Forging new connections with some long-time neighbors

Perspective: This week, our Fearless columnist tries to break the bubble she sometimes finds herself in, by attempting to build new relationships with residents and volunteers at a local homeless shelter. Comment

How close is too close?

Perspective: This week, our columnist ruminates on the boundaries — or lack thereof — in her relationships, with a little help from Bob Marley, and a sign greeting Brooklyn-bound drivers on the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. Comment

Learning to act natural in nature

Perspective: A trip to the wilds of Jamaica puts our columnist face to face with one of her biggest fears. Comments (1)

Every adult needs a night out

Perspective: Hitting the town after dark isn’t just for kids, argues our columnist, who writes of the uknown joys — and personal growth — that can be found by spending the late hours in the company of unfamiliar revelers. Comment

Jamming with prison musicians taught me to trust myself — and others

Perspective: Our columnist discovers the freedom that can be found from throwing oneself into music during an at-home jam session with local musicians that play with inmates at area prisons. Comments (2)

A case for vacationing in gun country

Perspective: Our columnist visits the swamps of Louisana, where the strangers she takes the time to get to know reveal some unexpected ties that bind her normal life Brooklyn with that on the bayou. Comments (3)

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