What a dump! Prospect Park was a real mess this weekend

What a dump! Prospect Park was a real mess this weekend
The Brooklyn Paper / Julie Rosenberg

Like the rest of you, we stay right here in Brooklyn during summer weekends — and, like you, we were pretty disgusted by the way Prospect Park looked during the long July 4 holiday.

We took some pictures, but when we rolled into the office on Monday, sure enough, our Inbox was filled with missives from Park Slopers who shared our concern that the borough was treating its emerald jewel like a toilet.

Here was our favorite (and not only because it plugged us!):

To the editor,

Please pass this along to the Parks Department, since this was the closest e-mail address I could find.

I bike ride around the Park every Sunday morning, and the garbage left in certain areas (Ninth Street and Parkside Avenue) is beyond disgusting.

There is no excuse for folks using the Park as their backyard to leave their garbage strewn about, but the real stupidity is that there are not enough garbage cans left in these popular areas.

So, I humbly suggest that folks start getting fined for littering or that the Park get its act together and leave enough garbage cans (or both!).

I’ve copied The Brooklyn Paper, as I am sure I am not the only Park lover distressed by this horrible situation.

Josie Marino, Park Slope

Marino’s was not the only letter we received, so we called the Prospect Park Alliance to find out what’s going on.


Patron, 718-965-8954/917-501-5881

There were people working all weekend. sanitation closes the dump on holidays and weekends. on saturday, the brooklyn dump was supposed to be open, but it wasn’t. so our drivers have to go to queens, but it had limited hours.