Prowlers break into storage facility on Knapp Street



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Room raiders

Four prowlers used an active employee’s passcode to break into a Knapp St storage facility on March 17. 

An employee told police that the purloiners stole belongings from multiple units at the storage space at the intersection of Avenue Y at around 2:10 am, before fleeing in a black truck. 

Stereo scam

A gun-toting crook stole a man’s music equipment in an Avenue X building on March 17. 

The victim told police that he was meeting the fraud under the pretense of selling him the music equipment at the agreed-upon location near the intersection Bragg Street at around 1:30 pm, when the thief robbed him of his belongings at gunpoint. 

Phone fight

A jerk took a man’s iPhone outside of an 86th Street store on March 16. 

The victim told police that he had gotten into an argument with the snake inside of the store at the intersection of W. Eighth Street around midnight, when the pirate took his phone and fled in a gray vehicle.