The old distraction play at Key Food

84th Precinct

Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown


A crafty thief swiped a woman’s wallet from her shopping cart as she browsed the Montague Street Key Food on Aug. 11.

The victim told cops that she was shopping at around 1 pm at the grocer between Hicks and Henry streets when the thief likely made his move. But there’s a nifty little catch here: an accomplice.

After reporting the incident to cops, a security camera showed that shopper had been drawn into what appeared to be a normal conversation with another shopper. On retrospect, of course, it was the old distraction ploy, which led to the theft of $400 and a pair of credit cards.

By the time she cancelled the cards, over $900 in charges had been racked up at Lowe’s.

Stick up

A gun-toting thug made a guy hand over his cellphone on Aug. 10.

The victim told cops that he was at Fulton and Lawrence streets at around 5:50 am when his attacker approached and said, “Give me your s—.” The brigand then clocked his quarry in the face with the gun, knocking him out for a moment and stole his phone.

Plymouth pilfer

A thief broke into a Plymouth Street apartment on Aug. 11 and stole an assortment of electronics.

The victim told cops that she had last been at her Vinegar Hill house between Hudson Avenue and Little Street at around 10 am. When she returned from work about 11 hours later, the A/C unit in her bedroom window had been forced in, and she was missing a digital camera, two Apple laptops, and an iPad.

Dorm drama

A crafty thief stole a university student’s watch on Aug. 11.

The victim told cops that he was in his dormitory on Livingston Street between Clinton and Court streets — which hosts an assortment of students from various institutions, including NYU-Poly — at around 10 am when he was distracted by a furniture delivery.

That’s when the thief must have struck.

Starry eyed

A thief stole an Argentine woman’s purse from the back of her chair at the Court Street Starbucks on Aug. 12.

The victim told cops that she had left her chair to order food at the café at Joralemon Street at around 12:30 pm when the thief stole it — somehow avoiding the notice of her distracted boyfriend, who was sitting right beside her bag.

She lost a cellphone, an assortment of credit cards, and her Argentine IDs.

Bridge bandit

A thief snatched a guy’s camera as he walked on the Brooklyn Bridge on Aug. 9.

The victim told cops he was on the bridge and turning onto Prospect Street at around 3 pm when the creep stole his $700 camera.

— Stephen Brown

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