Burglar attempts home invasion



Sheepshead Bay—Homecrest—Manhattan Beach—Gravesend

Lazy looter

A wanna-be burglar attempted to rob a W. Ninth Street home on March 5.

Security camera footage shows the knave trying to open the victim’s car and enter the backyard shed near the corner Lake Place around 2 pm, before fleeing after finding the car and the shed locked. 

Bike bandit

A pilferer snagged a bicycle from an E. 29th Street home on March 2.

The victim told police that the baddie entered the unlocked garage near Avenue S around 3 pm, and stole the $2,500 two-wheeler.

Crafty crook

A bandit stole construction equipment from a W. First Street home on March 7.

The victim told police she returned to her house at the corner of Avenue X around 8:30 am to find $5,100 worth of power tools missing.