Stan says he played his cards right

In his comments about raising taxes, President Obama said “the most fortunate among us can afford to pay a little more.”

I can very well afford a little more and will pay what the law demands of me, but I reject and am grossly offended by my president telling me that I am among the most fortunate.

A quick definition tells us that “fortunate” is “lucky.” Lucky? I created wealth by being lucky? I have a superior work ethic and worked my tail off. I was accepted to the college of my choice but had to defer entrance for a year while I worked two jobs to save enough money for tuition and expenses. Then, after graduation, I went deeply in debt to buy a business. I worked 80 consecutive 12-hour days before I took my first day off.

Meanwhile, one friend was explaining to me that his union is negotiating for a 35-hour work week, and another was bragging that his union has gotten them so many holidays it now has the member’s birthdays on the table.

The one that bugged me most was a friend’s wife telling me that her union just got her another prep period. What? She works 186 days a year, six hours a day and, according to Ed Koch, has the best part-time job in America. She was thrilled to have an extra 45 minutes of free time a week.

To you Mr. President, and to everyone else that believes I am lucky, let me say this: I created my wealth the old-fashioned way. I worked for it. I did not win it in a poker game.

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Hey there, Mr. Raisman. Did you know that, according to a new congressional report, the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States has doled out nearly $100 million to foreign governments over the past decade? I don’t think the government should be spending taxpayer money on foreign soil. On second thought, until the U.S. is financially healthy again, I don’t think that agency should be spending money here, either.

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Here’s another political quote from reader Joan Applepie.


Cozy jobs for life at

Taxpayer Expense.


I find it hard to disagree with that.

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Many years ago, when my beloved Bums abandoned me for the west coast, I looked up at the sky and prayed. I asked the Lord to see to it that this baseball team be so unsuccessful that it is forced to declare bankruptcy. Well waddya’ know? The Dodgers are in last place, cannot pay its bills, and is about to declare bankruptcy. Thank you God.

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For someone who made so much racket in Congress, one would think he would have made a bigger influence on our laws. During his 14 years as a Congressman, Anthony Weiner sponsored 191 bills. How many do you think passed? Twenty-five? Twelve? Five? I am [email protected] stating the sad news that none of his bills passed. Not one. Nada. Nothing. Zero. Zilch. So much clatter and so little accomplished.