This was no game


A straphanging thief plucked an iPhone out of a woman’s hands on the L train at Metropolitan Avenue stop on Dec. 21.

The woman told cops that she was enjoying a video game on the device at about 7:15 pm when the perp grabbed it. But she wasn’t giving up there — she struggled with the man before he pushed her to the floor and fled the train.

Metropolitan Avenue and Lorimer Street


Three jerks were arrested for assaulting a man and stealing everything he had on Jackson Street on Dec. 21.

The victim said that he was near Manhattan Avenue at about 7 pm when the three approached. One thug put him in a headlock, while the others ran his pockets. The trio eventually made off with the victim’s wallet, an iPod, headphones and a CD player — but cops later caught up and arrested them.

Feat of Clay

Some criminals broke into a Clay Street apartment and stole a huge TV off the wall on Dec. 21.

The tenant told cops that his girlfriend was in the home, which is near Manhattan Avenue, until 1 pm. Five hours later, the TV — and the girlfriend — were gone.

Cash machine

A thief broke into a car on Humboldt Street on Dec. 21 and stole more than $4,000 in cash and checks — somehow knowing that the money was hidden in the vehicle.

The victim told cops that he parked near Moultrie Street that morning. When he returned at about 4:05 pm, his window had been smashed in, and his cash-heavy bag — which was hidden under the seat — was gone.

Leonard loser

Some cretins broke into a Leonard Street apartment and took everything of value on Dec. 22.

The victim, who was away from the home near Calyer Street for a day, said she arrived at about 7 pm to find a broken front door and the place trashed. The perps had taken a computer, laptops, an iPhone a PlayStation console and even a gold watch.

Bump ’n’ run

A swindler pulled the ol’ accidental shove-and-steal technique on a straphanger in the Bedford Avenue L station on Dec. 21.

The victim said she was bumped at the station, near N. Seventh Street, at about 2:30 am. She figured it out when she reached for her Metrocard and noticed that it, her wallet and her cash were gone.