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December, 2007

Tearing up her ugly divorce

PS … I Love You: Our columnist — herself going through a bitter divorce — helps a divorced friend get through her anger by tearing up a newspaper (not ours!). Comments (1).

Come on Xmas light my fire

PS … I Love You: Our columnist offers a timeless tale of Christmas heroism. Comment.

She longs to shop on 7th

PS … I Love You: Our columnist looks inward to get her holiday shopping done. Comment.

Sweet Melissa sours rivals

PS … I Love You: Our local baker does Brooklyn proud, winning a Food Network competition despite severe gastric distress (of course she was in distress, she was in North Carolina!). Comment.

November, 2007

The karma conundrum

PS … I Love You: Our columnist tries to be the karma arbiter of Park Slope. Good luck with that. Comment.

Damn those London Planes!

PS … I Love You: Our columnist has a problem with a mean ass tree. Comments (1).

Actresses and their ink

PS … I Love You: Our columnist — an actual writer — was so inspired by all the actresses putting out kids books that she now vows to crank out a story for the illiterate set. Comment.

October, 2007

In defense of the Food Co-op

PS … I Love You: A British guy mocks the Food Co-op as Soviet. Our columnist mans the Kremlin walls! Comment.

They all want me dead now

PS … I Love You: Why do all the drivers — and some bikers — want to destroy our bike-commuting editor? Comments (1).

7th Av crash site is reborn

PS … I Love You: Our columnist revisits the site of a horrific 1960 plane crash and finds…condos! Comments (8).

Met life is the only life for him

PS … I Love You: The Mets stink — but our columnist is addicted to the stench. Comments (2).

September, 2007

Food Co-op back to future

PS … I Love You: Welcome to 1988, members! Comment.

She meets sis — 30 years later

PS … I Love You: Our guest columnist tells an amazing tale — soon to be a major book! — about meeting the twin sister she never knew she had. Comment.

Postal service stretching it

PS … I Love You: Our columnist’s third — yes, third — column about rubber-band-dropping postal workers. Comments (1).

A blog battle of Brooklyn

PS … I Love You: Our columnist weighs in on the blog war against Elementi, a new — and actually good — restaurant. Comments (2).

August, 2007

Rubber band man fights on

Brooklyn Angle: The invasion of the rubber bands continues unabated in Park Slope — and our columnist is fighting back. Comment.

July, 2007

The man in the old pickup

PS … I Love You: Our columnist tells the story of a homeless man, a pickup truck and a woman with a big heart. Comment.

Slope creeps as city sleeps

PS … I Love You: Our columnist finds that some people think Park Slope goes all the way to 24th Street! Comments (1).

Army Plaza must be really ‘grand’

PS … I Love You: Our columnist decodes the Grand Army Plaza plan. Comment.

June, 2007

Rats! Nica is hot and bothered

PS … I Love You: Our columnist smells a rat. And it’s freaking her out. Comment.

From the ashes? A Union Market

PS … I Love You: Start spreading the bleus: Union Market is coming to the South Slope. Comments (2).

Why I’m staying on my local CB

PS … I Love You: Our columnist decides to stay on Community Board 6, despite the turmoil. Here’s why. Comment.

Nica and Hitch go with ‘God’

PS … I Love You: Our columnist — an author! — is on a panel with literary bad boy Christopher Hitchens. Comment.

Wet, hot Park Slope summer!

PS … I Love You: It’s summer in the Slope — and our columnist loves it. Comment.

May, 2007

An artist who makes a living

PS … I Love You: Our columnist visits with a legendary Park Slope artist. Comment.

Blue Monday in a dirty park

PS … I Love You: It’s “chicken bone season” again in Prospect Park. Comment.

Just say neigh at this stable

PS … I Love You: Manhattan lost its riding academy, but Brooklyn still has its stable. Comment.

A meaty tale of local success

PS … I Love You: Our columnist tries to figure out the secret of one butcher shop’s success. Comment.

April, 2007

Bagless writer, tree-filled block

PS … I Love You: Our columnist searches her soul, and decides to quit using plastic shopping bags. Comment.

One driver for the bike lane

PS … I Love You: Our columnist, a renowned leadfoot, supports a city plan to add bike lanes to Ninth Street. Comment.

A toast to the good guys

PS … I Love You: Our columnist explains the enduring appeal of Slope Cellars. Comment.

Can teens find ‘Harmony’?

PS … I Love You: At 3 pm, teenagers take over the sidewalks — and civilization as we know it. Comment.

March, 2007

Want to stop DOT? Make our streets safer

PS … I Love You: Our columnist offers five ways to block the city from instituting the bizarre one-way Seventh and Sixth avenue plan. Comment.

Writer’s block? More like writer’s shock

PS … I Love You: Our columnist suffers from writer’s remorse now that she finally has her hands on her finished memoire. Comment.

Slope goes down wrong-way street

PS … I Love You: In what seems like a monthly endeavor, our columnist attended yet another forum on where Park Slope is headed — and left cynical as ever. Comment.

Protesting the lack of protests

PS … I Love You: Our columnist gets so appalled at the armchair liberals that she gets out — literally — and hits the streets to protest the war. Comment.

February, 2007

Dog days

PS … I Love You: Our columnist learns to stop worrying and love the dog people of Park Slope. Comment.

No fury like a stroller scorned

PS … I Love You: Our columnist defends Barnes and Noble in the recent “Strollergate” controversy Comment.

The Ghosts of John Jay

PS … I Love You: A pizzeria across the street from John Jay HS puts up a “No Kids Allowed” sign? Oh, right, it’s John Jay. Comment.

Seattle on Seventh Avenue

PS … I Love You: Our columnist poses the eternal question: How many coffee joints can Seventh Avenue support? Comment.

January, 2007

Who is Park Slope?

PS … I Love You: Our columnist goes to the “I am Park Slope” discussion and discovers that “diversity” is like pornography: No one knows what it is, but they know it when they see it. Comment.

What’s wrong with Seventh Ave?

PS … I Love You: Our columnist ponders the future of Seventh Avenue, with its high rent and blah offerings. Comment.

Rev. Liz speaks: Garden must go

PS … I Love You: Rev. Liz Alexander, pastor of the Church of Gethsemane, is fighting back: “We are talking about trees versus people here,” she told me. Comment.

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