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BrooklynPaper.com is the go-to site for Brooklyn news and events.

Brooklyn Paper is powered by the journalists at the award-winning Brooklyn Paper, Park Slope Courier, Bay Ridge Courier, Bay News, Mill Basin Marine Park Courier and Brooklyn Graphic newspapers. Our print newspapers are the most widely circulated, covering the entire borough and targeted down to specific neighborhoods and languages.

Brooklyn Paper provides the latest and most interesting information about Brooklyn — be it breaking news, politics and education, or dining, nightlife, real estate and getting around. Our journalists’ award-winning work is complemented by real estate listings, the Home Pros directory, Best of Brooklyn and other interactive content. We are on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social channels, and we have a popular daily newsletter.

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Brooklyn Paper brings together a loyal and engaged local community that’s passionate about their neighborhood and life in Brooklyn. It is owned and operated by Schneps Media, a vast local publishing network of print and digital news and niche sites, lifestyle magazines, podcasts, events, and webinars. Connecting businesses and brands with audiences throughout New York City, Westchester, Long Island, and Philadelphia, Schneps reaches more people in more ways than anyone in the region.

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