Some interesting questions — no answers necessary

Continuing with last week’s offering of questions to be pondered, here are more:

Is Sarah Palin a force to be reckoned with? Joe Klein of Time Magazine, certainly not a fan of hers, was asked that question. His two word response — “You betcha.”

If Liberal is not a dirty word why do the libs have to refer to themselves as Progressives?

“Please hold on. Your call is important to us.” If it’s so important as the recorded message says, why don’t they hire more operators?

Why do Brooklynites refer to Manhattan as “the city”?

Why didn’t Congressman Weiner want to answer the simple question that Bill O’Reilly asked him several times?Could it be because the Congressman never read the bill even though he voted for it?

How much is a two-cent plain these days? Does everybody know what a two-cent plain is?

How long did it take for our friends in D.C. to start an ethics investigation on Charlie Rangel? Why so long?

Are hostesses told to deliberately lie when they tell you “Your table will be ready in 20 minutes?” That 20 minute wait is never less than 40 and that’s with reservations.How many times will I permit a restaurant to do that to me? Just once!

Are you in favor of repealing Obamacare? According to the most recent poll, 54% favor repeal while 42% oppose. If they keep this anger up, the elections this November will be very interesting.

If Glenn Beck is so disliked, as some of my readers claim, why is he the second most popular person on American TV? The most popular, of course, is Oprah. Her support of our president and his sliding down in popularity will result in a popularity dip for her as well.

When did flanken become five bucks a pound?

Why do I visit those dollar stores? Every time I browse to kill time I wind up buying forty bucks worth of inferior junk that I didn’t need in the first place.

When did a tantrum become a meltdown? When did ‘No Problem’ replace ‘You’re welcome’? When did lie become misspeak? When did macaroni become pasta? When my favorite Italian restaurant changed the name, it increased the price.

Can you say the word ‘Kindle’ without sounding Jewish?

Can you say the word ‘bloviate’ without thinking of Bill O’Reilly? How about ‘pithy’?

Why are there more unemployed Democrats than there are Republicans?

So where IS that blue dress?

Did any of our elected officials read the stimulus bill before voting? Have any of them read it since?

Why does the Hellmann’s company refer to the product as REAL Mayonnaise? Does that mean that all other brands of mayo are fakes?

How is it possible for bottled water to cost as much as Coke?

Why are the best health insurance plans known as Cadillac plans? Caddys are far from the best autos out there.

Why aren’t we in Alaska drilling and draining it for oil? Frankly — I couldn’t care less about a few caribou … or is it could care less?

I am [email protected] offering you the question that many of my readers are asking — Where do I go to take my vote back?

Nowhere Sally. Just remember in November.