This thief was charged up

Charge off

A thief snagged an iPhone on Feb. 17 as its owner charged the pricey smartphone inside the Weather Up bar on Vanderbilt Avenue.

The victim said she had put the phone on a bar stool inside the watering hole between Dean and Bergen streets at 12:30 am, but left the bar without it. When she realized what she had done, she ran back to the bar, but it was already closed. Workers found the charger the next day — but not the phone itself.

Cell bust

A 13-year-old thief tried to snag a Blackberry from a 34-year-old woman outside of her Lincoln Place home on Feb. 17 — but ended in handcuffs when his victim chased him down and held him for police.

The victim was about to enter her home between Underhill and Washington avenues at 5:03 pm when the thief snaked his hand into her coat pocket as he walked by.

Sneaking in

A thief entered an Eastern Parkway apartment on Feb. 14, taking a camera, iPod and two laptop computers.

The sneak entered the home between Underhill and Washington avenues through a bathroom window sometime after 7:15 am.

Hauled away

A goon with a lot of trash to take out swiped three Rubbermaid garbage pails from outside a Sterling Place home on Feb. 14.

The homeowner between Underhill and Washington avenues said her pails were only out for a half hour before the thief walked off with them at 7:30 pm.

Pedal prey

A crook entered a Lincoln Place apartment building on Feb. 14, swiping, of all things, a child’s training wheels.

The resident of the unit between Underhill and Washington avenues said the crime must have occurred at 2:20 pm.

Loaded for bear

A 43-year-old man was arrested on Feb. 15 after three loaded firearms and some marijuana were found inside his Lincoln Place apartment.

The arrest was made following a 9:20 pm search of the man’s home between Underhill and Washington avenues.

Car cabin fever

Several cars were broken into in Prospect Heights this week. Here’s what happened:

• A crook broke the passenger-side window of a 1994 Volvo parked on Eastern Parkway on Feb. 16, taking $12. The car was between Underhill and Washington avenues when the 6 pm break-in took place.

• Someone smashed the front window to a 2005 Toyota parked on Dean Street on Feb. 15, taking a navigation system. The car had been parked between Washington and Grand avenues.

• A goon broke into a car left on Atlantic Avenue on Feb. 19, taking $50, a navigation system, a set of CDs and a pair of sneakers. The car was between Grand and Classon avenues.