Sheriff Jack rescues my Friday night

The summertime has always been the time for re-runs and TV slowdowns, but thanks to cable (and, probably in some way, YouTube) smaller stations have grabbed the reigns of summer and rode in with new programs and new episodes of established shows.

I was bereft last year when Tony Shalhoub hung up his Adrian Monk character on the USA network. It was one of my favorite shows. Its pairing with “Psych” on Friday night kept me happy in popcorn, fuzzy slippers and a blanket for eight seasons. With “Monk” ending, the network moved “Psych” from it’s Friday night slot to Wednesday night. What would I do without Shawn, Gus and Adrian? Not to worry, my daughter Bri quickly filled the void with her social life and, for the past year, Friday nights went from popcorn and “Monk” to taxi service and Bri.

Longing for a return to my ritual, I began searching through other networks. Luckily, I happened to stumble upon the summer season-four opener of “Eureka” on SyFy in July, about a quirky town in California (where else?), where everything that can go wrong does. Placing Sheriff Jack Carter and the gang in the midst of calamity each week, I caught up with past seasons, thanks to On-Demand, and am happily up to speed on all the characters. SyFy also introduced a new show following Eureka, “Haven.” Based onStephen King’s novel “The Colorado Kid,” the show features a quirky town in New England (where else?) where the supernatural is natural and the citizens have the most amazing abilities. Just like “Eureka,” the lead characters (in this case, FBI agent Audrey Parker and Detective Nathan Wournos) find themselves in deep voodoo every week.

My Friday nights have returned and I have happily dusted off the fuzzy slippers, packed in a supply of popcorn and fluffed out the blanket.

Not for nuthin, I have my schedule back, but now I have to convince Bri to change her social engagements from Friday to Saturday nights. Talk about calamity. Sounds like a job for Sheriff Jack Carter.


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