Thieves running amok

Flower robbery

Two perps beat up a Bedford Avenue bodega owner on Dec. 10 after one stole a bouquet of flowers from the store.

The perps arrived at 11:25 pm, and one stole some flowers that were stored outside. When the victim chased after the thief, the perps punched and kicked him, fleeing toward N. Seventh Street.

Lobster bottle

Two thieves tried to steal a lobster from P. Zollo and Sons’ fish store on Metropolitan Avenue, and one broke a bottle over the store owner’s head when he tried to stop them.

The thieves tried to lift a lobster out of a fish tank without assistance at 12:10 pm, but the store’s owner told them to remove their hands. They refused, instead breaking a bottle over the man’s head and fleeing on Leonard Street.

Macbooks stolen

A thief broke into a N. 11th Street apartment on Dec. 9 and stole three computers.

The tenant left her apartment near Bedford Avenue at 4:20 pm, but when she returned an hour later, the computers was missing.

Hausman computer

A thief broke into a Hausman Street apartment on Dec. 10 and stole $700 and a computer.

The tenant left his apartment near Meeker Avenue at 11 am and returned seven hours later to find his apartment ransacked and his stuff stolen.

Rings cycle

A thief broke into a car parked on N. 10th Street and stole several rings and a passport on Dec. 6.

The driver parked near Kent Avenue at 4 pm, but when he returned four hours later, the driver’s-side door lock was damaged and his stuff was gone.

Hard drive

A perp broke into a car parked on N. Fifth Street and stole a hard drive, sunglasses and an iPod on Dec. 9.

The driver parked her car near Berry Street at 11 am, but when she returned at 8 pm, she found her car was unlocked and her property was stolen.

Honda gone

A thief stole a brand new Honda Pilot on Richardson Street overnight on Dec. 10.

The driver parked her car near Herbert Street at 9 pm, but when she returned at 6 am the next day, the car was gone.

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