Take me out to the ball game!

Up at bat is Dennis Murphy.

It was a clean sweep for the Young Old-Timers on Oct. 2, during the 42nd annual Brooklyn Stickball Old-Timers game.

The winning team, which consisted of players ranging from 12 years old to their mid-20s, played three seven-inning games against original stickball players, the Older Older-Timers, who are in their mid-50s and 60s.

The old-school game took place on 80th Street between Third and Fourth avenues in Bay Ridge, and was opened by its host Peter “Stickball Pete” Syrdahl.

People came from all over the country to share in the excitement of the game and their hometown. Howie Larsen, an original Brooklynite who retired in Florida, won the “Home Plate” award for being the person who traveled the furthest back home to play.

The biggest award of the day, the “Big Broom Stick,” went to Frank Campione of the Old-Timers for being the best all-around player. It was Campione’s first time playing with this team but as a kid from Brooklyn he grew up on the game.

The final scores were 10-7, 10-4, and 6-4 and though the Older Old-Timers didn’t win, it was still a perfect day in their minds.

“The day was spectacular, tremendous memories of people talking about the old times of Bay Ridge” said Stickball Pete.

— Michelle Manetti

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