Snowpacalypse now!

Round round get around: A cyclist certainly didn’t need a bike lane as he made his way along Coney Island Avenue on Monday.
Photo by Arthur De Gaeta

We’re still scrambling to put together our “Stormtacker 2010” team coverage this morning, but for now, here’s what we’re hearing from our reporters in the field (and, unlike others, we’re not taking a snow day):

Andy Campbell, Bushwick: “There’s so much snow on the Newtown Creek that — er, wait a second, that’s not snow, that’s petrochemicals.”

Snowfall accumulation as of 11 pm: 13 inches.

Good advertising: This Manhattan Avenue hardware store knew the perfect way to get the word out.
Community Newspaper Group / Andy Campbell

Aaron Short, South Williamsburg: “It’s snowing so heavily that I can’t see how long the line is at Luger’s.”

Snowfall accumulation as of 11 pm: 13 inches.

Gersh Kuntzman, Park Slope: “I may not have made Louise Crawford’s ‘Park Slope 100,’ but I did shovel out my next door neighbor.”

Out of service: This B9 bus was stranded on Avenue M between Coney Island Avenue and E. 19th Street — and just wouldn’t budge, even for a fare-paying customer.
Photo by Arthur De Gaeta

Snowfall accumulation as of 11 pm: 13 inches.

There's so much snow out there!
Bonita Makuch

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