Tony Bergen Beach home raided for drugs

A family that allegedly doled cocaine and marijuana out of their Bergen Beach home was slumming it behind bars last week following a blitzkrieg police raid at their tony pad.

Police said that the mother of the house, 38-year-old Judy Feldman, daughter Alexis, 18, and son Joshua, 21, were all taken into custody along with eight others after cops executed a search warrant on the home just before 8 p.m. on February 5.

Small “recreational”-sized amounts of cocaine and marijuana were reportedly found all over the home, including night stands and the dining room table, alleged officials.

At the same time, additional police raids were conducted on a home on Stuart Street and a reception hall on Flatbush Avenue near Fillmore Avenue. It’s believed that people at the hall supplied drugs for both homes, police alleged.

Judy and Alexis Feldman were charged with misdemeanor possession charges and released on their own recognizance, according to a spokesperson for the Kings County District Attorney’s office. As this paper went to press, it was believed that felony charges will be filed against Joshua Feldman, who could face up to 10 years in prison.

Police sources alleged that the Feldmans would invite friends to their home, located at 6905 Avenue Y near East 69th Street, to party and do drugs.

While police refrained from describing the home as a “drug den,” sources said that friends of the Feldmans allegedly knew they could buy drugs there.

“It was a place where those who knew the occupants were able to score,” one source alleged. “If they didn’t know you they wouldn’t sell to you. They were very cautious.”

The eight others arrested during the raid — four men and four women, many of whom either lived just blocks away, in nearby Mill Basin and Marine Park or visiting from New Jersey — were described as “friends” of the Feldmans, police said. Each of them were charged with misdemeanors. All except one had a criminal record, according to sources.

Cops first learned about the Feldmans’ alleged activities through concerned community members complaining about late-night parties at the address.

“It’s been a problematic house going back four or five years,” a police source said. “The parents divorced and lost control of their children, who brought in a bad element.”

The father, Michael Feldman, is currently facing fraud charges, officials said.

Cops said that they could allegedly connect at least one drug overdose to the activities in the home.

Nearby residents applauded the raid, saying it was a long time coming.

“The neighborhood was beside itself for some time,” said one local resident, who wished that her name not be divulged. “Everyone knew that the police were investigating, but people would keep asking ‘What’s wrong? Nobody cares!”

“Closing this place down will helps so many neighborhood kids,” the resident added.

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