Bandits jack ATM containing over $10,000


Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate

ATM withdrawal 

Bandits nabbed an ATM containing over $10,000 from a Harway Avenue convenience store on Feb. 25 

An employee told police that he saw the thieves break into the store between Bay 50th Street and Stillwell Avenue at around 4:48 am and leave with the ATM. 

Tow fraud

Purloiners snagged $1,741 worth of camera equipment from a car at a Shore Parkway tow yard on Feb. 26. 

The victim told police that his car was towed from his residence to the yard at the intersection of Bay 44th Street at around 3 am and discovered the items were missing when he went to pick up his ride. 

Apple picking

Looters stole $7,500 and Apple AirPods from a Coney Island Avenue convenience store on Feb. 22. 

An employee told police that the louts broke into the store between Ocean View Ave and Brighton 10th Street through a back window at around 10:30 pm and grabbed the contraband.