The Brooklyn Angle, by Gersh Kuntzman

Hair’s to the season

Perspective: Here’s the real reason why this is the most wonderful time of the year. Comment

Beef battle begins: Peter Luger faces meaty competition

Perspective: News that Morton’s of Chicago — an upscale chain steakhouse — had leased space at the Brooklyn Marriott finally gives borough beef lovers a distinct choice. Here’s how the newcomer fares against our legendary Porterhouse purveyor, Peter Luger in our first ever steakhouse smackdown. Comments (1)

Happy anniversary

Atlantic Yards: Four years ago this week, Bruce Ratner unveiled the Atlantic Yards project. That anniversary gives us a chance to revisit whether the developer is living up to his original promises (thank goodness we saved the press kit!). Comment

The menorah men

Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jews are fighting again for Hanukkah hegemony. Yes, on Tuesday night, the first night of Hanukkah, rival factions of Hasidic Jews once again hosted competing menorah lighting festivities at Grand Army Plaza and at Borough Hall. Mr. Met was at one and Marty Markowitz was at the other. Sounds like another “Hanukkah Smackdown” to us! Comments (1)

Pigeon war on Eighth Avenue — and our reporter is there!

Perspective: Someone is killing pigeons on Eighth Avenue and — wouldn’t you know it! — our columnist is in the middle of it. Comments (6)

Bad art from good drunks

Art: Our columnist gets loaded — and cranks out the best drunken art of his career. Comments (1)

Apprehended! Second chalker nabbed by cops

Perspective: Our columnist decides that the city’s crackdown on sidewalk chalk “vandals” has now officially gone too far. Comments (8)
Perspective: Last week’s 6-year-old graffiti “vandal” is still fighting a city warning letter demanding that she remove her sidewalk chalk drawing from her front stoop. Comments (21)

New face of vandalism?

New face of vandalism?

Perspective: A 6-year-old Park Slope girl is facing a $300 fine from the city for doing what city kids have been doing for decades: drawing a pretty picture with common sidewalk chalk. Comments (690)
Perspective: Ayveq may finally be mating, but he’s still the same old self-lovable walrus! Comments (3)
Perspective: Our columnist goes to Ebbets Field on the 50th anniversary of the last game played there and discovers that today’s Brooklyn is as distant from Pee Wee and Duke and Preacher and Oisk as the Earth is from a star on Orion’s belt. Comments (1)

Rubber band man fights on

PS … I Love You: The invasion of the rubber bands continues unabated in Park Slope — and our columnist is fighting back. Comment

I paid $11 for this strange fruit — and I’d do it again!

Perspective: Mangosteens have finally landed in America — and our columnist has ’em! Comments (11)

Time to ‘band’ together in Slope

Perspective: Our columnist is sick of all the rubber bands that his letter carrier dumps on his block. Comments (3)
Perspective: Park Slope has officially caught Obama Fever. And Brooklyn Heights is filled with rabid Clintonistas. A report from the campaign trenches. Comment

Chestnut great, but Koby is the hero

Perspective: Our columnist finds a new American hero at the hot dog-eating contest. Hint: It ain’t the American. Comment

“59.5*”: Chestnut’s ‘record’ is tainted by modern air conditioning

Perspective: Our columnist explains why Joey Chestnut’s “record” is full of cold air. Comment

Hitless wonder learns a hard lesson at the plate

Perspective: This week, our columnist did something that no grown man should do: he paid a man $45 to teach him how to hit a baseball. Comment
Perspective: Our columnist gets an earful of some bad speeches at a college lecture contest. Comments (1)

Law would destroy my livelihood!

Perspective: Our columnist slams a Council bill that would ruin his livelihood. Comments (4)

A cut below: Gersh’s trim not $400

Perspective: The Brooklyn Angle: Our columnist goes head-to-head with John Edwards. Comment

Pizza-gate: Closed by the Health Dept., DiFara’s is back

Perspective: Dom DeMarco is back behind the ovens at DiFara — and the world is back in order. Comment

Obamania hits Brooklyn

Perspective: If Barack Obama is going to beat Hillary Clinton, the road to victory goes through Brooklyn. Comment

God to Ratner: Don’t build so big

Atlantic Yards: If there are any atheist opponents of Atlantic Yards, they might want to start believing in God — because God, apparently, is opposed to Bruce Ratner’s mega-development. Comment

In defense of a technocrat

Perspective: Our columnist defends the Department of Transportation bureaucrat who wants to convert two avenues into one-way streets. It’s getting ugly, folks. Comment

The area of my expertise

Perspective: Our columnist reveals his true calling: working the checkout line at the Park Slope Food Co-op. Comment

She bowled us over

Perspective: Alexandra Stein was the future of bowling — and then she wasn’t. A cautionary tale. Comment

Stop ‘iPod oblivion’

Stop ‘iPod oblivion’

Perspective: Our columnist defends a state senator’s plan to ban iPod pedestrians. Comment

Snubbed! Miss New York loses again

Perspective: Our columnist bemoans the sorry state of the Miss America pageant, which hasn’t had a winner from New York, let alone the northeast!, since 1984. Comments (2)

Saved! Carroll Gardens codger finds a home

Perspective: The 94-year-old Carroll Gardens man whose landlord kicked him out of his apartment has found a new apartment nearby. Dominick Diomede, whose story was first reported by The Brooklyn Paper, is poised to sign a lease on a subsidized unit on Warren Street run by the Fifth Avenue Committee. Comment
Bridge ‘Park’: New designs for Brooklyn Bridge Park show new tetherball — tetherball! — courts. Our columnist is excited. Comments (3)
Perspective: Dominick Diomede is 94, has lived in Carroll Gardens for most of his life, and is about to be thrown out on the street. Comments (2)

At your local pizzeria, it’s hold the tables!

Perspective: I went into my local pizzeria the other day and half of it was missing. Comment

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