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Planting the seed of kindness at Rivendell School

It sometimes seems that Rivendell School, for children ages 2–5, is the best-kept secret in the Gowanus area. Published Jun 18, 2018
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Ramapo empowers young people for lasting success

Ramapo for Children is an organization that helps young people who face learning obstacles, including social, emotional, and cognitive challenges, by nurturing and supporting their success. Published Jun 22, 2018

Lisette Sosa-Dickson

Perspective: Lisette Sosa-Dickson is the voice of the Spanish-speaking elderly community. Published Jun 1, 2018

Michelle R. Gall

Perspective: When Michelle Gall was growing up in Clinton Hill, she was a straight-A student in math and science — but she says she was never taught how to apply those skills to earn a living. Published Jun 1, 2018

Monique Waterman

Perspective: Monique Waterman wasn’t familiar with the term “conflict resolution” when she was 11 years old, but that’s when she began practicing it. Published Jun 1, 2018

Rolanda Telesford

Perspective: Rolanda Telesford is a survivor — she was a teenage mom, and was once homeless — but today she is director of Outreach and External Relations for the YWCA. Published Jun 1, 2018

S. J. Avery

Perspective: When city and state agencies tell S.J. Avery “No,” she hears the words “Not yet.” Published Jun 1, 2018
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Learning outside the classroom at A. Fantis School

Why read about Greece in a textbook when you can go there and see it for yourself? Published Mar 30, 2018

Diana Kane

Power Women: Feminism. For Diana Kane, it’s more than a movement, it’s a way of life. Published Jun 30, 2017

Frances Schwartz

Power Women: Her mother was still dancing at discos when she was 90 years old, and Frances Schwartz plans to do the same. Published Jun 30, 2017

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