Home invader botches robbery

62 Precinct


Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Cash grab 

A home invader attempted to steal $50,000 cash at a 73rd Street home on June 30. 

The victim told police he returned to the home between 14th and 15th avenues after taking the cash out of a nearby ATM to find the freebooter in his home around 2 pm who pointed a gun at him. 

Once the thief left, a friend of the victim chased him outside and dropped the bag of cash after he turn and accidentally ran into the victim and fell, police said. 

Run the jewels 

A mugger stole a runner’s necklace off his neck on 16th Avenue on July 1. 

The victim told police he was running when the thief pretending to be new to neighborhood confront him at the intersection of Cropsey Avenue around 4:30 pm and put jewelry on him and then stole his necklace while taking it off. 

Secret shoppers

Masked malefactors swiped electronics from a Shore Parkway store on July 3. 

Police said the shoplifters took the items that were on display at the store between Bay Parkway and 26th Avenue around 2:15 pm by ripping their wires out. 

Phone, wallet, keys

Two marauders mugged a man on 86th Street stealing cash, his cell phone and house keys on June 28. 

The victim told police the two brutes came up behind him between Bay 10th and Bay 11th streets around 2:45 am and punched him multiple times in the face and head. 

Where’s my car

A carjacker stole someone’s Gray Jeep parked on Bay 16th Street on June 27.

The victim told police he left the vehicle at the location between 17th Court and Cropsey Avenue with the keys in it around 10 pm and found it around the corner double-parked the next day.