Covering: Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Bushwick

Go casserole crazy at this year’s deep dish dead heat!

Dining: The Brooklyn Kitchen hosts the mother of all food competitions on Oct. 24. Comment

Wrap your skull around this Mexican halloween tradition

Event: Learn to make authentic sugar skulls at Huitzilli to celebrate the Day of the Dead. Comment
Event: The Brooklyn Diggers art collective will deploy scent boxes to really bring you back to 1861 as part of a tribute to the ironclad ship, the Monitor, which was constructed in the neighborhood 150 years ago. Comments (2)

Another fatal car crash in Greenpoint

Mean Streets: A drunk driver was arrested on Monday night after he mowed down a 41-year-old delivery man on Leonard Street in Greenpoint, police said. Comments (2)
The milestone was celebrated on (when else?) Columbus Day. Comments (3)

Fright ‘Night’! New theater company’s first show is a blood-filled slasher

Theater: Better get your poncho in the lobby, this one could get messy. Comment

More phone robberies

Crime: And it all starts with a brutal iPhone mugging (what else is new?). Comment

Hey, Mom, I’m being robbed!

Crime: Plus all the other dastardly news from Williamsburg’s 90th Precinct. Comments (2)
Mean Streets: Greenpoint’s community board has asked the city to halt its plan to remove much-needed parking spaces to accommodate an extended bike lane on Greenpoint Avenue. Comments (19)

Bounty! Greenpoint bizman offers reward for graffiti vandal’s capture

A TV studio owner wants to capture a Greenpoint tagger dead or alive (OK, alive — we’re kidding about the “dead” part). Comments (8)

The demise of Williamsburg’s art scene is exaggerated

The neighborhood’s galleries will host the monthly “second Friday” art crawl this week. Comment

Crowning achievement! Artist will give live birth in a gallery

Head to Bushwick’s Microscope Gallery to witness either the miracle of life or one heck of a performance art piece (or both!). Comments (16)

Up the river! New venue for Williamsburg waterfront concert series

Williamsburg’s waterfront concerts a movin’ on up — up three blocks north on Kent Avenue from East River State Park to appease residents who have complained about unruly crowds, garbage and drug use from the controversial events. Comments (12)
Why did the Orthodox Jewish woman cross the road? Because a Yiddish sign ordered her. Comments (77)

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