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Weather or not, it was a great party

I coined the term “WeatherISTS” (weather terrorists) because it describes the terror you are bombarded with from meteorologists every single time you plan a function, event, trip, wedding, outing or block party.

My readers know I’ve written several times about this very same subject, specifically the hatred I have for these forecasters of doom and gloom, whenever they have an opportunity to create frenzy. No matter where in your viewing area; it’s their time to rise and shine and they will predict a disastrous storm just to paralyze you with fear. Those poor weddings, outings and block parties ruined by WeatherISTS’ not too accurate predictions.

One would think with today’s instant communications, satellites, and computers, they would be able to forecast more precisely, but then, that would lessen their audience’s interest.

Because of this past week’s excessively hot, muggy weather, days and the doom and gloom forecasts of thunderstorms for Saturday, my daughter Dana and son-in-law Michael’s planned block party, was changed to Sunday because of the promise of thunderstorms all day. The Saturday forecast yielded a half inch of rain in another part of Wantagh for 15 minutes and nadda on my daughter’s block.

Dana and Michael invited 90 guests, rented tents, chairs and tables, and contributed to the DJ and blow up rides for the kiddies.

When Michael, a dedicated amateur chef, throws a party, whether indoors or out, you know you are going to eat like a king, with enough food to feed the royal army. Michael had his three barbeques operating simultaneously and didn’t stop cooking all day. Fortunately, he had a keg of draft beer under a Budweiser tent right next to him, which kept him refreshed as he saw to it that everyone enjoyed the various hot dogs, hamburgers and vegetable kebabs (for his vegan family members) that he made. They served the usual salads as well as unusual side dishes and all the guests brought desserts galore.

There was enough food and drink to serve half of China.

This was their second block party, which blossomed to triple the attendance of their first last year. There were 30 family members, 30 theater friends — my granddaughter Alexa is very involved with PAC performing Arts center — her friends, fellow actors and parents who all enjoyed the wonderful food and festivities. And an additional 30 co-workers, school chums and neighbors to consume the culinary artistry of my son-in-law.

The reason I’m upset is because there was much more humidity Sunday than there was rain on Saturday. I had to be there by 10 am to deliver Bread Plus’s lard bread, hero sandwich breads and birthday cake for my sister Susie’s 90th birthday celebration.

Alexa was celebrating her 11 birthday too that Sunday. Sitting at the table under the tree for three hours was getting to me and when uncle Joe asked if he could watch the Soccer playoff, I jumped at the opportunity to watch the playoff games of the FIFA in South Africa on Michael’s 60-inch TV inside the house; I stayed with him inside for six hours … anything to get away from the humidity. Uncle Joe’s son “Joey Computer” was like the Energizer Bunny bringing in food from the grills every 15 seconds. He was almost as fast as the computers he fixes and no stranger to this column, e.g. “My Guirdian Angel Computer Wiz!”

Dana and Michael have a beautiful backyard with a lovely pool, fish pond, children’s swings and shrubbery that he meticulously cares for. Most of his parties are held under his awning and we never fail to gain 12 pounds each time. So thank you, Michael and Dana, and all you who helped make that gloomy, gummy, humid Sunday bearable, socially wonderful and totally fattening.

And damn the WeatherISTS!

Screech at you next week!

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