Wretch steals man’s Toyota Camry

60th precinct
Photo by Jessica Parks

60th Precinct

Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate

Abduction attempt

Police say a wretch stole a man’s Toyota Camry parked on Surf Avenue and injured multiple pedestrians on June 18. 

The victim told cops he was trying to put his kids in the car at the intersection of W. 15th street when a carjacker jumped in the vehicle at around 10 am and drove sway. 

GTA Style 

A brigand stole a woman’s Honda Civic when she attempted to flee the scene of a crash on Surf Avenue on June 18. 

The victim told police the weasel got into crash at the intersection of W. 15th Street at around 10 am. Cops say the man then tried pulling the woman out of the driver’s seat of her car, which he successfully did before making off with her wheels.

Cut off 

A bunch of snakes stole a man’s BMW after cutting him off on Ocean Parkway and then assaulting him on June 17. 

The victim told police he was letting someone test drive his car when he was attacked at the intersection of the Belt Parkway around 7:45 am. He was later taken to Maimonides Hospital for treatment.