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A formerly Hasidic mom lost custody of her kids after coming out as gay — and was barred from even telling her youngest children about her sexuality, according to a  Read more

Imagine, if you want, a universe in which both Snoopy and his flights of fancy are real, and those fantasies for some reason involve taking a whiz while walking with  Read more

The dead body found wrapped in a blue tarp with a cinder block chained to its legs in the waters off Brooklyn’s Mill Basin over the weekend has been identified  Read more

The corpse found in cement overshoes in the waters off Brooklyn over the weekend has been identified as a member of a notorious local mob family, police said Tuesday. The  Read more

Some dogs can give high-fives or play dead but this Brooklyn beagle can pee while doing a handstand. Augie, an 8-year-old beagle raised in Williamsburg, doesn’t relieve himself like normal  Read more

Ah, September. I have to say that for all the reflection on melancholic, late summer feels, this is one of the single best months of the year, especially in New  Read more

Podcast: One of New York’s venerable tabloid publications — the New York Daily News — has been saved by its once-and-future owner — and Brooklyn Paper Radio has the inside  Read more

An allegedly intoxicated 23-year-old man plowed his Infiniti M35 through a group of pedestrians on a crowded Bushwick sidewalk early Monday morning, sending six people to the hospital, according to  Read more

Fort Greene: It was a back-to-school special! Read more. Read more


Delayed until 6 a.m. and surrounded by strict security checkpoints, J’Ouvert 2017 opened in anticlimax Monday. Checkpoints quickly became chokepoints as barricades and NYPD officers brandishing metal detectors screened  Read more

Jehovah’s Witnesses are sold off close to their last bits of Brooklyn real estate in the wake of their relocation to Upstate New York. The most recent sale was of  Read more

The Ride: Lest we forget, they have lost 48. Read more. Read more

Spin Cycle: How Tom’s old college acquaintance overcame the murder of her father, started a synagogue, and wrote a toching memoir. Read more. Read more

The Ride: The “Drive for 25” begins! Read more. Read more

Books: Brooklyn booksellers give their top picks. Read more. Read more

Greenpoint: Police on Thursday arrested the man suspected of killing a playwright in Greenpoint last month. Read more. Read more

This in from the Brooklyn Heights Association: On Tuesday, September 5th, the DSNY will only operate its organic recycling trucks in the portion of the neighborhood south of Joralemon Street.  Read more

    The balmy days of August never really materialized, and September is already upon us. Maybe your kids had plans they didn’t get to yet, like learning to ride  Read more

The Ride: The Cyclones have won 20 games this season! Read more. Read more

This holiday weekend (from 11:45 PM Friday, September 1 to 5:00 AM Tuesday, September 5), along with there being no 2 or 3 service to or from Manhattan, which means  Read more

Editor’s Picks: This week we’ve got edible insects, furry fellows, a celebration of the Erie Canal, and much more! Brooklyn is the place to be! Read more. Read more

Cinema: Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you? Coney Island! Read more. Read more

Cinema: Call it Cinema by the Sea! Read more. Read more

Are you sticking around for the long weekend and feeling lonely? Why not head to Berg’n tonight from 6-9pm to make some new friends at a drinking, drawing, and gaming  Read more

Results 271–300 of 390.

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