Gun-wielding goon robs Neptune Avenue bodega

60th precinct
Photo by Jessica Parks


Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate

Tide to go

Thieves stole $3,650 in cash and Tide detergent from a Mermaid Avenue business on March 11. 

The victim told police that the crooks entered the store between W. 30th and W. 31st streets through the back door around 9 am and broke both locks — before making off undetected with the ill-gotten goods.

Bodega bust

A brute robbed $2,500 from a Neptune Avenue bodega clerk at gunpoint on March 9. 

The victim told police the ruffian wielded a firearm inside the store at the intersection of Brighton Fourth Street at around 1:35 am, before grabbing the cash and fleeing in a black vehicle. 

Take a bike

A sneak thief stole a food carrier’s e-bike on W. 12th Street on March 13. 

The victim told police the bully came from behind when he was getting on his bike at the intersection of Avenue W around noon and pushed him off, before riding away on the stolen two-wheeler.

Gold fiend

Home invaders stole $12,775 in gold bracelets and jewelry from a Oceanview Avenue apartment on March 9. 

The victim told police the lout broke into the building between Brighton Sixth and Brighton Seventh streets at around 10 am, before grabbing the gold and running off.