Senior scammer nabbed

Fraud nab

They caught the Greenpoint fraudster!

A grifter was arrested on Dec. 19 for scheming money out of elderly folks in Greenpoint for months.

Cops said that Krystan Lakatosz, 29, has been calling seniors in the neighborhood, acting as their grandson, and requesting large sums of cash — usually more than $10,000.

Lakatosz allegedly struck at least four times in less than three months, and twice this week: on Dec. 19, two 70-year-old folks reported that he called, asked for $4,000 from each of them in order to by a condo or a car, and they obliged.

But one of the victims told cops that he saw Lakatosz walking on Manhattan Avenue near Meserole Avenue at about 3 pm — while the victim was on the way to file a theft report with cops. Police tracked the man and collared him, though cops warned on Tuesday that the heartless thief isn’t working alone and has friends at large.

Old people, beware!


Two gun-wielding thugs held up a man for his jacket on the Bedford Avenue L train on Dec. 14.

The victim said he had just got on the train, which was in the station near N. Seventh Street, at about 8:15 am when one of the perps grabbed him from behind and pulled him off the train.

The two cretins flashed guns, and one of them said, “Give me that jacket, cuz.” The second perp then ripped the jacket off the man’s back, and the two fled.


Two creeps followed a random man home from a Manhattan Avenue deli and assaulted him on Dec. 14.

The man said that he was walking to his apartment, which is near Norman Avenue, with a sandwich at about 3:30 am when he noticed the two following him. He tried to run, but they attacked, punching him repeatedly in the head before fleeing.

Deli felony

Three brutes wearing facemasks barged into a Driggs Avenue deli and held up the clerk for cash on Dec. 15.

The victim said he was working the register in the shop, which is near McGuinness Boulevard, at about 6 am when the three busted in.

“Give me the money and get to the floor or I’ll f—king kill you,” one screamed while the other two hopped the counter and stole the man’s cash, keys and credit cards before making their escape.

To the window

Some punks broke into a N. Eighth Street apartment and stole two Apple laptops on Dec. 16.

The tenants said that they came home, which is between Driggs Avenue and Roebling Street, at about 8 am and noticed that the window was ajar. The house had been ransacked, and the two expensive computers were gone.


Cops caught a perp red-handed trying to break into a Huron Street apartment on Dec. 17.

The dolt was apparently on top of a garbage can near the home, which is between Manhattan Avenue and McGuinness Boulevard, trying to break into a window at about 5 pm. All they had to do was walk up and arrest the guy.

Car crimes

There were three vehicle-related thefts this week:

• A thief took all four tires from a Nissan Maxima that was parked on Kingsland Avenue near Withers Street on Dec. 14. The victim noticed that his car was on blocks at about 9 pm.

• A crook stole a Mini Cooper from Meeker Avenue near Leonard Street on Dec. 15. The victim realized that her cute little British roadster was missing at about 6:15 pm.

• A heartless jerk took a Honda from Withers Street near Graham Avenue on Dec. 15. Its owner rolled up at 9 pm to find an empty space where his car used to be.