Armed robbers rob flank steaks

60th precinct
Photo by Jessica Parks


Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate

Steak out 

Robbers looted flank steaks from a Cropsey Avenue grocery on Sept. 20. 

A witness told police that the shoplifters brandished a gun in the store at the intersection of Canal Avenue at around 2:30 am, before stuffing their bags with the meat and riding off on bikes. 

Door kicker

A home breaker stole an elderly woman’s wallet from her walker at her Brightwater Court home on Sept. 23. 

The victim told police that the savage pushed through her front door at her home between Brighton Second and Brighton Third streets at around 2:30 am, before grabbing the wallet and making off. 


A trio of bandits swiped a bottle of Svedka from a Stillwell Avenue on Sept. 24. 

An employee told police that the brutes pushed him inside the store between Avenue W and Avenue X at around 6:10 pm, before grabbing a bottle and walking out.