The Brooklyn Angle, by Gersh Kuntzman

December, 2005

Menorah one-upsmanship strikes Brooklyn

Brooklyn Angle: Only in Brooklyn could the borough’s “largest public menorah” actually be three feet shorter than another menorah a few miles away. Comment

Real New Yorkers LOVE the transit strike

Brooklyn Angle: The transit strike is the best thing that could ever happen to us — even if some of us can’t see it. Comment

Brooklyn: Bloomie’s sleepover no biggie

Brooklyn Angle: Mayor Bloomberg said earlier this week that if there is a transit strike, he would sleep at a city office in DUMBO so he could walk to City Hall over the Brooklyn Bridge. Comment

Washing machine becomes a soap star

Brooklyn Angle: It is just a humble Wascomat Junior W74 double-loader, like millions of others across the land. But one particular Wascomat Junior W74 double-loader in one particular Brooklyn laundromat has become for tens of thousands of children what Graceland is to Elvis fans. Comments (1)

On the dog run to superstardom

Brooklyn Angle: The actor was chauffeured to every performance in his own town car with his own driver. The actor spit all over his co-stars with complete impunity. The actor got some of the best reviews in the entire cast. Comments (2)

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