Stabbed over a bike

68th Precinct

Bay Ridge-Dyker Heights

Can’t stomach

A wannabe bike thief stabbed a 43-year-old man in the stomach at the corner of Fourth Avenue and 78th Street on July 28.

The knife-wielding perp approached the victim around midnight and demanded that he hand over his two-wheeler.

When the victim refused, a scuffle ensued, and the perp pulled out a knife and jammed it into the man’s left side.

The jerk fled, and the victim is in stable condition.

Bodega break

The high tobacco tax may have encouraged a thief to steal cigarettes and cash from an Eighth Avenue bodega overnight on July 27.

A robber broke into E&S Grocery, between 67th and 68th streets, through the air conditioner hole before making off with cash, phone cards, lottery tickets and a carton of cigs.

Crime of fashion

A fashion-savvy thief stole a designer purse on July 30 from a woman on Marine Avenue.

The victim told cops that she was entering her building, which is between 95th and 96th streets, at around 2 am when the thief swiped her Balenciaga bag, which contained her Blackberry, cards, keys, make-up and Louis Vuitton wallet.

Electric sly

Someone stole a pocketbook filled with electronics from an unlocked 2008 Dodge Charger parked on Third Avenue on July 31.

The victim told cops that she forgot to lock her ride, which she left for a few hours between 97th Street and Marine Avenue. Her camera, wallet, Blackberry and iPod were gone by the time that she returned at around 11 am.

Safe house

Thieves tried to steal a safe from a Ninth Avenue home — but the 55-year-old lady who lives there stopped them on July 31.

The would-be victim told cops that the potential perps tricked her into letting them into her house, which is between 63rd and 64th streets, at around 4 pm. Once inside, one of the men attempted to distract the woman while his partner in crime picked up her lock box.

But the woman caught the guy in the act and stopped the pair from fleeing with her goods.


A thief swiped a purse from an unlocked car that was parked on 81st Street on July 26.

The victim told cops that she left her ride between Third and Fourth avenues, and returned at 9 am the next day to find that her bag, which contained two credit cards and her license, had been taken.

— Alex Rush

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