That nutty nation is now also a “nuclear” one

Iran must make up its mind about whom it hates more — the Free World, Israel, or its own civilians.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was spoiled for choice when angry Iranians, peacefully rallied against the rogue regime on the 31st anniversary of the Islamic revolution only to be met with state-sanctioned violence — once again.

Ahmadinejad interrupted “celebrations” to announce that Iran was officially a “nuclear state,” having enriched its first batch of high-grade uranium. Also one with the mind-set, and now the means, to “put an end, once and for all” to its nemesis, and history’s miscast scapegoat, Israel.

The crackdown is the continuation of a campaign of terror and retribution against the thousands of courageous Iranians who have defied death and sacrificed life to protest Ahmadinejad’s rigged June 2009 election.

Unconscionable and unconstitutional human rights violations have come to define the legacy of the 1979 Iranian coup, which dethroned a secular monarchy and replaced it with an iron-fisted theocracy which has spread religious fundamentalism like a virus, and stoked Islam’s addiction to turbulence and violence.

Nor is Iran’s government alone in chasing disturbing atomic dreams. Close to a dozen Muslim nations — among them, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt — are also pursuing nuclear programs.

Of course, none of that would be a problem if radical Islam was not a problem. But it is, and its tumorous growth is exacerbated by nuclear pronouncements from nutty Muslim nations.

For now, the dull-eyed mullahs are content to provoke and marginalize the United States and the United Nations, both of which have demonstrated an apathetic approach to disarming the malevolent administration of its political agenda to destroy the west. Clearly, much of the world’s impassive Muslim population is also blind to Iran’s poisonous desires — which now include the construction of two more uranium enrichment sites in the mountains — else it would have derailed them long ago.

Barring war with yet another Islamo-dom, it is time to bankrupt Iran with stiffer sanctions, reform it with a global call to Muslims for the rehabilitation of bastardized Islamic regimes, and cripple it through harsher penalties for its international trading partners; a move that Ahmadinejad has vowed the world will come to “regret.”

His hubris is confirmed by the global watchdog group, Financial Action Task Force, which warns that Iran leads the world in failing to eradicate money laundering and terrorist financing.

Are you listening, Mr. President?

Despite its chutzpah, Iran remains a corrupt, abusive and cowardly steward of its 70 million people, particularly of its children, 137 of whom are currently rotting on death row, according to Amnesty International.

Ahmadinejad’s assurances that the uranium is not meant for weapons of mass destruction explodes in the face of the national DNA: Post-revolution Iran, which should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity, is a bandit who amputates the limbs of its petty criminals, crushes free speech, tortures and unfairly imprisons its civilians, has one of the highest number of recorded executions of any country — and openly despises the Free World.

Why would anyone in their right mind believe that its nuclear goals are meant for peaceful purposes?

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