Savages violently loot residential apartment

60th precinct
Photo by Jessica Parks


Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate

Shop and drop

Savages broke into a West Street apartment and attacked the residents for some clothing on Dec. 16.

The bandits stole a puffer jacket and a pair of boots along with other items from the apartment between Avenue Z and Shore Parkway around 7:48 am before fleeing.

Best Buy

A housebreaker stole a video game systems from an 86th Street home on Dec. 18.

Police said the robber came in to the home between Avenue V and W. 8th Street through the unlocked front door around 6:10 am before swiping the electronics

Can’t see without my glasses

Thieves broke into a car parked on Avenue Z and stole $2,000 worth of items.

The victim said the highwaymen snagged the two pairs of glasses from the center console of the car parked between Coney Island Avenue and W. 7th Street around 7:55 am when he left it unattended.