because he had a bad experience at GYU. Not at all: it was great year and his coursework in the school of life included work at a warehouse in Red Hook, babysitting for a local boy, a road trip to the SXSW music festival in Austin, three days in New Orleans and (starting soon) more work at a warehouse in Red Hook. Comments (2)

The Goldstein Legacy: Man of principle or sellout?

Atlantic Yards: Analysis: Everyone is weighing in on Daniel Goldstein’s decision to take $3 million from Bruce Ratner to give up his fight. Here’s our chance. Comments (19)

Why I love living in Park Slope

Park Slope: A few days ago, I was being interviewed on Brazilian television about my new book on talent and intelligence. The questioning turned to the inevitable what-can-parents-do question, so I naturally offered a few devastating kernels of wisdom. Comments (3)

Why I love living in Midwood

Midwood: The hustle and bustle of New York City can take its toll on native New Yorkers and transplants alike. We all seem to invariably find our own reasons that inspire us to stay here to live and raise our families, whether it’s the diversity of the arts, the recreational activities at our parks or simply the multitude of different people with whom we are constantly discovering and interacting. Comment
Letters: Virtually everyone has a problem with our editor for some decisions he made at our sister publication! You can be mad at him, too. Send a missive today to! Comments (3)

The wooden warrior’s ready to roll!

“You’re not from Brooklyn until you’ve ridden the Cyclone,” chastised a pal trying to woo me aboard the wooden warrior which I had always eyed with chills instead of thrills. Comment

Op-ed: Privatizing parks is a bad idea

The newly opened first section of Brooklyn Bridge Park and Tupper Thomas’s pending retirement from Prospect Park have shed a light on Brooklyn parks — in particular the future of how they will be funded. Unfortunately, the future of park funding does not look bright under this administration. Comments (8)

Editorial: Tupper Thomas’s sad legacy

Editorial: No knock on the head of the Prospect Park Alliance, but her job should never have existed. Comments (14)

Some interesting questions — no answers necessary

Continuing with last week’s offering of questions to be pondered, here are more. Comment

Oportunidades revisited

“From Chalupas to Oportunidades,” was a column I wrote three years ago about Mayor Bloomberg’s plan for a new initiative modeled after Mexico’s Oportunidades, for the benefit of low-income families. Comment

Smartmom is suspicious of OSFO — but she’s only meeting a friend!

Smartmom: The Oh So Feisty One slips out of the house early one morning — and Smartmom is suspicious. Comments (3)

Kuntzman: Being a Met fan makes me a better person

I’m not going to apologize for being a Met fan. Comments (2)

DiMiceli: Look, I’m a Yankee fan. Sue me.

My undying, oft-requited, love for the New York Yankees has a very simple — yet rather strange — backstory. Comment

The silent killer is always on the rise

Suicide claims the lives of between 30,000 and 100,000 Americans each year, yet the chilling figures barely raise an eyebrow before being darkly deposited deep in our consciousness. Comment

Smartmom and Diaper Diva — a sisterhood of the stationary coffee

Smartmom: These two tell each other everything (and it’s non-judgemental, mostly). Comments (1)

Roofus: McMahon’s vote is his umbrella

Cartoon: Everyone is calling for Rep. Mike McMahon’s head — except our cartoonist, who thinks the Obamacare-rejecting congressman is in the clear. Comments (1)

Carmine takes on gravity at the wedding

Bay News: Following the custom, Cookie was my Best Man, (as I was his when he married Eleanor) and Lisa, is my Goddaughter. Comment

Single no more, Frank takes the leap

Break out the tissues, girls. Frank Maresca of Frank the Entertainer In A Basement Affair is presently off the singles chart after having chosen Kerri Schwartz, 24, of Brooklyn, to “go forward with” in this week’s final installment of the reality show on VH1. For all those 20-somethings out there who had flirted with the fantasy of being Mrs. Frank the Entertainer, I send you my condolences. Comment

Our mailbag returns — and is filled with Atlantic Yards ire

Letters: Your online coverage of the groundbreaking ceremony for the Atlantic Yards project was disappointing — to put it mildly (“Ratner breaks ground! Jay-Z celebrates! Others protest!” March 11). Why would you quote several speakers on “job creation” without noting that there is simply no argument that this project will bring a significant number of jobs, especially in relation to the perhaps as much as $2 billion in direct and indirect public subsidies? Comment

Health care questions for the common man

President Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi were jubilant that their historic health bill had passed. Then before the ink dried attorneys general from 13 states filed suit to stop the initiative, declaringthe lawunconstitional. Comment

Teen Spirit learns the lesson of the road

Smartmom: Teen Spirit heads for Austin with his pals, and Smartmom is miffed — but she gets over it in this extra special edition of Smartmom. Comments (4)

Ditch the “tish-for-tat,” Letitia

Whatever happened to building “a society that works for all of us, not just the wealthy and well-connected?” Comment

My own little happy place on Rocky Road

Her lectures cover every facet of women’s health, literally from the cradle to the grave. From sex, before during and after menopause and the many new treatments for women who have a hard time adjusting from one phase of their lives to the next.One of the most interesting of her suggestions was her theory on how to relieve stress, thereby reducing stress hormones, thereby easing and/or alleviating hot flashes, just by focusing on a happy thought. Some of her suggestions included envisioning puppy dogs, kittens, babies, baby birds, you get the drift. Comment

More Mid-East peace talks? Yawn!

As if the world has nothing better to do. Comment

Crazy Lady is on the warpath in Teen Spirit’s room

Smartmom: What’s wrong with a little cleaning while he’s on a road trip? Comments (11)

BWECC 2010 “Parent of the Year Award” to PS 177’s Heather Fiorica

Heather Fiorica has been involved in the public school community since her daughter Brieanne was first enrolled at PS 177.She is a dedicated parent who is an active partner in the education of her child, as well as other children. She has been a Learning Leader and the PS 177 Title I Chairperson in 2006.For the past two years, Heather, along with Maritza Fernandez, has served as Co-President of the Parent Teacher Association. She is also a member of the School Leadership Team. Heather with her co-president represents PS 177 on President’s Council. Comment

The high cost of teenagers

I ask this question toparents ofteenage children - does the shopping, spending and needing ever end? Comment

Muslims may come to their senses, yet!

It took eight years to address a wrong? Comment

Smartmom has a new persona: Crazy Lady

Smartmom: Her family is driving her mad, so why not, right? Comments (7)

Sandy DiTrapani: BWEC’s Man of the Year

“Sandy DiTrapani began his career as a math teacher at JHS 263 in District 23, and received the Distinguished Teacher’s Award in June 1987.He worked diligently as the Dean of Students for many years, earning the respect of the students, parents and colleagues for being fair and honest. Comment

Diaper Diva tries to avoid the camp crimp

Smartmom: Smartmom talks her twin sister through the toughest job she’ll have love: Being camp counselor to her 5-year-old this summer. Comments (2)

Herd ‘em back to Gitmo

Before advocating rights for terror suspects, there must first be a nation in which to advocate them. Comment

Can Congressman Charlie ‘Wrangle’ himself out of this one?

They put Martha Stewart in jail because she fibbed and former Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik will serve four years in the klink for not only fibbing, but for questionable ethical practices regarding home improvements, (eight felonies; lying to the White House and filing false taxes among other crimes),- but Congressman Charles B Rangle gets off with less than a smack on the wrist for not one but several missdeeds of a smiliar kind. Comment

The Gowanus stinks — for Toll Brothers

Gowanus: Our cartoonist has a different take on the EPA’s Gowanus Canal Superfund designation. Comment

Smartmom hands the baton to Diaper Diva (symbolically!)

Smartmom: No, Smartmom hasn’t given up her title, but she is realizing that her twin sister is just as smart a mom (if not more so) than she is. Ouch! Comments (4)

Fashion faux pas for Curlers

Now, before every curler in the world gets on my case I don’t mean this to be an insult against the sport.But, Olympics, really? Comment

That nutty nation is now also a “nuclear” one

Iran must make up its mind about whom it hates more — the Free World, Israel, or its own civilians. Comment

Thanks for the mysteries

Two of my favorite authors passed away this year -- Robert Parker of Spencer and Jesse Stone fame, on January 18, and Dick Francis, retired Steeplechase jockey and writer of English murder and mayhem on February 14. Comment

Long Live the Olympics!

Luger Nodar Kumaritashvili’s heartbreaking death in the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games, sorrowfully, illustrates the tight-rope of life traveled by our intrepid heroes in their voracious quest to celebrate life and all of its wonderful possibilities. Comment

Smartmom’s girl has her own Olympic moment

Smartmom: OK, so she didn’t win the gold, but the Oh So Feisty One makes Smartmom and Hepcat proud. Comment

The airplane noise really is bad

Cartoon: Our cartoonist offers this take on life in Park Slope. Comments (10)

Smartmom recalls the worst — and best — Valentine’s Day

Smartmom: Teen Spirit was almost born four months too early — and therein lays a great Valentine’s story. Comments (1)

Is US destined to become a refugee camp?

The disgruntled day laborer from Guatemala who, allegedly, in a drunken rage tossed a roll of accelerant-soaked toilet paper into a baby carriage parked in the stairwell of a Bensonhurst building, is a poster boy for all that is wrong with a national immigration system depleted by an estimated 12-to-22 million squatters — how would the real figure even be known? — and hobbled by its tenuous grasp on the law. Comment

A Taliban trust fund? No way!

Yet, nine years after a US-led invasion booted the Taliban from its bloodthirsty pedestal — and coinciding with al-Qaeda’s warning to dispatch female Afghan suicide bombers to the west — a cock-eyed London conference on Afghanistan has concluded that disarming the extremist militia group is as simple as bribing it with the Free World’s hard-earned cash. Comment

Valentine’s Day is coming up — and Smartmom is nervous

Smartmom: Smartmom worries whether she — or her marriage — can stand up to the Valentine’s Day pressures. Comments (1)

Yarn over Aunt Olga, I’m crocheting the reins.

Most new brides wait for the day when they know for sure that they have been successfully integrated into their husband’s family. Whether a trusted relative lets them in on a family secret or they are included in all the latest gossip there comes the day - thatdefining moment - when they know they’ve made it. Comment
Editorial: Now Joe Sitt says he’ll build a mini-college town on the Red Hook waterfront? There he goes again. Comments (1)

Revolt on ‘Wheels’! Sylvia Fields hates her city-provided meals

Brooklyn Angle: It all started when the city changed the way it pays for its Meals on Wheels providers. Now, some seniors in Brighton Beach are going crazy — and forcing our columnist to eat really bad meatloaf. Comments (5)

Roofus: Kill Jews? Here’s something that really should be killed

Cartoon: Here’s the only murderous imperative that matters. Comment

Smartmom loves her TV families

Smartmom: Smartmom and Hepcat bond as a family while watching the small-screen version. Comments (1)

The brave people of Haiti are down, but not out

Given the inequity of life, many of us will never experience the pain, suffering and losses of Haiti’s earthquake victims. Comment

Hurricane Lee is full of hot air

Someone once said, “A bad manner spoils everything, even reason and justice.” Comment

Roofus: Harold Ford is a snake — literally!

Cartoon: Our cartoonist weighs in. Comments (1)

The MTA’s big bollards are an affront to Brooklyn

Atlantic Yards: The Brooklyn Paper’s editorial board has harsh words for the tomb-like security perimeter around the new Long Island Rail Road terminal. Comments (5)

Remembering life on bustling 86th St.%A0

Bay News: When this newspaper was on 86th Street, the shopping under the West End Line was phenomenal and shoppers came from all over. The local shoppers were different then, mostly Italian and Jewish reflecting the resident population, but the stores and restaurants drew everyone from afar to what the 86th St. Board of Trade’s Stan Roher called the greatest outdoor shopping Mall in New York City Comment

Hurricane Lee is full of discourteous hot air%A0

Someone once said, “A bad manner spoils everything, even reason and justice.” Comment

The brave people of Haiti are down, but not out

Given the inequity of life, many of us will never experience the pain, suffering and losses of Haiti’s earthquake victims. Comment

In the mailbag: A man who wants to put the brakes on Ford

Letters: Another open fray in our letters column. Comment

Smartmom craves another baby — but Teen Spirit suffices

Smartmom: Smartmom and Hepcat drove out to Ditmas Park last Saturday night to hear Bad Teeth, Teen Spirit’s band, at Vox Pop. Comments (1)

A pocketful of notions

Here are some more random thoughts from the scraps of paper and backs of business cards that have been accumulating in my jacket pockets. Comment

Is Bloomberg worth his salt?

Mayor Bloomberg is changing his hat from mayor to nutritionist. His latest crusade is to encourage food manufacturers and restaurants to reduce the amount of sodium in their products by 20 percent over the next five years and we the citizens of this fair city to not over-indulge in a salt habit. We should resist the urge to sprinkle it willy nilly over our fries and popcorn in a hedonistic disregard of our health. Comment

Yemen is the anagram for ‘enemy’

Bam’s yen for diplomacy over conflict is poised to bear poisonous fruit in his entanglement with a pivotal rogue gulf nation which, on the cusp of an economic and civil meltdown, has also become an evil recruiting ground for a new generation of al Qaeda monsters. Comment

Roofus: Mayor Mike is a Gowanus puppet

Gowanus: Our cartoonist weighs in. Comments (3)

Message to MTA: muffle it!

Bay News: It was a blustery cold Tuesday morning when Assemblyman William Colton, and New York’s Heather Haddon and the Big Screecher himself met at Hilna’s Tire Shop at 2050 Stillwell Avenue to check out the screeching of the D line trains, formerly the B, and before that the West End. Comment

Slicing and dicing our borough

Bay News: Each neighborhood in this City should have its own City Councilperson to represent its vital daily needs and defenses. Comment

A pocketful of notions

Here are some more random thoughts from the scraps of paper and backs of business cards that have been accumulating in my jacket pockets. Comment

Yemen is the anagram for ‘enemy’

Bam’s yen for diplomacy over conflict is poised to bear poisonous fruit in his entanglement with a pivotal rogue gulf nation which, on the cusp of an economic and civil meltdown, has also become an evil recruiting ground for a new generation of al Qaeda monsters. Comment

Is Bloomberg worth his salt?

Mayor Bloomberg is changing his hat from mayor to nutritionist. His latest crusade is to encourage food manufacturers and restaurants to reduce the amount of sodium in their products by 20 percent over the next five years and we the citizens of this fair city to not over-indulge in a salt habit. We should resist the urge to sprinkle it willy nilly over our fries and popcorn in a hedonistic disregard of our health. Comment

Smartmom resolves that this year is going to be different

Smartmom: Smartmom is making a list of ways to improve herself (and even getting her column in on time). But come on, this is Smartmom! There’s no way she pulls this off (especially the thing about her deadlines!). Comments (3)
Editorial: On the Newtown Creek, the mayor favors federal Superfund designation. On the Gowanus, he does not. The Brooklyn Paper editorial board thinks it smells something fishy — and it ain’t the canal water. Comments (5)

Jihadists beware! Citizen Braveheart to the rescue!

Fugghedabout Homeland Security, John. Q. Public-the-avenger has arrived to save us from the evil clutches of terrorists. Comment

A bad sign for Brooklyn’s hometown crowd

Where is the Leaving Brooklyn - Fuggedaboutitsign on the Belt Parkway?Who took it down and what misguided authority would have perpetrated such a heinous act? Comment

PETA’s claws losing their point

A left wing newspaper in a heavily Democrat county asked if PETA is still relevant. By 59% to 44% the voters shouted No! It is no longer relevant. Many readers want to know what nude women have to do with animals. I don’t know but some of us just love to watch and photograph those unclothed demonstrations. Comment

Roofus: LIRR has ringed new terminal with coffins

Fort Greene: Our cartoonist weighs in. Comment

Imagine that: snow sidelines Santa Claus

Bay News: It sounds like Santa was copping out of making his 2009 Rounds in Bensonhurst, but after 25 years of starting out of Bay 40th Street up 86th Street to get to 18th Avenue and 84th Street where my grandchildren anxiously await Santa, then traveling back to Bay 47 Street to greet another household of kids, the weatherman was the Grinch this year and Santa could not make it! Comment

A bad sign for Brooklyn’s hometown crowd

Where is the Leaving Brooklyn - Fuggedaboutitsign on the Belt Parkway?Who took it down and what misguided authority would have perpetrated such a heinous act? Comment

Jihadists beware! Citizen Braveheart to the rescue!

Fugghedabout Homeland Security, John. Q. Public-the-avenger has arrived to save us from the evil clutches of terrorists. Comment

PETA’s claws losing their point

A left wing newspaper in a heavily Democrat county asked if PETA is still relevant. By 59% to 44% the voters shouted No! It is no longer relevant. Many readers want to know what nude women have to do with animals. I don’t know but some of us just love to watch and photograph those unclothed demonstrations. Comment

Editor’s coffin comments make some readers sick

Letters: This week’s mailbag is full of outrage over Editor Gersh Kuntzman’s column about excessive security measures at the new Long Island Rail Road terminal. Bring it on! Comments (3)

Have an affair or not? Here’s Smartmom’s take

Smartmom: Everyone is talking about the Park Slope Parents poster who thinks her husband is about to have an affair. But is it such a big deal? Yes and no, our Smartmom says. Comments (13)

Zeroes, naughts, aughts: reflections on the decade

On December 31, 1999 my biggest worry was Y2K. As the clock struck midnight I held my breath along with the rest of the world and waited for the computers to crash, bank accounts to freeze and imminent global annihilation -we were 281 million citizens scared to death. Life would never be the same. Comment

See you on the other side, Eutisha

Mere suspension without pay? Toss the book at the creeps. Jail time, too. Comment

‘Super-Sully’ and the trouble with ‘Rahmbo’

The curtain is about to descend on 2009. Before that fat lady sings I’d like to make several observations. Comment

Roofus: It was the least wonderful time of the year

Shopping: Our cartoonist looks back at a weak holiday season. Comment

‘Super-Sully’ and the trouble with ‘Rahmbo’

The curtain is about to descend on 2009. Before that fat lady sings I’d like to make several observations. Comment

Zeroes, naughts, aughts: reflections on the decade

On December 31, 1999 my biggest worry was Y2K. As the clock struck midnight I held my breath along with the rest of the world and waited for the computers to crash, bank accounts to freeze and imminent global annihilation -we were 281 million citizens scared to death. Life would never be the same. Comment

See you on the other side, Eutisha

Mere suspension without pay? Toss the book at the creeps. Jail time, too. Comment

Teen Spirit’s first ‘semester’ at Gap Year University

Smartmom: With all of Teen Spirit’s high school friends back in town on their winter breaks from college, it’s a good time to review how doing Smartmom’s boy is doing. Comments (10)

Smartmom weighs in on the decade that changed parenting forever

Smartmom: In this, her last column of 2009, Smartmom takes a look back at the stories and trends that put Brooklyn on the parenting map during the 0’s, the decade that sounds like a breakfast cereal. Our borough was clearly the hotbed. Comments (4)

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