Games in McCarren Park are one step closer to reality. Comment
Development: When Hotel Williamsburg opens its 64-unit boutique accommodations next spring, guests will be able to enjoy a rooftop bar, a pool hidden from the public, and, most important, a restaurant featuring gourmet sandwiches inspired by street fair from around the world. Comment

Pool party saved! JellyNYC and Open Space Alliance reach deal to save Aug. 29 show

The briefly canceled Pool Party is back on. Comment

New Gypsy bar is the hole-in-the-wall you crave

Nightlife: Roaming bar-hoppers look no further — your new favorite hole in the wall is in Greenpoint. Comment

Kickball update: Rain didn’t slow down Brooklyn United

It was the worst weather for kickball in nearly five years, but that didn’t stop several powerhouses from punishing rivals in mud-slicked McCarren Park. Comment

Cops: We’ve collared one of two men in Driggs shooting

Police arrested a suspect on Friday night in the shooting of a Williamsburg rabbi’s son that has rocked the neighborhood’s Hasidic community for two weeks. Comments (13)

I do it to teach cyclists a lesson

Mean Streets: It’s plain and simple. Bikes are turning this once-beautiful neighborhood into a sewer and an eyesore. They’ve cluttered up the streets so bad, they’re becoming dangerous! Comments (46)

Blame Bloomy, not the ‘Crusader’

Mean Streets: As a biker, my first instinct was to side against this vigilante. After all, if this man puts Krazy Glue in people’s locks, wouldn’t his actions have the exact opposite effect, making it impossible to remove the deserted bicycles? Wouldn’t it be far better if the gentleman acted in a more socially acceptable manner, and took more conventional actions such as writing a letter to his councilman, or leaving a note, or perhaps clipping the lock on an obviously deserted bike and donating this used bike to charity? Comments (2)
Transit: The city will start construction on a new Williamsburg ferry landing next month, a sign that long-troubled water taxi service may return to North Brooklyn — but underfunding by the city over the past few years has planners worried about the future. Comment

Vito’s ‘abuse’ of power! Lopez called city worker to get goods in political case

Politics: Assemblyman Vito Lopez “abused” his office when he called a city employee and asked him to provide documents that he wanted to use in a bid to kick a political opponent off the ballot this year. Comments (8)
Cops spoke out against the infamous Bike Crusader this week, vowing to lock up the renegade if he injects any more bike locks with Krazy Glue. Comments (24)

Pool party pooper! JellyNYC’s cash woes sink free concert series

The final concert of the free Jelly Pool Party series has been canceled because the promoter has run into financial problems. Comment

Hell on the el as thieves prey on J-train riders

Crime: Straphangers riding the elevated J/M train have one more thing to worry about as they come home for the night — robbers. Comments (3)

The old Lotto scam

Crime: Don’t be scammed: Non-citizens can cash lottery tickets! Plus all the other crime news from Williamsburg’s 90th Precinct. Comment

Another iPhone stolen

Crime: The fancy phone is stolen from a woman on Driggs Avenue. Plus all the other illegal stuff from Greenpoint and Williamsburg’s 94th Precinct. Comment
Last week’s shooting in Williamsburg’s Hasidic Quarter may be part of a larger trend of bloodshed and drug activity. Comments (9)

‘Room’ service! Artist lets you stay in her teepee built from trash

Art: One of the strangest art spaces in Williamsburg is now available for overnight stays. Comments (2)

Staying in a garbage hut? Here’s where to eat

Art: One of the rules of Jill Sigman’s Hut Project is that guests cannot use the subway to leave the neighborhood. Comment

Mau Mau-ing the singles hitters! Low-ranked team beats Never Scared

The rain came down Sunday, but the Mau Mau’s resolve never wilted, as it knocked off second-ranked Never Scared in the night’s — and possibly the season’s — biggest upset. Comment

Hasidic man’s family blames cops — not anti-Semites — for shooting

Family members of the Satmar man wounded on Tuesday refused to play the race card, demanding only more police protection. Comments (9)
One Williamsburg grocery chain is so inundated with thieves that it’s taken to publicly shaming the offenders — by posting their pictures all over the storefront. Comments (8)

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