60th Precinct: Purse snatchers attack Coney Island woman

60th precinct
The 60th Precinct station house.
Photo by Jessica Parks


Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate

Purse snatchers attack Coney Island woman

A couple of thieves robbed a woman near Brighton Beach and Coney Island Avenue on Jan. 6. 

The victim told police she was just getting off the bus when two pilferers shoved her to the ground, punched her and stole her bag. 

The perps fled the scene, and the victim was transported to Coney Island Hospital.

Fraudulent bank account

Some phony opened a bank account in Coney Island on Jan. 9.

Police say an unknown scammer opened an account in the victim’s name and withdrew $3,113 from several ATM’s and made purchases at a Target on Flatbush Avenue. 

The victim still had her cards, and the account has since been cancelled, putting an end to the fraudster’s fun. 

Car bandit

A robber stole debit cards, work gear and other items from a car in Brighton Beach on Jan. 22.

Victim told police the property and roughly $30 were removed from his unlocked car around 12:10am. There was no sign of the thief or his missing items.