She’s 40? This pool is a fountain of youth!

What do Crown Heights resident Michele Marshall and Grammy-winner Barbra Streisand have in common? They both graduated from Erasmus Hall HS in Flatbush — and they are both borough icons.

Sure, Streisand, the actress/singer/songwriter, has enjoyed the limelight for years, but Marshall is making up for lost time — she’s our Double-D Hottie of the week!

We caught up with the fabulous 40-year-old this week as she was lounging at the Douglass-Degraw Pool with her 2-year-old son Deonte.

“I’ve been coming to this pool for years,” said Marshall. “It’s really family-oriented and you never have problems here like you do at other public pools. I always feel safe here.”

And to think, the city had the chutzpah to try to close the pool for the summer, citing budget cuts.

Loyal pool-goers like Marshall were outraged. “You can’t close our pool — it’s the best pool! There’s never any drama here.”

That is until Marshall shows up in her bathing suit.

The nursing assistant and mother of three credited a higher power for her astonishingly youthful appearance — not any special diet or health regimen.

“I am just good to people and once you are good to people, God will be good to you,” she said.

When she’s not swimming at the Double-D, Marshall enjoys reading and “outdoor activities with the kids.”

Watch for our roving shutterbug as he immortalizes next week’s Hottie of the Double-D this weekend. You, too, could make history — and encourage city bean-counters to get their slide rules off our pool.

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