Bouzouki Joe: Greenpointer combines psych rock with traditional Greek music

Music: Dave Shuford plays 18th-century instruments in his band Rhyton. Comment

Express your elf! Artists open Christmas tree lot in Bushwick

Shopping: In addition to buying trees, you can catch film screenings and watch an elf making mittens from old sweaters. Comment

The new pornographers: Bushwick artists hosting smut fest

Art: Bow-chicka-wow-wow. Comments (3)

Musicians form new bands in 12 hours for Brooklyn Rock Lottery

Music: Gabba gabba hey you never know! Comment

Hewes Street shouting match ends with gunshot to man’s face

Crime: Plus all the other dastardly news from Williamsburg’s 90th Precinct. Comment

Cops: Maniac went on Bedford Avenue restaurant rampage

Crime: Plus all the other crime from Greenpoint’s 94th Precinct. Comments (2)

Homeward bound: Vegans rescue unloved animals — seriously unloved

The Greatest Story Ever: It’s no animal left behind — even rats. Comments (9)
Changing Brooklyn: We can only hope the leases include a side of chicken rings. Comments (9)

Ooze ships: Watercraft to cart sewage from Newtown Creek plant

These boats are made for human-waste trafficking. Comments (4)

Goodbye Blue Monday saying goodbye — again

The Bushwick venue is one of several live music spots shutting down around Brooklyn Comments (1)

NYPD: Night owl stealing W’burg party people’s purses

Crime: Police are searching for a man who they say has been haunting Williamsburg bars, waiting to grab patrons’ unattended bags when they’re not looking. Comment

Spiked punch! Williamsburg venue Spike Hill closing very soon

Changing Brooklyn: It’s heading to the great Bedford Avenue in the sky. Comments (2)

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