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Lost in Brooklyn!

Theater: A Brooklyn Paper article takes on a new life as a musical. Published May 12, 2007

To the Editor

Letters: I am writing to thank you and Paulanne Simmons for the glorious review we received [“Afternoon Delight,” GO Brooklyn, Sept. 3]. Our crowd doubled in size on Sunday as a result of the great press. Published Oct 7, 2005


The DUMBO-based Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre brings the age-old Czech tradition of puppet theater to the Grand Army Plaza Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Arch this fall with "The Bass Saxophone." Published Sep 23, 2005


Mary Ruth Goodley, who heads the Gallery Players’ selection committee, says it’s always "about the work." This season "the work" includes dramas, comedies and musicals - with many tackling controversial topics. Published Sep 9, 2005


The Heights Players’ upcoming season promises to be something special indeed. It will be a broad sampling of favorites dating back to the group’s very beginnings. Published Sep 2, 2005


When theater companies try to reinvent Shakespeare, the result is often an aberration that may distort, rather than develop, the work. But thriftshop theatre workshop seems to have a knack for reinterpreting the Bard in ways that are both meaningful and creative. Published Sep 2, 2005


Maybe it’s something in the air, because in the last year we’ve seen an unprecedented wave of companies producing "As You Like It." Published Aug 19, 2005


These are dark and dangerous times. And Theater for the New City’s Street Theater Company has responded with a show that is dark, and may actually be considered dangerous by many. Published Aug 12, 2005


Howling Moon Cab Company will stage plays about people in parks - in Brooklyn Bridge Park - on Aug. 18-19. Jonathan Wallace, founder of the company and organizer of the two-day event, told GO Brooklyn that "The Park Plays: An Evening of Short Plays Set in Parks" is comprised of six 10-minute plays - a seventh play may be added - which all take place "with people you might meet in Brooklyn Bridge Park." Published Aug 12, 2005


Park Slope journalist Gersh Kuntzman takes aim at America’s favorite sport - driving huge, gas-guzzling vehicles - and the governmental policies that support it in his new musical, "SUV: The Musical!" Published Aug 12, 2005


"We all use each other and that’s what we think of as love," says Catherine Holly in Tennessee Williams’ "Suddenly Last Summer," The Sackett Group’s inaugural show at the Brooklyn Music School Playhouse. Published Jul 22, 2005


People who love baseball and hate George W. Bush may find much of interest in Paul Boocock’s "Boocock’s House of Baseball" at The Flea Theater in SoHo but there’s not much else to recommend the one-man show. Published Jul 15, 2005


Some dreams are worth the wait. Published Jul 15, 2005


The Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy’s sixth annual "Movies with a View" series in Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park, which kicks off on July 7, will screen movies involving water in honor of the magnificent waterfront that serves as the series’ backdrop. Published Jul 8, 2005


"Coney Island Last Stop," a new play by Michael Schwartz, is being staged as part of The Moral Values Festival at The Brick Theater in Williamsburg, now through July 3. Published Jul 8, 2005


With her starring role in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s "Hecuba," Vanessa Redgrave began her debut at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on June 17. One can only regret that it took her so long to get to Brooklyn. Published Jun 24, 2005


"CircuSundays" are back. After a four-year hiatus, the old dock at Conover Street in Red Hook has been rebuilt and the Showboat Barge has been refitted with a new bottom sheathed in plastic, re-caulked and re-fastened. Published Jun 10, 2005


For those whose vision of rhythm and blues is limited to New Orleans funk or classic soul, this summer’s BAM Rhythm & Blues Festival at MetroTech will be a real eye-opener. The line-up includes Latin jazz, reggae, folk and fusion performed by up-and-coming stars and musical legends at lunchtime, on Thursdays from June 9-Aug. 11. Published Jun 3, 2005


When poet, translator and director Tony Harrison accepted the Royal Shakespeare Company’s commission to translate Euripides’ 2,500-year-old tragedy, "Hecuba," it was primarily because Vanessa Redgrave was going to play the title role. Published Jun 3, 2005

Park Slope’s Gallery Players premieres 14 plays in June’s ‘Black Box New Play Fest      

The Gallery Players’ eighth annual “Black Box New Play Festival” promises to offer something different this season: a unique theme for each of the four weekends, allowing for a more cohesive theater experience while remaining true to the festival’s eclectic spirit. The Festival, produced by Gallery Players President Heather Siobhan Curran runs for four weekends in June. Published May 27, 2005


Most people who’ve seen the film "All About Eve" or the Broadway play "Noises Off" probably came away with the impression that theater people are backbiting, ruthless opportunists. Published May 6, 2005


"The full monty" was once a fairly common British slang expression meaning "the whole amount." But thanks to the 1997 film and the 2000 Broadway musical-comedy based on the film, "the full monty" now means complete, frontal male nudity. Published May 6, 2005


E.M. Forester’s 1909 story "The Machine Stops" is a seminal, classic science fiction story about what happens when people allow machines to take over society. But when interpreted by Hanne Tierney’s Theater Without Actors, the story becomes quite extraordinary. Published May 6, 2005


Perhaps you remember the one-woman-play, "There Goes the Neighborhood," written by Mari Brown and performed by Deanna Pacelli in Smith Street’s Bar Below, back in the fall of ’03? Then, the show, exploring the gentrification of Carroll Gardens through Pacelli’s spot-on impersonations of local characters, was a hit with GO Brooklyn theater critic Paulanne Simmons. Published May 6, 2005


Contain-er yourself Published Apr 22, 2005


In the Narrows Community Theater production of "Anything Goes," there are many actors one would not find in a Broadway musical. There are old people and young people, thin actors and heavy actors, folks who have impressive resumes and those who have little experience. But thanks to director-choreographer John Sheridan’s wonderful navigation, this "Anything Goes" sets sail on balmy seas and rides the crest to arrive safely at port. Published Apr 15, 2005


Kings County Shakespeare Company’s home space, Founders Hall at St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights, may still be under renovation, but that hasn’t stopped the company from mounting its first production of the 2005 season: a double bill of Terry Quinn’s verse adaptation of the Nathaniel Hawthorne short story, "Rappacini’s Daughter," and Quinn’s own "Bad Evidence." Published Apr 15, 2005


The 18th century had Richard Brinsley Sheridan. The 20th century had Clare Boothe Luce. Both playwrights excelled at comic ridicule of the upper class. This season the Gallery Players played tribute to Sheridan with an excellent production of "The School for Scandal." Unfortunately, the Heights Players, despite a few exceptional performances, don’t do quite as well with Luce’s "The Women," which plays through April 17. Published Apr 15, 2005


Peter Brook, the British theatrical producer and director has never been shy about discussing his life and work. Brook is known for innovative stagings with the Royal Shakespeare Company in England and the Paris-based International Center of Theater Research, as well as films such as "Lord of the Flies" (1962) and "King Lear" (1971). His theoretical volume "The Empty Space" (1968) has become a classic on drama. Published Apr 8, 2005


In modern times it’s become almost commonplace to reinterpret Shakespeare - switching gender, setting, order of scenes and more. But few renditions of Shakespeare come close to the chaos of Jess Winfield, Adam Long and Daniel Singer’s "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)." Published Apr 2, 2005

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