The Brooklyn Angle, by Gersh Kuntzman

December, 2009

Brooklyn Angle: It’s the most wonderful time of the year — unless you’re Mike Jordings, the manager of the Key Food in Windsor Terrace. Comments (23)

Look, I’m a glutton for gluten

Brooklyn Angle: But two Gowanus guys are trying to change that. Comments (3)

November, 2009

Brooklyn Angle: Our columnist certainl thought it was — until he called the architect and had it all explained to him. Comments (9)

Exclusive: Inside the Park Slope Armory


Exclusive: Inside the Park Slope Armory

Brooklyn Angle: It looks gorgeous — but it’s still weeks away from opening. Still, our exclusive peak inside reveals that if the city ever actually turns it over to the YMCA, the Park Slope Armory will be one heck of a community resource. Comments (7)

October, 2009

Happy 100th, Manny B!

Happy 100th, Manny B!

Brooklyn Angle: Fans of the Manhattan Bridge — and they are legion, make no mistake — will finally get a chance to celebrate as the Brooklyn Bridge’s much-maligned younger brother celebrates its 100th birthday this weekend. Comment

August, 2009

Another bike stolen — again! — from our wheely good editor

Brooklyn Angle: Say it ain’t so! It is so: Our editor is a three-time loser. Comments (17)
Brooklyn Angle: The city cut the ribbon on a new — and protected! — bike lane on Sands Street. Finally, Brooklyn has what civilized cities have had for decades. Comments (6)
Brooklyn Angle: Credibility has finally been restored to the celebrated — but controversial — “Greenest Block in Brooklyn” contest. Comments (7)

July, 2009

Doing the town with Breukelen Mayor Mik

Brooklyn Angle: Mayor Ger Mik shows us around our ancestral home. Comments (1)
Brooklyn Angle: Our readers have spoken: They want Sharon Mesmer to be the next poet laureate of Brooklyn. Comments (1)

The fall of man! Elephants beat humans at Coney contest

Brooklyn Angle: In what may have been humanity’s most humbling day since scientists taught a monkey to communicate by sign language, a trio of elephants from the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus defeated three legendary human athletes in a hot dog bun-eating contest in Coney Island this afternoon. Comments (4)

July 4 will be America’s darkest day

Brooklyn Angle: Our columnist predicts that Takeru Kobayashi will triumph at Saturday’s hot dog-eating contest in Coney Island. Comments (4)

June, 2009

New poet laureate will have big muse to fill

Brooklyn Angle: Brooklyn begins the search for a successor to late great poet laureate Ken Siegelman. Comments (3)

Born to be mild! Behind the wheel of Brooklyn’s first electric Mini Cooper

Brooklyn Angle: Our columnist got to test drive a 100-percent electricity-powered car. It was cool. Comments (4)

Naughty, naughty! Babeland has given Park Slope a rise

Brooklyn Angle: The sex toy shop marks a successful first year. Comments (3)

Ticket sales in the tank? Who you gonna call? Gersh Kuntzman!

Brooklyn Angle: Hey, you! Take a piece of advice from Brooklyn’s most-philathropic columnist: Buy a ticket to the Prospect Park “Party for Playgrounds” NOW! Comments (1)

May, 2009

Brooklyn Angle: He came. He saw. He kicked my butt. Comments (2)

April, 2009

Lard and clear! Carroll Gardens bakery is stuffing our troops

Brooklyn Angle: Here’s a story about a great bakery, a great lard bread and a great tradition. Comments (5)

March, 2009

I’m back on the road, thanks to a donated bike

Brooklyn Angle: Someone up there must like Gersh, because over the weekend, an anonymous Brooklyn Paper fan donated our famous bike-riding editor a new bike. Comments (3)

Someone stole my bike — again!

Brooklyn Angle: This newspaper’s famously bike-riding editor has had yet another bike stolen — the second time in eight months that his wheels have been swiped. Comments (9)

Kelso brewer discovers that no good pint goes unpunished!

Brooklyn Angle: A Clinton Hill brewer’s blood drive idea is snubbed by its would-be benefactors. Comment

Bob Guskind — an appreciation

Brooklyn Angle: Lost in the confusion and pain over the death of Brooklyn’s premiere blogger Robert Guskind on Wednesday at age 50 is something important to this old-media scrooge: He was a great journalist. Comments (12)

I am the public face of philanthropy today!

Brooklyn Angle: Does seeing the face of our columnist make you want to make a contribution to Brooklyn playgrounds? The Prospect Park Alliance clearly thinks so. Comment

February, 2009

I was right! Food Co-op is not considering Israel ban

Brooklyn Angle: The Park Slope Food Co-op had its meeting on Tuesday night — and as our columnist said, there was no discussion of a ban on Israeli products, despite international headlines reporting otherwise. Man, it’s stressful being right all the time! Comments (6)

The Food Co-op is not — repeat not — considering a ban on Israeli products

Brooklyn Angle: For the record: The Park Slope Food Co-op is not considering a ban on Israeli-made or -grown products. Comments (32)

Well, recuuuuuuse me! Judge takes himself off stoop-drinking case

Brooklyn Angle: The long-awaited trial of a man accused of drinking beer on his own stoop will have to wait a few more days, thanks to the stunning recusal of a judge who took himself off the case on Monday because — his words, not ours — my coverage of the trial of the century has been “too good.” Comments (11)

January, 2009

Update: Snubbed Miss New York tells us she’s not bitter

Brooklyn Angle: Miss New York speaks to her greatest champion, The Brooklyn Paper, about her stunning defeat in Las Vegas this Saturday. Comment

The poser: Gersh Kuntzman is all nude!


The poser: Gersh Kuntzman is all nude!

Brooklyn Angle: Our columnist doffs his duds, does the full monty, drops his drawers, bares all, and twists the wick for a bunch of art students. A very special Brooklyn Angle column — and accompanying podcast. Comments (11)

Update: Miss New York is wrongly snubbed!

Brooklyn Angle: Well, folks, the inevitable has happened: Miss New York — the former Miss Brooklyn, Leigh-Taylor Smith — was cheated out of the Miss America title on Saturday night in Las Vegas. Comment
Brooklyn Angle: Here she is, Miss America! Comments (3)
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