The voters speak, and Stan cheers!

The president ran and was elected on change. The results of the Nov. 2 election are in, the shouting has quieted down and we learned that the American people disagreed with his brand of change. At first those of us that disagreed with the president were called racists — WRONG! Then we were called morons — WRONG AGAIN! Then, they said we were angry — RIGHT!

We are angry. Angry enough to stand on street corners waving political signs, angry enough to send hundreds of thousands of informative e-mails, and angry enough to turn out in a mid-term election in an attempt to take America back. Memo to Barack: We disagree but, contrary to what you called us, we are not enemies. We are patriots.

Memo to Vivian Schiller: Firing Juan Williams has awakened America to the fact that a portion of NPR’s budget, even though it is small, comes from taxpayers. There’s a movement to halt government funding. There will also be fewer donations from those of us that disagree with you. Does the word ‘counterproductive’ have any meaning here?

And speaking of “counterproductive,” here’s a memo to Wayne LaPierre: Although you run a one issue advocate organization, was it really necessary for the National Rifle Association to endorse 58 democrats in the recent election? Lots of Second Amenders have other concerns and will not be renewing their memberships.

Memo to Whoopie: Radical muslims killed Americans on 9-11 and when I think of you I recall your unintelligent foul comments and the reason why you lost your lucrative Slim-Fast contract. Anyone out there need reminding?

Memo to Joy: If you close your mouth, stop interrupting, and listen, you just might learn something. Like him or not, O’Reilly is a helluva lot smarter than you and is absolutely correct. I remember when your lack of intelligence had you kicked off ABC radio here in New York. It took years and years for you to climb to the level you are now. It would not take very much to send you back down again.

• • •

This is from the “WHERE ARE THEY NOW?” file on my desk. Politically savvy Brooklynites remember Herb Berman, the very popular, extremely competent city council member. He was the most visible elected official I ever met. From PTA meetings to charity fundraisers to the LARC shows to synagogues and churches, Herb showed up. The many who knew him wondered if he ever went home. About a decade ago, term limits ended his career in the council. Where is he now? You can find out by spending a few minutes on one of the newest, very popular websites, www.tos50.com. This website was created by another one of our former Brooklyn neighbors, Sandy Rich Tankoos. By the way, you’ll find me there, too.

• • •

In spite of these troubling times I, StanGershbein@Bellsouth.net, have much to be thankful for. I am thankful for my wonderful wife and marvelous family. I am thankful that I reside in the United States, the greatest nation on the planet. I am thankful for you, my readers. Without you I’m not here. My Thanksgiving wishes for all of us are for health, happiness, wealth and time to spend it. My prayers are for a safe, speedy and successful return of our men and women in uniform all over the planet.

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