The Brooklyn Angle, by Gersh Kuntzman
Perspective: The federal massacre of 300 geese and baby geese this summer in Prospect Park has provoked outrage, protests, and endless coverage by our staff. Now, it’s even become the subject of an iconic piece of art. Comments (33)

Our columnist atones for using caffeine suppositories!

Perspective: Why was this night different from all other nights? Comments (5)
A global dispute about the heart, soul and stomach of one of the world’s greatest hot dog eaters flares up two days before the flagship event. Comment
Mayor Bloomberg slammed former hot dog–eating champion Takeru Kobayashi for his stunning decision to skip Sunday’s contest in Coney Island as a move more suited to a coward than a giant of eating. Comments (3)

At Nathan’s, the sign of the times is a whitewash of history!

Can you believe it? The hot dog eating contest has chewed up and spat out Ed “The Maspeth Monster” Krachie. Is there no justice? Comments (8)

Case dismissed! Gersh wins the big one!

Park Slope: Love him or hate him, but our columnist may save you $400 if you’re towed from the corner of 15th Street and Eighth Avenue! Comments (7)

Revolt on ‘Wheels’! Sylvia Fields hates her city-provided meals

Perspective: It all started when the city changed the way it pays for its Meals on Wheels providers. Now, some seniors in Brighton Beach are going crazy — and forcing our columnist to eat really bad meatloaf. Comments (5)
Fort Greene: Why bother having the terror trials in a courthouse when we could have them at the new Long Island Rail Road terminal? Comments (20)

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