January, 2012

Carmine starts the New Year where he left the old one — in a fit of anger

Sunday Screech: In this week’s screech, our columnist recaps a year’s worth of irritability. Well, actually, he’s really just mad with FedEx. Comments (5)

December, 2011

Hey, kid, get over it! A very special Christmas column

The Dad: Our Dad teaches his kids how to deal with disappointment (and there’ll be a lot — they’re his kids, after all!). Comments (2)

Merry Christmas — from Carmine, with anger

Sunday Screech: Carmine’s a humbug! Comments (6)

Holidays? Schmolidays!

Fearless Parenting: Our columnist explains why her “mixed” marriage isn’t such a big deal after all. Comments (1)

I ain’t Fonda Jane, but I love my pasta!

Sunday Screech: This week Carmine lays into Jane Fonda like only he can! Comments (8)

Opinion: Fulton Mall gentrification is only good for some

Perspective: We asked the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership and a Downtown activist group for dueling op-ed pieces about the gentification of Downtown’s main shopping strip. Only the activists accepted our invitation. Too bad. Comments (2)

Fulton Mall is getting better

Perspective: After too many years of decline, Fulton Mall is undergoing a historic transformation. This area brings back so many memories for me, and I’m sure for many of you here tonight who are of a “certain age.” I can still remember my mother dragging me to stores like Mays, Martin’s, E.J. Korvette, A&S, Chock Full o’ Nuts and Needicks. Comment

The joke’s on you! Carmine’s got some knee-slappers

Sunday Screech: Back by popular demand, The Screecher’s favorite one-liners! Comments (1)

Good dads see ‘Twilight’ movies

The Dad: If it’s Sunday, that means our columnist got his story in early this week! And a good thing, too, because this one has the key to being a great dad! Comments (2)

The Brooklyn Paper mailbag is back!

Letters: Our letters column returns — online! — with missives about our coverage of Assemblywoman Joan Millman, bugs on crucifixes and residential parking permits. Comments (2)

Fix the BQE!

Editorial: Our editorial board slams Gov. Cuomo for pulling the plug on the long-overdue repairs on the Brooklyn–Queens Expressway. Comments (14)

I love the middle school application process!

Fearless Parenting: Far from being a drag, our columnist has good things to say about how the city assigns kids to middle schools. Comments (16)

Carmine says ‘Buy American!’

Sunday Screech: In this week’s Sunday Screech, Carmines’s tired of big-box retailers selling Chinese merchandise! Comments (13)

November, 2011

Carmine’s happy when teenagers clean up

Sunday Screech: In today’s Sunday Screech, Carmine tells it like it is about the youth of today. Comment

If you love something, let it fly alone

The Dad: Our columnist lets his 13-year-old fly to Grandma’s house without him. They both learned a valuable lesson. Comments (1)

Happy Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for?

Perspective: Think about it while reading personal reflections from the borough’s leaders. Comments (2)

A feel-good, no judgment column

Fearless Parenting: Want to feel better about your kids? Stop using other people’s standards and use your own. Comments (3)

Get used to Carmine, people, because he isn’t going anywhere

Sunday Screech: In this week’s Sunday Screech, Carmine says he’s going to live to be 150 — even if his organs don’t! Comments (3)

To be a great dad, fail sometimes

The Dad: Our columnist learns that when he makes mistakes, his daughters learn. Comments (4)

It’s happened: Carmine takes a doggie bag home from a wedding!

Sunday Screech: This week, Carmine overeats at his niece’s nuptials, and he doesn’t even get to the main course. Comments (5)

Want to be liked? Like first

Fearless Parenting: Our columnist channels Mother Teresa! Comment

Don’t condemn private enterprise

Perspective: The Occupy Wall Street demonstrations appeared to start out as an “old-fashioned” use of the First Amendment to express frustration and anger. Comments (12)

Wealth disparity is killing us all

Perspective: Occupy Wall Street is now undeniably a fixture of global conversation. No one should be surprised. In the wake of the global economic crisis, income disparities between the rich and poor have grown more acute, more painful. Here in the United States, more people are unemployed than at any point since the Great Depression, with no improvement in sight. Comments (5)

The column of magic and loss

The Dad: Our columnist thinks about how his daughters will remember him (at least they can!). Comments (2)

October, 2011

When Carmine takes on the world, we all win

Sunday Screech: In this Sunday Screech, Carmine looks beyond his own backyard— and has the answers America has been waiting for! Comments (2)

It’s Burger King vs. nature

Fearless Parenting: Our columnist tries to instill a sense of adventure in her kids. Comments (5)

The O’Hara chronicle — a look back at the weirdest prosecution in Bklyn history

Perspective: A decade and a half after District Attorney Charles Hynes made an example of John O’Hara, what did the prosecution prove? Nothing, O’Hara says. Comments (7)

I can’t stand telemarketers, but I know how to get them back!

Sunday Screech: This week, our columnist has a 10-point plans for getting back at those anonymous sales callers. Comments (2)

Should we tattle on each others’ kids?

The Dad: Our columnist is pleased that all his parent friends don’t tattle on each others’ kids. Or is he? Comment

Carmine says ‘What’s a matter with kids these days!’

Sunday Screech: In this Sunday Screech, Carmine, well, read for yourself. Comments (4)

Our columnist — Eleanor Roosevelt?

Fearless Parenting: A trip to Val-Kill inspires our columnist to live more like the legendary First Lady. Comments (1)

Hey Brooklyn! Get off your butt!

Sunday Screech: In this week’s Sunday Screech, Carmine says it’s time you stop watching TV, and get out to a civic meeting to make the world a better place! Comments (3)

He wants his daughters to have sex!

The Dad: Not yet, silly, but when they’re ready. To help, he’s giving them answers to complicated questions — the opposite of what the “abstinence only” movement advocates. Comments (2)

That’s it! I’m going to the doctor!

Sunday Screech: Don’t worry, folks, Carmine is just fine. But now that he has a place to get checked out whenever he’s feeling bad, he’ll be healthy as a horse forever! Just don’t tell his wife his weight! Comment

September, 2011

Every kid is above average — in something!

Fearless Parenting: The trick is to help him or her figure out what it is. Comments (4)

Wow! Carmine is on fire this week!

Sunday Screech: In today’s Sunday Screech, Carmine has a thing or two to say about how Mayor Bloomberg is running the city, and his failure to recognize subject-object agreement in his speeches. Comments (12)

Hey, kids, P.S. he loves you

The Dad: Our columnist learns the most important lesson from 9-11: Tell your kids that you love them. Comment

You get what you pay for: tickets for parking legally!

Sunday Screech: This week, Carmine goes after the city for giving drivers tickets — even if they paid for their space! Comments (24)

Is she ready for the country?

Fearless Parenting: Our columnist comes thisclose to packing it all in and moving to the North Fork. Comments (7)

Special Monday Screech: City won’t take Carmine’s calls during storm!

Sunday Screech: The Screecher’s got a word or two about the city’s ability to use a 100-year-old technology. Comments (4)

Owens: We are all tested by disaster

Perspective: What did we really learn from 9-11 — this second “day that will live in infamy”? Like Hurricanes Katrina and Irene or the terrible tornadoes of this summer, our society is not fully prepared for the magnitude of the losses and the recovery challenges — economic, academic, historic, personal, psychological. Maybe one can never be fully prepared. Comments (1)

Lander: Let’s honor the real 9-11 legacy

Perspective: What I remember most powerfully was the common feeling in our city over the next few weeks. We were scared and angry. But we also found a spirit of community that I had not seen before. For a few weeks, we saw that we truly have a shared fate. The ghastly, inhuman, evil attack laid bare the fundamentally equal suffering of the families — firefighters like Squad 1’s Dave Fontana, parents like PS 321’s Scott O’Brien, investment bankers from Cantor Fitzgerald, dishwashers from Windows on the World. Comments (2)

Fisher: New hope from a horrible day

Perspective: I have nothing good to say about the mass murders perpetrated on Sept. 11, 2001 and their aftermath. Were there extraordinary acts of bravery and generosity that day and in the weeks afterwards? Yes. Has New York recovered to an extent beyond the most optimistic predictions at the time? Yes. Nonetheless, there is a “before” Sept. 11 and there is an “after.” We may have healed and moved on, but our hearts remain a little bit broken. Comments (1)

City is backwards on Prospect Park work

Letters: Our letters page tells it like it is (well, at least how our readers think it is). Comments (5)

Loscalzo: Decency brought us back

Perspective: On 9-11, the response of average New Yorkers and first responders inspired us. The federal government’s color codes, fear mongering and misdirection confounded us. Comments (2)

Editorial: Do not allow a cross to defile Trade Center memorial

Editorial: The Brooklyn Paper’s feisty editorial board takes a strong stance against a bill that would turn a cross — the ultimate Christian religious symbol — into the centerpiece of the World Trade Center memorial museum. Comments (18)

Dealing with Irene like a ’50s TV dad

The Dad: Sometimes father really does know best. Comment

Can you believe the nerve of these peoples!

Sunday Screech: This week, Carmine goes off on low-life scumchops who booed kids that were doing a great thing — keeping Brooklyn beautiful! Comments (3)

August, 2011

Hey, Irene, we give up!

Fearless Parenting: Her column is called “Fearless Parenting” — but when Irene came knocking, she tossed the kids in the car and fled. Did she do the right thing? Comments (4)

Editorial: Enough is enough!

Mean Streets: Foes of the Prospect Park West bike lane have had their day in court. Now, they must learn to live with the cycle path. Comments (45)

Fort Ham is a viable military installation

Perspective: I had the great — and solemn — honor of chairing the citizens group which erected the first 9-11 memorial in the city — the “Beacon Memorial” on Veterans Memorial Pier at 69th Street, which faces lower Manhattan. It reads: “Brooklyn Remembers … For Those Lost on September 11, 2001.” I pray, and would prefer, not to have to do that again. Comment

Divorce cracks his secure foundation

The Dad: A close family of our columnist splits up — and who knows what will happen next? Comments (3)

Carmine faces Sophie’s Choice!

Sunday Screech: The Big Screecher has to choose between two great websites, and he doesn’t know what to do! Comments (9)

Anne-Katrin is PO’d

Meadows of Shame: Our in-house wildlife rehabilitator offers an opinion piece about the flooding inside Prospect Park. Comments (15)

The Park is functioning as designed

Meadows of Shame: In designing Prospect Park, Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux made excellent use of the area’s existing sloping terrain that had been shaped by an ancient, ice-age glacier as it moved across Brooklyn. The 60-acre watercourse the two men designed for the Park utilizes gravity to direct water from Fallkill falls near the Long Meadow, down through the Ravine and Lullwater and into the Park’s 50-acre Lake. Comments (2)

Mailbag groaning over our Brooklyn Bridge Park coverage

Letters: Man, Daniel Squadron is not pleased with us — but we’re big enough to let him tell you why (unedited!). Go get ‘em (er, us), Senator! Comments (6)

Her kids go to camp — and she’s the one who stresses out

Fearless Parenting: Our columnist’s kids go to sleepaway camp — but she has the tough time adjusting. Comment

Carmine complains about having nothing to complain about

Sunday Screech: Want to show The Screecher a good time? Get him together with his old buddies! Comments (17)

Who guards the guards?

Perspective: Whether private, Orthodox Jewish “Shomrim” (“guards” in Hebrew) may serve any useful function is not the question. Let us assume they do. The question – which ought to answer itself – is whether New York City taxpayers should be helping to fund organizations that 1) encroach on the purview of official law enforcement agencies, 2) favor the interests of one specific community, and 3) may well suppress criminal complaints for ostensibly religious reasons. Comments (5)

Letters: Brooklyn Bridge Park deal is a shell game

Letters: Our letters to the editor column returns with some true barn-burners! Comments (3)

Shomrim plays a vital role

Perspective: Recent attacks against the Shomrim could not be more inaccurate and further from the reality of the important role a neighborhood watch group like the Shomrim plays for city residents. Comments (2)

Editorial: At Brooklyn Bridge Park, the rich get richer

Editorial: Our editorial board provides a contrary view of the Brooklyn Bridge Park funding deal (you know, the one that everyone else seems to like). Comments (24)

Let’s not turn our kids into fear-filled zombies!

The Dad: Our columnist realizes that bad things happen in the world, but his job is to suppress his own fear and let his kids explore the world. Comment

Pols have sold us out to Bloomy

Bridge ‘Park’: State Sen. Daniel Squadron and Assemblywoman Joan Milllman reneged on their promise of no new housing to pay for Brooklyn Bridge Park. Comments (7)

Deal is a good one for Bklyn

Bridge ‘Park’: Two years ago, the governor and the mayor were steamrolling ahead with plans to construct new luxury housing in Brooklyn Bridge Park as a source of funding for park maintenance. Most odious were the two planned 300-foot towers on the corner of Hicks Street and Atlantic Avenue. The mayor and governor showed no interest in considering alternatives to constructing these new buildings. Many of the active recreational elements that the community long advocated for were gone, replaced by kayaking and expensive landscaping. Comments (4)

Parenting — then and now

Fearless Parenting: Our columnist goes on vacation with her mom and her kids. And the fur is flying! Comments (4)

July, 2011

Dad sends his ‘love’ letters

The Dad: Our columnist is a serial correspondent with his girls at camp — which naturally means he’s the better parent, right? Comments (1)

A Britisher’s View: Is Linda Sar-ious?

Perspective: Our columnist says the head of the Arab American Association on NY needs to wave the Stars and Stripes! Comments (18)

It’s summer — can we let the kids relax?

Fearless Parenting: Our columnist grapples with letting her kids mellow out rather than be enriched all the time. Comments (2)

Anthony Weiner screwed Brooklyn — again

Perspective: Anthony Weiner screwed Brooklyn, twice. Comments (5)

Queens brings a worthy candidate

Perspective: First and foremost, I was saddened and dismayed by the recent resignation of Rep. Anthony Weiner and felt that he should have remained in office until an election was held. Comment

Because I said so

The Dad: Our columnist is proud of the decisions he’s made for his girls, and the decisions he let them make for themselves. He’s just not sure where to draw the line between the two. Comment

Fairness and equality prevailed over ignorance and fear

Perspective: History was made last month when New York became the largest state in the nation to confer all of the rights, benefits and responsibilities of civil marriage upon same-sex unions. Same-sex couples — some who have been together for decades — will soon be able to get married and raise families knowing that their unions and their children will be protected under New York State law. Comment

Gay marriage is truly something to celebrate

Perspective: I was very interested to attend a special meeting of Community Board 10 Traffic and Transportation Committee where Sen. Marty Golden (R– Bay Ridge) proposed creating a pedestrian mall on Friday nights in the summer on Third Avenue in Bay Ridge. His arguments were that Bay Ridge could be more like Park Slope or Williamsburg as the neighborhood could attract restaurant-goers and shoppers from outside the neighborhood. Comments (9)

Hey, kids — put those books down!

Fearless Parenting: Our columnist grapples with her conflicting views of literature. Comment

Freedom is about love

Perspective: Ten years after 9–11, freedom has a whole new meaning. Freedom for me is to embrace and honor my multiple identities — an Arab, a Muslim, but first and foremost, an American without suspicion, fear and doubt from my fellow Americans, freedom to speak candidly and constructively about ineffective government policies without my patriotism being questioned. Comments (7)

Allow others what you want for yourself

Perspective: We are all mirrors for each other. Whereas you may consider yourself an individual separate from others, we are actually all facets of one unified being, inextricably entwined. Comment

Freedom has limits 

June, 2011

The passage of time is not a Kodak moment

The Dad: Our columnist realizes that he’s missing stuff that he can’t even remember missing. Comments (1)

The city is making kids healthier

Perspective: Healthy and nutritious meals are an integral part of a child’s development and education. In order for children to stay alert and focused in school, they must have a balanced diet that feeds a healthy body and mind. Unfortunately, roughly 40 percent of city public school students are overweight or obese. To address this health concern, the Department of Education partnered with the Department of Health to develop a Wellness Policy and create new nutritional standards and menu items that provide our students with delicious and healthy meals. Comment

City needs to go further

Perspective: With the attention on food in school, many eyes are on the Department of Education’s Office of School Food. The city’s school food already stands above most schools in the country, but there are still improvements that we’d like to see. Comments (2)

Losing her — and her kids’ — religion

Fearless Parenting: Believe it! Our columnist has pulled her kids out of Hebrew school! Comments (29)

Even the sex shop owner has turned against him

Perspective: Every new technology gets immediately put to sexual use. Steam engines powered the first vibrators, some of the earliest movies were porn. Texting is no different. Eighty percent of college students in a recent study report sending or receiving explicit texts. The number is 60 percent for images. Sexual manners that govern the way we act in other areas extend into the electronic realm. Comment

You can’t ignore his whole career over randy sexts

Perspective: I was one of Anthony Weiner’s constituents as well as the president of the Brooklyn-Queens chapter of the National Organization for Women, and I found myself in the uncomfortable position of defending Weiner and his juvenile, potentially career-killing, behavior. Comments (1)

Here’s why Weiner needed to resign

Perspective: It troubles me to see a human being publicly humiliated over a self-imposed scandal, but the issues here go well beyond what Rep. Anthony Weiner does in his private life. The core problem is repeated dishonesty and shameless hypocrisy. Comments (1)

Stop trying to impress your kids!

The Dad: If being a dad is a constant expedition then Father’s Day is the annual return to Base Camp. My children profess their love for me, hand me cards, make me some food and I’m refreshed and recharged for the next foray into the unknown jungles of parenthood. Comments (1)

Public plazas are bad for business

Perspective: Along with my brother Daniel, and my father Sydney, we own the Foodtown of Bay Ridge. First, please allow me to thank you for all the business you give us and please allow me to thank our staff for all their hard work serving you. With all due respect, please know that we are opposed to pedestrian malls like the one proposed along Third Avenue in Bay Ridge. Here’s why. Comments (32)

Public plazas are good for the city

Perspective: Our city’s commitment to creating safe and livable public spaces connects customers to businesses and strengthens the fabric of city life. That’s why our civic leaders are calling for more of these community improvements to expand the vibrant street life that the city that never sleeps is known for. It’s indisputable: pedestrian plazas are good for business, good for pedestrians and good for New York. Comments (11)

Leave your kids alone for a change!

Fearless Parenting: Our columnist leaves her kid alone in a playground — so what’s wrong with that? Comments (16)

Workers deserve a decent life

Perspective: Today, nearly one in four working New Yorkers need food stamps in order to eat — a record high since Mayor Bloomberg took office. Many of them are employed full time in low-wage jobs, especially in retail. An alarming number are adults that must work two or three jobs to support themselves and their households. Often these are folks with professional experience and education, who never imagined they would be in this position. Comments (3)

Bill would devastate Brooklyn

Perspective: The proposed “living wage” bill now before the City Council would have devastating consequences for Brooklyn and the many small businesses struggling to help our economy and neighborhoods to grow. Comments (2)

May, 2011

Defending the PS 29 vandals — and their parents

The Dad: Here it is — The Dad’s most-controversial column ever. With parents calling for the heads of the spoiled brats who torched the PS 29 playground, our columnist finds a way to defend them. Let’s keep those cards and letters coming, folks! Comments (11)

Our columnist — what does she do all day?

Fearless Parenting: But this is no self-loathing story from a stay-at-home mom. Comments (6)

Carmine makes noise — about noise!

Sunday Screech: I’m sick and tired of these Johnny-come-latelies complaining about noise in this city when I’ve been complaining about it for decades. Comments (3)

Here it is! Carmine’s Sunday Screech — new on

Sunday Screech: Seventy-five year old Carmine Santa Maria has been screeching about problems in Brooklyn for years in the pages of our much vaunted sister publication, the Brooklyn Graphic. Now, he brings his trademark piss and vinegar to Enjoy! Comments (6)

Neighborhood integrity matters

Perspective: Brooklyn has always had a distinct culture, vibrancy and an independent spirit not seen in other places. Our neighborhoods — long magnets for immigrants from all over the world — have been safe havens for families that planted roots in one of Brooklyn’s many enclaves and began to design their new lives. Comments (5)

New names help Brooklyn grow

Perspective: I believe that Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries’s proposal is extreme. Renaming neighborhoods is smart, strategic, and allows for expansion. Comments (13)

Do the cool kids think they’re cool?

Fearless Parenting: Our columnist wonders about self-image (hers and her kids’). Comment

April, 2011

Chris Hondros put truth before safety

Perspective: I met Chris Hondros in 2009, when a mutual friend suggested we talk. I had just returned from a year in Iraq and our friend thought that Chris and I should trade “war stories.” He lived in Brooklyn and I worked in his neighborhood, so we figured we’d have plenty of occasions to get together for a beer and long talk. And we planned it many times, but it never seemed to happen. The painful New York process of trying to find common gaps in each other’s schedules was made all the more difficult by the life Chris led. Comment

Tim Hetherington was a genius

Perspective: Tim Hetherington was a special man. The outpouring of sadness we are witnessing from the community of journalists and artists who lived and worked alongside him is a mirror of his personal aura. His bravery, his determination, his humanitarian spirit, his humor, and his killer smile were all part of that. Comment

Blown sideways through life

Fearless Parenting: Our columnist and family survive the North Carolina tornado — and end up with a great tale. Comment

Faith is my Everest

Perspective: Faith is one of those things that if you’ve never really experienced it, you can’t really say why it matters. But once you have felt it, you know that it’s something that you shouldn’t be without. Comment

A Christian explains the roots of his faith

Perspective: Faith is sailing by the stars. You lift your eyes from the horizon and make your way by signs of light. You have to figure on the movement of the stars, but you learn the calculations from the many who have sailed before you. Comment

Faith is the social glue that binds us together

Perspective: Faith is one of the most studied and yet consistently ineffable ideas known to human kind. Maybe this is because it comes in so many varieties. It’s hard to pin down exactly what it is. There is faith in oneself; faith in one’s friends; faith in one’s spouse. We even have faith in abstractions, like nations. Faith in God, for many, borders on an abstraction, too, because one can’t really see God or reasonably prove God’s existence, and so we understand faith in the Divine to be, well, a matter of faith. Comment

Can a kid die of loneliness?

Fearless Parenting: Our columnist helps her son figure out one of life’s great lessons. Comment

The Pledge is positive

Perspective: We live in a time in which the protection of our very values and freedoms are defended by brave men and women who volunteer to make the ultimate sacrifice; risking their life and limb to defend our great nation. These brave men and women carry with them an American spirit that inspires us all to do everything we can to help protect and preserve the values, freedoms, and traditions that they risk their lives to promote. Comments (2)

God has no place in the Pledge

Perspective: In 1954, at the height of Cold War hysteria, Congress inserted the phrase “under God” into the Pledge of Allegiance at the instigation of the Knights of Columbus, a conservative Catholic organization. This was done to contrast the United States with those “godless” Communists. Comments (6)

The return of our online Letters to the Editor!

Letters: And they start with a missive from a Canadian woman who disliked one of our “anti-Native American” stories (there’ve been so many!). Comments (3)

Don’t just stand there — save geese

Perspective: What does a random day in March have to do with July 8, 2010? Comments (83)

Our goal is to save geese

March, 2011

How to beat the bullies

Fearless Parenting: After her son is verbally dissed on the playground, our columnist figures out how to help him. Comments (4)

Kruger and his ilk are a disgrace

Perspective: Just when you thought that the rogues gallery made up of members of the New York State Legislature who have been indicted or convicted of corruption was finally full, federal prosecutors announced new criminal corruption charges against state Sen. Carl Kruger and Assemblyman William Boyland, Jr. Comments (1)

BHA lawsuit is a bad idea

Bridge ‘Park’: My wife, Betsy, and I attended the Brooklyn Heights Association annual meeting on Feb. 28 at which Jane McGroarty, Brooklyn Heights Association president, included in her remarks an explanation of the rationale for the Brooklyn Heights Association lawsuit challenging the proposed use of the Tobacco Warehouse as a new home for the St. Ann’s Warehouse theater. In spite of this eloquent explanation, Betsy and I, most respectfully, remain strongly supportive of the St. Ann’s proposal and in strong disagreement with the Brooklyn Heights Association lawsuit. Comments (1)

The BHA suit is about justice

Bridge ‘Park’: What if, today, someone — anyone — decided that your local park didn’t belong to the public any more? Or maybe just the lake, the boat house, or the ball field didn’t belong to the public any more? Would you think that was OK? Comments (1)

The kids are all right — to do homework on their own

Fearless Parenting: In her latest bomb toss, our columnist explains why she doesn’t help her kids do their homework. Comment

Yassky: Plan would help the boroughs

Mean Streets: New Yorkers in Manhattan have excellent taxi service. You put up your hand, hail a yellow car with a light on top, and it takes you where you want to go for a predictable price. Comments (1)

Desai: The plan will hurt yellow cabbies

Mean Streets: We are stunned by the mayor’s proposal to turn liveries into taxis in the outer boroughs. Comments (4)

What do actual drivers think?

Mean Streets: We know what an advocate of taxi drivers and the city agency behind the proposal think about the proposal to install meters inside livery cabs. But what about the livery cab drivers themselves? We asked five drivers outside the Atlantic Center what they thought of it all. Comments (3)

We deserve to breathe clean air

Perspective: Last week, Mayor Bloomberg signed an important and historic law to protect the health of New Yorkers by making public parks and beaches smoke-free. These outdoor spaces which are enjoyed for their beauty and recreation by adults and children alike will now be free of deadly secondhand smoke. The passage of this law builds on the trend-setting smoking restrictions put in place since 2002 that have saved more than 350,000 lives and made the city’s air safe for all. Comments (29)

For us, it’s no day at the beach

Perspective: There’s one — and only one — reason behind the ban: Mayor Bloomberg’s own fervid disapproval of smoking and his sanctimonious vow to “make it as difficult to smoke as we possibly can.” Or, as Councilwoman Gale Brewer rephrased it in an unexpected moment of nannyish candor: “Guess what? We don’t want you smoking!” Comments (23)

Bribing friends and influencing people

Fearless Parenting: Her kid bribes his way back into his friends’ good graces. And what’s so wrong with that? Comments (1)

February, 2011

The bike lane is working

Mean Streets: Never have so many words been exchanged about so few feet of pavement and lane striping. Our kids should be forgiven for believing that the Battle of Brooklyn was when George Washington strategically retreated his bicycle across Prospect Park West. Comments (94)

Come on, America — let’s honor ‘Honest’ Abe!

Letters: Honestly, America needs to honor President Abe Lincoln. Comment

As King said, love is the answer

Perspective: You are young, gifted and black. Comment

Respect yourself is King’s message

Perspective: Allow me to step into Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s shoes to examine the notion of freedom, equality and justice for all — the essence of his 1963 dream. Can we say that the dream has been realized? Absolutely not! The 1963 dream remains relevant today. Let’s see why! Comment

We can all see glory together

Perspective: Are things today different than in the 1960s? Comment

What is the secret to happiness?

Fearless Parenting: Our parenting columnist thinks she knows (a little wine, a little action, a little letting the house get dirty...). You get the idea. Comments (5)

Mayor is playing a dangerous game

Perspective: First, the mayor said he’d have to lay off 21,000 teachers, a quarter of the city’s teachers. Then, three days later, he backtracked. He sounded almost disappointed when he said, “We’ll have to find another way” to deal with anticipated budget cuts. The next day, the governor released his budget proposal and declared, “There will be absolutely no need for layoffs.” Comments (10)

Seniority should not be the standard

Perspective: From the day I walked through my classroom doors as a first-year teacher, I knew I was there for a reason. It wasn’t for the salary. It wasn’t for the summers off. It was because I knew that I would have the privilege of impacting students’ lives. Comments (31)

Wait a minute — there’s video of Gersh eating dog food?

Brooklyn Angle: Go with it. This is what he does. With video … Comments (7)

Save Pierre, the new goose in town!

Editorial: Our editorial board once again supports the rights of geese to live. Comments (12)

Our letters column returns — with a doozy from the boss’s dad!

Perspective: After a hiatus, the Letters to the Editor column is back with a bang! Comments (1)

Our columnist eats dog food

Brooklyn Angle: Go with it. This is what he does. Comments (1)

Look, times are tough

Perspective: We do not relish raising fees, but the city finds itself in a severe fiscal crisis and all agencies are required to reduce spending and increase revenues. Comments (3)

Our columnist can handle the truth!

Fearless Parenting: Even when her boys talk about their penises in public. Comments (8)

January, 2011

Yes, let’s close bad schools

Perspective: Parents deserve better. Students deserve better. Taxpayers deserve better. Comments (26)

Let’s not fail the so-called ‘failing schools’

Perspective: As an educator for well over 40 years, to me, the biggest tragedy in the controversy over school closures is not large schools versus small ones. It’s a national obsession with high school graduation rates where once-creative faculties are now teaching children to pass tests and not much else. Superintendents and principals are also held to these same parameters. Comments (8)

The snowstorm was heaven sent

Fearless Parenting: Sure, Bloomberg blew the clean-up, but our columnist’s sons got a life lesson in rolling with the punches. Comments (3)

Crackdown will save lives

Perspective: When people ask me why I’m for the NYPD’s new bicycle safety enforcement initiative that’s poised to start, I have a very straightforward answer for them: It’s going to save lives, period. Comments (55)

Focus on making streets safer for all

Perspective: Time’s Up! Environmental Group has been advocating for safer streets for over two decades. We support efforts to make public spaces safer for all: pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. However, the crackdown targeting cycling announced by the NYPD will divert resources needed to address the real danger in our streets — speeding cars and red light-running motorists who kill people. Comments (70)

Finally, our predictions for the new year!

Perspective: We polled Brooklyn luminaries for the wackiest, craziest and downright realest predictions imaginable. Comments (3)

Man, her boys love her breasts!

Fearless Parenting: Our columnist deals with having two boob-obsessed young boys. Comments (18)

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