The most awful (and best) Police Blotter item — ever!

Wrong example

A 29-year-old man was arrested on Dec. 6 for not only encouraging his son to beat up a 10-year-old classmate — but for holding his child’s opponent down during the fisticuffs!

The far-from-fatherly father was picking up his son outside of PS 20 on Adelphi Street between Willoughby and DeKalb avenues at 3 pm when he spotted a student with whom his son had been feuding.

That’s when the 29-year-old grabbed the tyke, pinned the child’s arms behind his back and told his son to take a few free shots.

The son got in a few hits before dear old dad landed the final blow, leaving their victim with a bruise to his cheek.

Once freed, the young victim ran off, but the unhinged dad wasn’t done and chased after him — right to the principal’s office, where he threatened both the child and a school administrator before cops took him into custody on assault charges.

iPhone steals

The iPhone was on every thief’s Christmas list last week:

• Two gun-toting thugs jumped a 16-year-old at the corner of Park and N. Portland avenues on Dec. 7, taking his iPhone at around 5:15 pm. The suspects had approached and threatened to shoot the phone owner if he didn’t hand over his pricey device.

• A pair of goons reached out and snagged an iPhone from a 36-year-old man during a Dec. 9 confrontation at the corner of Gates Avenue and Cambridge Place at 7 pm.

Market menace

Two criminals knocked over the Choice Market on Lafayette Avenue on Dec. 2, taking $1,000.

The two perpetrators entered the store between Grand Avenue and St. James Place at 10:16 pm and pulled a gun on the workers inside, taking their cash and cellphones.

Elliott ghouled

A thug jammed a knife into a 17-year-old’s leg on Dec. 5 following a confrontation outside his N. Elliott Place apartment.

The victim was approaching his home between DeKalb and Lafayette avenues at 9:50 pm when he got into a bloody argument with a 24-year-old knife-wielding assailant — whom police arrested shortly after the attack.

Motorized menace

Someone rolled off with a motorized wheelchair sitting in front of a church at the corner of Lafayette Avenue and S. Oxford Street on Dec. 4.

The owner of the chair, 63, said she left it outside the house of worship at 10 pm as she attended a meeting inside.

Within a few hours, the chair was gone, she told police, admitting that she didn’t chain it to anything before leaving it on the street.

Laptop grab

Three goons snagged a laptop from a Pratt University cafeteria on Dec. 6 — while its 20-year-old owner was still typing away on the keyboard!

The owner was writing inside the Willoughby Avenue dining area between Hall Street and Classon Avenue at 2:40 pm when the three suspects swiped the computer from the table as they walked by.

Tech-nical glitch

Call him the Grinch who stole wireless: A goon raided Brooklyn Technical HS recently, taking Internet routers from eight classrooms inside the Fort Greene Place learning institution.

School employees said routers were swiped from the school between DeKalb Avenue and Fulton Street between Nov. 18 and Dec. 6.

Grinch grabs

There were more sticky-fingered thieves than department store Santas inside the troubled Atlantic Terminal and Atlantic Center Mall last week. Here’s the rundown:

• A thief snagged a 70-year-old’s purse as she shopped inside the Marshall’s on Dec. 5. The woman left her purse in her shopping cart at 4:30 pm as walked around the store between Fort Greene Place and S. Portland Avenue. When she returned a few minutes later, it was gone.

• A crook unhooked a woman’s handbag from a baby stroller inside the Burlington Coat Factory on Dec. 5.

The victim said that she turned away from the stroller for just a few moments as she thumbed through a coat rack inside the Atlantic Avenue store between Fort Greene Place and S. Portland Avenue at 5 pm, but that was all the time the thief needed to make off with her property.

•A goon grabbed a man’s wallet from the Flatbush Avenue Target on Dec. 6 — as his victim applied for a job!

The 22-year-old accidentally left his wallet on a desk inside the store between Hanson Place and Atlantic Avenue at 12:30 pm after filling out his application. When he realized his mistake and returned to the desk a few moments later, his wallet was no longer there.

• A snuggly shoplifter swiped a woman’s pocketbook on Dec. 10 as the 39-year-old shopped for a pair of comfy pajamas inside the Flatbush Avenue Target.

The victim left her pocketbook inside her shopping cart as shopped in the store between Hanson Place and Atlantic Avenue at 5 pm. But when she was ready to make a purchase, her bag was gone.

• A man stepped up to the mic — then took it — inside the Guitar Center on Dec. 10.

The $1,600 Neumann Studio microphone was on display at the store between Hanson Place and Atlantic Avenue when someone made off with it at 12:44 pm, employees told police.