This guy needs a slap!

Slap happy

A touchy-feely fiend accosted a 19-year-old woman on Oct. 22 during a surprise encounter on Ocean Avenue.

The victim was nearing a bus stop near Kings Highway at 10:30 pm when the unidentified suspect grabbed her buttocks and ran off.

Motoring menace

A dangerous driver attacked another motorist during an apparent road rage incident on E. 17th Street on Oct. 24.

Details are sketchy about what sparked the 9:15 am confrontation near Kings Highway, but cops were told that the unidentified driver stopped his vehicle, got out, and punched his 29-year-old victim through the man’s car window, leaving him bruised.

He then jumped back into his car and sped off, police were told.

Bedford run

A thief forced a 16-year-old to empty his pockets during an Oct. 20 skirmish on Bedford Avenue.

Police said the victim was nearing Avenue P at 3 pm when the suspect threatened him out of his iPod, some cash and a pair of headphones.

However, the thief didn’t have long to enjoy the loot, since cops caught up with him a short time later and charged him with robbery.

Pop tarts

Cops have nabbed one of three thugs wanted for a May 20 robbery outside Brooklyn College.

Officials said the suspects jumped their male victim on Hillel Place between Flatbush Avenue and Amersfort Place at 8 am by surrounding him and jamming a hard object in his side.

“I will pop you,” one of the thieves threatened before all three ran off with a cellphone and $15.

Police said that the 19-year-old thief was arrested this week, charged with robbery.

Knock out

Police have arrested the thuggish brute who knocked a man unconscious before robbing him on Avenue U back on Dec. 29.

Police said that 29-year-old thief was nabbed this week for the 10 pm attack that happened near McDonald Avenue. He allegedly struck his victim in the head with a bottle, knocking him out, before rifling through his pockets, police said.

Black mask attack

A gun-toting masked maniac robbed a 53-year-old man on Oct. 17 on E. 58th Street.

The victim was between Avenue H and Avenue I at 11:50 pm when the suspect grabbed him and flashed his gun.

The thief made off with $360 and some jewelry, police said.

Guns and getaways

A thief pulled a gun on a woman on Avenue N on Oct. 21, but ran off before he could get any money.

The 47-year-old woman was nearing E. 48th Street at 11:35 pm when the man approached her from behind, drew his gun and ordered her to hand over her property.

But before she got a chance to hand over the money the thief lost his nerve and ran off, police said.

Coffee crack-up

An over-caffeinated man wigged out inside a Ralph Avenue diner on Oct. 24, throwing a pot of hot coffee at another patron.

Police said the man, apparently upset, started a skirmish inside the eatery, which is between Glenwood and Flatlands Avenue, at 5:20 pm.

During his fit the man threw the hot joe at a 22-year-old man, who was scalded. A 35-year-old woman also suffered an injury to her knee.

Followed and robbed

A gun-toting goon followed a 23-year-old for at least a block on Oct. 18 before swiping her cellphone on Foster Avenue.

The victim was nearing E. 56th Street at 10:15 pm when the goon jumped her.

Bum rushed

Two toughs ganged up on a 20-year-old woman on Oct. 20, robbing her on Avenue J.

The victim was near E. 46th Street at 6:12 pm when the thugs robbed her of $3, her credit cards, cellphone and ID, police said.

Gone clubbin’

A thief broke into a car parked on Avenue M on Oct. 17, taking a set of golf clubs.

The car was parked between E. 52nd and E. 53rd streets at 11 pm.

The thief smashed the driver’s side window to take the clubs and some electronics.

Tool time

An assortment of tools — as well as two wool coats — were swiped from an E. 18th Street home on Oct. 8.

Police believe the thief entered the home, which is between Avenues R and S, sometime after 3 pm by forcing open the rear basement door.

The theft wasn’t discovered until Oct. 11, police were told.

Garage grab

Thieves broke into the garage of an E. Seventh Street home on Sept. 29, taking an $800 mountain bike.

The homeowner, who lives between Avenues R and S, said that the bike was last seen in the garage at 5 pm. It was discovered missing at 9:45 am on Oct. 3, police were told.

Boating blues

A water-crafty thief made off with a 40-year-old man’s favorite toy on Oct. 9 — a “Quicksilver” boat left docked off of Flatbush Avenue.

The boat owner told police he last saw his beloved boat anchored in the water inside the Gateway Marina at 6 pm. A few days later, he learned his boat was no longer there.

Ave. R raid

Thieves broke into two apartments on Avenue R on Oct. 13, taking a smattering of cash, electronics and jewelry.

Police said the thief crept into both apartments, which are located between Kimball and Coleman streets, sometime after 1 pm. He removed air conditioners found sticking out of side windows to get inside, cops were told.

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