Cane-wielding man strikes student

60th precinct
Photo by Jessica Parks


Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate

Citizen Cane-d

A student walking home from school on W. 31st Street was struck in the face with a cane on March 15. 

The victim told police the brute threatened him further if he called police to the scene at the intersection of Avenue U around 2:40 pm after causing bruising to the victim’s face. 

No-food cart

A savage slashed a fellow straphanger on a D-train at Surf Avenue on both sides of her face on March 16. 

The victim told police the attacker had gotten into an argument with her at the intersection of Stillwell Avenue because she was eating on the train around 10:30 pm and pulled out a knife. 

Inspection Stickler 

Crooks stole $25,000, state inspection stickers and various car repair items when breaking into Cropsey Avenue auto repair shop on March 15.

The victim told police they returned to their shop between Hart Place and Neptune Avenue to find the place ransacked after the robbers broke in around 1:33 am with the safe ripped open with all its contents missing. 

Purse snatcher 

A purloiner stole a woman’s purse on W. Eighth Street while she was walking on March 9. 

Police said the brute pushed past the woman between Avenue T and Avenue U causing her to fall around 12:40 pm, though it didn’t cause her any injury. 

Mean muggin’ 

A bandit attempted to mug a woman on W. 37th Street with a firearm on March 10. 

The victim told police she refused to give up the merchandise when the gunman approached her between Mermaid and Neptune Avenues around 11:30 pm before he fled. 

Road Rage

A driver in his vehicle pulled up to another vehicle on Cropsey Avenue and shot a gun at him on March 7. 

The victim told police the shooting between Canal Avenue and Hart Place that caused serious injury to him around 3:30 pm might have been due to road rage.