Talk about a downward dog

Dog walker robbed

Two thugs jumped a 21-year-old woman as she walked her dog on Cumberland Street on Oct. 18.

The victim was guiding her pet between Lafayette and Greene avenues at 11 pm when the thieves grabbed her, covered her mouth and ran off with her iPhone before she or her canine companion could offer any resistance.

Early am shopper

A burglar broke into the crime-riddled Atlantic Center Mall on Oct. 20, but was arrested before he could take anything.

The 30-year-old was caught on the second floor of the mall on Atlantic Avenue between Fort Greene Place and S. Portland Avenue at 2:32 am, yet it remained unclear how the crook got inside.

Payless pinch

Three teenage footwear fashionistas raided the Payless Shoes inside the Atlantic Terminal Mall on Oct. 19.

Workers said the teens entered the Flatbush Avenue store between Hanson Place and Atlantic Avenue at 11:55 am and began putting more than a dozen pairs of shoes into a plastic bag they had brought with them.

They then stormed out, scratching a guard’s arm as he tried to detain them.

Shoe sneak

A real heel rifled through a woman’s handbag on Oct. 18 as she tried on footwear inside the DSW inside the Atlantic Terminal Mall on Flatbush Avenue.

The woman claimed that no one came near her bag as she shopped inside the store between Hanson Place and Atlantic Avenue at 6 pm. Yet, an hour later, she realized her iPad, Blackberry and camera had been taken.

10-minute take

A thief snagged a bag left unattended inside Maggie Brown’s on Oct. 18.

A 26-year-old woman put her bag on a chair inside the Myrtle Avenue nightspot between Waverly and Washington avenues at 8 pm. When she returned 10 minutes later, it was gone.

MacBook swipe

A thief swiped a laptop computer from a table inside Long Island University on Oct. 19 — the fourth theft to take place at the college in a month.

A 20-year-old said he left his MacBook inside the University Plaza building at 5:45 pm. When he returned 15 minutes later, it was gone.

There have been three other thefts at LIU in recent weeks, but all of them had occurred in the gym.

Ironically, the college was recently named by an online magazine as having the third safest campus in the country.

Flat fiend

A thief broke into a Ryerson Street home on Oct. 19, taking a 23-inch flat-screen TV.

A 23-year-old was inside a second-floor bedroom when the thief forced his way into the home between Park and Myrtle avenues at 2 pm.

When she investigated, she saw the thief exiting her home with a large black bag, police were told.

Side door man

A thief forced his way into a Fulton Street restaurant on Oct. 23, taking $300.

Workers at the eatery between Waverly and Washington avenues said they closed up at midnight. The burglar forced open a padlocked side door sometime before 4:30 am, police were told.

Car crackers

Several vehicles were broken into last week. Here’s the rundown:

• A thief forced open a Ford van parked on Lafayette Avenue between Carlton Avenue and Adelphi Street on Oct. 18, taking a laptop computer. A witness, who apparently did nothing to intervene, said the thief smashed the van’s window at 6:32 pm, scooped up the item and fled in an awaiting Crown Victoria.

• A directionless devil broke into a 2007 truck parked on S. Elliott Place on Oct. 18, taking a navigation system. The thief smashed through the driver’s-side window sometime after 9 pm, cops were told.

• Several tools and two cans of freon were removed from a Ford van on Willoughby Avenue on Oct. 22. Thieves forced open the door to the van as it sat near Pratt Institute between Emerson Place and Hall Street sometime after 9:30 am.

• A thief forced open the passenger side door to a 1995 Honda left on S. Elliott Place on Oct. 24, taking a laptop computer and navigation system. The car was sitting between Hanson Place and Atlantic Avenue when it was broken into sometime after 11 am, police said.