Thief swipes lady’s bag while she sings karaoke

94th Precinct


Singin’ the blues

A nogoodnik swiped a woman’s bag while she was singing karaoke at a Union Avenue bar on Aug. 10, according to police.

The chanteuse left her bag, containing her credit cards, at a table while she belted out a tune at the bar near Metropolitan Avenue around 9:30 pm, and when she came back it was nowhere to be found, police said.

Slash and dash

A bandit slashed a guy’s face and robbed him on N. Seventh Street on Aug. 13, according to police.

The victim was standing near Driggs Avenue around 9 pm, counting some cash, when the villain came up and cut him, grabbed an unspecified amount of cash and fled, police said.


A would-be burglar tried — and failed — to break into a N. 10th Street apartment on Aug. 9.

The victim left her pad between Bedford and Driggs avenues around 1:50 pm and returned a few hours later to find her door frame damaged near the dead bolt lock, cops said.

— Dennis Lynch